What is the document number in the license

Identity card number: You will find the document number here

An identity card number is also called a document number. You need this when concluding contracts or travel bookings. We will show you which of the letter and number combinations on your ID card is the correct document number.

Identity card number - Here you will find your document number

Contrary to what you might think, you will find the identity card number on the front of your identity card.

  • The identity card number is a Combination of numbers and letters out nine characters. It is used to identify you as a person.
  • You can find the number in the upper right corner Your identity card.
  • The number is there also on the back Your identity card. It is in the first line in the lower section, after "IDD", with a check digit at the end. This is used to evaluate the data by machines.
  • The ID number consists of a four-digit authority code (BKZ) and one random five-digit number together.

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More numbers on your identity card

In addition to the identity card number, you will find other numbers on the front and back of your identity card.

  • Front: The second number at the bottom right on the front of your ID is the so-called Access number. This is also called the Card Access Number and therefore comes with a CAN abbreviated.
  • The access number cannot be traced back to you personally. It serves as protection against unauthorized access if you have entered the PIN incorrectly twice in the online identification function.
  • Back: In the line under the "IDD" with your document number there are two more rows of digits. The first of these is your date of birth, the second shows the expiry date of your identity card.
  • After the numbers on the back there is a last digit on your identity card. This is a Check digitwhich is supposed to make counterfeiting more difficult.

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