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What is allowed in the colleague WhatsApp group ... and what is not?

WhatsApp plays a central role when it comes to modern communication. More and more colleagues are also using the messenger app to exchange ideas and get in touch away from the workplace.

“Oh no, not another WhatsApp group!” After the joy of collective chatting via WhatsApp was limitless at first, the (newly founded) groups are now seen as an annoying burden. Exit right away? Not always an option - for example, when it comes to a group of colleagues in which (in the worst case) the boss is also a member. How do you behave properly in such a situation? What are the faux pas? And how do you evade this successfully?

Define the role of the group

Before the lively chat in the office WhatsApp group begins, a few should start right away Rules or framework be set up. The most important question here is: what is the point of this group conversation? Should it really only be used for professional purposes or should it be understood as a tool for group dynamics?

Tip: The more precisely the function of the group was defined, the better. In this way, each member receives a clear reference point, which specifies the topics of conversation in the WhatsApp chat.

Once the meaning of the WhatsApp group has been determined, everyone in the conversation would do well to stick to it. You are definitely not making yourself more popular by suddenly starting to report on the private family celebration at the weekend or by “spamming” your colleagues with “funny” videos and pictures.

Beware of files

Which brings us to a very important topic: files that are sent via WhatsApp. One of the reasons why the groups are so popular is their ability to send videos and pictures to several people at the same time. But be careful, not everything that you find entertaining will go down well with your colleagues.

In the case of office chats, you should exercise caution when it comes to sending files. Even if the group is used for casual conversation between colleagues, certain images and videos can be misinterpreted and cause embarrassing moments in the office.

Accessibility via WhatsApp

If the WhatsApp group is actually used exclusively for professional purposes, it is not uncommon for the boss to be represented too. He has a direct line to his employees through the chat and can assign tasks quickly and easily. Small and large questions can also be asked and answered easily in this way. But what if the boss speaks up after work with something unclear? In the meantime, you can see exactly which group member read a message and when.

The extent to which employees can be reached via WhatsApp should always be agreed in advance. Employees can certainly submit their veto if the supervisor plans to obtain information or distribute tasks after work. Since everyone sets up clear rules from the start and adheres to them, there is less (or even no) potential for conflict.

The sound makes the music

Digital communication differs significantly from analog. However, that doesn't mean that you should immediately slump into slang in a professional WhatsApp group. If you organize yourself in a corresponding chat with colleagues and perhaps also your boss, each participant should always ensure that they are well-groomed. This is expressed in the written exchange in particular in the choice of words. The tone of voice in the WhatsApp group should always correspond to that in the office.

Beware of bullying!

Who should be in the new office group? And who is not? When a WhatsApp chat is set up among colleagues, it often happens that not all employees are categorically invited, but a selection is made. This is of course perfectly legitimate, but should always be taken with caution. As soon as individual members split off, there is potential for bullying. What usually begins as a harmless blasphemy can quickly turn into a full-blown problem. To prevent individual colleagues in your company from being targeted, you should nip any form of bullying in WhatsApp groups in the bud.

Checklist: Do's & Don'ts in the professional WhatsApp group

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A professional WhatsApp group can definitely be seen as a communicative enrichment. However, it should never become a burden or fuel conflict.

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