Where are Kia cars made in Europe

Made in Europe

Wouldn't it be cheaper to make clothes in Asia? Yes that would be it. But we have chosen a different direction. We want to support the industry in Europe. In this way, we can also guarantee that the working conditions are right and that all employees receive a fair wage.

Below you can see the different processes the underwear goes through before it's ready to be worn.

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We buy the natural raw materials from two German suppliers, Zwickauer Kammgarn and Weber & Heusser. They ensure that the raw fibers are spun into yarn in Germany.

The yarn is knitted into fabric by our partner, Sontex, in Denmark. We strive to find local suppliers whenever possible. This makes the supply chain more transparent and makes it easier for us to make adjustments and develop new materials.

To dye
The vast majority of our products are dyed in our environmentally friendly dye works in Denmark. There we only use the purest dyes and no harmful chemicals or heavy metals. You can find out more under "Environmentally friendly dyeing". In order to meet the high demand, few products are colored in Poland.

We have our own cut-to-size factory in Lithuania, Danva. We work very closely with our Lithuanian colleagues and are in daily contact.

In the sewing shop, Avadan, in Lithuania, we have around 270 talented employees. They sew and check all products before they are sent home to our warehouse in Denmark. The working hours are from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on weekdays. Before we worked two shifts, but that was changed in 2012 to better combine work and family.

Production outside the EU
Our production in Lithuania has difficulties meeting the high demand. Therefore we started a cooperation with the Lubawa sewing company in Belarus. This is the first time that we are producing outside the European Union. At Lubawa, around 30 employees sew for us. We were often there and got a very good impression of the location.

Stockings made in China
We cannot produce stockings in our sewing shop in Lithuania, which is why we were looking for a supplier who meets our requirements for sustainability and quality. Therefore our stockings are produced in China and are GOTS certified. This is the guarantee that no harmful chemicals are used in production and the working conditions meet the requirements of the International Labor Organization.