How many golf deaths per year

Is skydiving dangerous and how many deaths are there per year?

Hello to all adventurers: D

I (17) would really like to go skydiving, but am wondering how crazy / "bad" it is.

I love roller coasters like nothing else and, unlike in the past, I am no longer afraid or nervous at all. I recently drove an 80m freefall tower or CyberSpace / XXl Racer (Wies'n;)) that is 120km / h and 6g. I found everything just great and not scary at all, not even remotely.

I've read that you can't compare skydiving with roller coasters / freefall towers at all. The air currents on the aircraft are already very strong and when you jump off, not that much changes in this regard. And I've heard that it is of course very fast and loud, but that it has less force than roller coasters. And of course, you don't notice the height so strongly.

What do you all mean? Can you describe the feeling of free fall and jump? And especially compared to roller coasters? Is real free fall scary?

I would be very happy about answers, thank you in advance :) and have a nice day: D