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Companions are loyal allies of the Tenno. They use their own weapons and skills to help their owners as much as possible in missions. Companions are not "one-way" comrades like the phantoms and have their own place in the arsenal. The player can only take one companion at a time. The stats, skills and behavior can be customized via their own mods. Companions can be fashioned in a similar way to Warframes.

There are currently three types of companions: Robotic Guardians and Living Kubrows, as well as Kavats. There are many differences between these three classes, from the requirements for production or breeding to the behavior in combat.

Guardian [edit | Edit source]

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Guardians are floating companions who use ranged weapons. Guardians are revived in missions when the player revives, or once if the guardian has the Renewal mod installed. Guardians do not require any maintenance.

Kubrows [edit | Edit source]

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Kubrows are dog-like companions who use hand-to-hand combat. The resurrection of a Kubrow is the same as that of another Tenno. Kubrows require regular maintenance in the form of DNA stabilizers and pats, but they are much more durable in combat.

Kavats [edit | Edit source]

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Kavats are terrain-restricted, cat-like companions in close combat similar to the Kubrows. Kavats require constant care and attention but are also more resilient than guards. They can occur in different races, genera and color variants.

Comments [edit | Edit source]

  • A companion will not attack an enemy unless the appropriate mod is installed.