How to measure foot length and arch

Okay, you probably know this: you buy a new shoe, exactly the same size as its predecessor, but it doesn't fit. What!? Ahhhh !!!

Why? Have my feet grown? Or shrunk? Are my old shoes worn out? Or did I order the wrong size after all?

Don't make yourself crazy, you are rarely to blame in such a case. The problem is that the different manufacturers disagree on the size designations. What is a 42 for Adidas can be a 41 for Reebok. Only that helps here previous comparison of the different brands(using our shoefitr tool, for example) or, even better, the Orientation on your actual foot length.

Because, as we described in the last post, your foot is the first aspect that you have to consider when choosing a new running shoe.

This is how you measure your foot length

To measure your foot, you need a sheet of white paper (A4 is sufficient for most feet) and a pen. Ideally a second person or at least a chair. Stand with your foot (without shoes!) On the paper and use the pen to draw close to the outer edge so that you get an outline (see picture below). Then measure the distance between the most distant points. Subtract 5 millimeters from this value (since you cannot draw absolutely precisely with the pen) and you will get your foot length.

Don't forget to measure both feet! Since we often have feet of different sizes, we orientate ourselves on the larger one when buying running shoes. You can now use this length as a guide when choosing the right shoe size using the table below.

tip: Measure your feet in the evening after you've been in shoes for the day and your feet are "swollen". The same thing happens during exercise, when your body is active and a lot of blood is circulating. Ideally, wear sports stockings that you will put on later when you run.