What does grenade mean on the bank of the jersey

"Missing" hand grenade found in Hammelburg and blown up

After a man on the banks of the Saale near Hammelburg had found the hand grenade and thrown it away, a specialist company from North Rhine-Westphalia went looking for it. This discovered the explosive device after a short time.

Hand grenade blown up in the water

Because the hand grenade was too fragile to transport, the specialist company carried out a controlled detonation. The hand grenade was detonated in the water and with the help of external explosives. The explosion triggered a five to six meter high water fountain, said the deputy mayor of Hammelburg Christian Fenn the BR.

Saale was completely blocked

Previously, an area of ​​400 square meters was cordoned off on the banks of the Saale. The area where the explosive device was suspected was also flown with a drone. The search was unsuccessful. The Saale was also completely closed for the period up to the demolition. The area has now been re-opened for boats and bathers.

Grenade mistaken for stone

A few days earlier, a man had picked up what he initially thought was a stone. When he looked at it more closely, however, he realized that it could be a hand grenade. Thereupon he threw the explosive device in the direction of the embankment. The police said it was lucky that the grenade did not detonate.