I cannot upload a profile photo to WhatsApp


If the profile picture cannot be changed in WhatsApp, this can be due to various causes. Regardless of whether you are setting a profile picture for the first time or trying to change your existing profile picture. What the causes could be and how the problem can often be easily resolved, we have summarized a few tips and solutions in this article.

Cannot change WhatsApp profile picture

  • Check your internet connection: If you want to change your profile picture on WhatsApp, you will of course also need an internet connection. Therefore, first of all, check whether you have an Internet connection at all and whether it is running properly. If you are currently using the mobile internet, you should switch to WLAN if possible and check whether the WhatsApp profile picture can then be changed.
  • Restart your mobile phone: If you have technical problems with your mobile phone or with apps, a simple restart can sometimes work wonders. Restart the phone and try to set the new profile picture again.
  • Check image file: Are there any problems with the image file? Can you open the picture file of the profile picture in the gallery app?
  • Malfunction with WhatsApp: Even if it rarely occurs, WhatsApp occasionally also malfunctions and there are brief failures. These disturbances then usually not only affect the sending and receiving of messages, but also the profile picture cannot be changed during this time. Usually a quick Google search is enough to find out whether there are problems with WhatsApp or not.
  • Install the latest WhatsApp version: If you have not installed the latest version of the instant messenger on your mobile phone, you should do so now. Perhaps the problem is already known and has already been fixed.

Profile picture cannot be changed

If nothing helps and the WhatsApp profile picture cannot be changed, then you can test it on another mobile phone if possible. Alternatively, you can upload and change the profile picture in WhatsApp Web on the PC. To do this, open the WhatsApp Web website on your PC, log in and try to change your profile picture here.

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