What does remux in file mean

What does “remux” mean?

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Remuxing is a lossless process that simply takes the video and audio streams from one container and puts them into a new container.

Untouched is the complete disc containing everything: extras, commentary, deleted scenes, etc.

A remux is downsized: same quality movie without extra features. In a remux, the remuxer can remove the other audios / subtitles that he / she doesn’t want, thus saving themselves and others some space while having the same quality as the untouched disc. A remux can be in any container (.m2ts also) but most prefer an MKV container.

In short, a remux is for those who don’t care that much about extras and want to save space while having the movie in .mkv container so they can play them easily with any player with the same quality as that of the untouched.


A remux is a rip of a Blu-ray or HD DVD disc to another container format or just stripping the disc of menus and bonus material while keeping the contents of its audio and video streams intact (also keeping the current codecs), guaranteeing the exact 1: 1 movie quality as on original disc.


Remux is not a scene tag or terminology used in the scene, although untouched is certainly used in the nfo files ofcomplete bluray releases. Only the copyright protection is stripped and the complete bluray releases are made region free.

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