How to automatically update and transpose pages

Automatically reload and update web pages in the browser

Peter Stelzel-Morawietz

If you are tired of constantly pressing the F5 key to update the browser content, you can simply use an add-on in Chrome or Firefox.

EnlargeThe Firefox add-on ReloadEvery enables one or more open websites to be automatically updated at certain time intervals: You don't have to press F5.

Sometimes there is simply a problem with technology, sometimes it is about updating an offer on Ebay, sometimes about new news on an information site such as and sometimes about the current arrival of a train or plane: occasions for updating the content of a There are many websites already open. To do this, you usually press the F5 key, the standard key with which an open browser window is reloaded. It is easier with a browser add-on such as ReloadEvery (Firefox) or Auto Refresh (Chrome) and various similar extensions.

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We explain the principle briefly using ReloadEvery. After opening the link in the Firefox browser, click on “Continue to download -> Add to Firefox -> Install -> Restart now”. Then right-click on a tab at the top and select the new entry "Reload all ..." in the context menu. A list then appears with different time intervals: from “Reload every 5s” to “User-defined time”. As soon as you change the selected interval from the default setting, the function is automatically activated: You can recognize this by a check mark in front of "Activate" at the top. In addition, you can set whether the automatic activation should only apply to the open tab, to all or all new windows.