What is Computer Peopleware Definition


Techopedia Explains Peopleware

Examples of peopleware include various job roles that are commonly understood as parts of an IT process. These include computer engineers, website designers, technicians and other IT specialists, such as database administrators or networking specialists. Those who are classified under the broad umbrella of peopleware typically hold key certifications in these and other areas of IT specialization.

The use of the term peopleware has led to a vibrant debate about how companies view human talent. Many individual IT specialists, bloggers and others see this type of classification as demeaning, and argue that human workers are not resources but independent parts of a team structure. As such, classifying professionals as peopleware promotes a simplification that can be harmful to corporate relationships. This issue is likely to become more prevalent in IT as corporate cultures often clash with the interests of independent knowledge workers who hold the kinds of talent that businesses need to achieve their goals.

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