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What's up party people! Happy Vaisakhi to all my party people celebrating around the world. Check out your local mela and don’t forget to move it bhangra style this month, chak de phatte! Looks like everyone had a great time at the Holi festivals across Australia last month. I’d like to thank each and every one of you who turned up at AIII’s Holi Fair at Sandown Racecourse for making it a big success. There was a good atmosphere and it was a great vibe entertaining the masses with Rhythm & Spice. Big up my bro R-ya for some fantastic work on the decks, big up Charles Walker and big up Yogen and the crew for putting it all together. On a more solemn note, I was saddened by the passing of my old school friend Obi Bhowal in March. We reconnected last year after 15 or 20 years and before I knew it he was suddenly and unexpectedly gone. Rest in peace Obi, another brother gone too soon.

The Yo Yo Honey Singh juggernaut rolls on. The number of requests I get for his songs at parties is at record levels. Angreji Beat, Mein Sharabi, This Party Gettin 'Hot, Party All Night, Dope Shope, Gabru, High Heels, Lungi Dance, Sunny Sunny, Blue Eyes, Brown Rang, it's all on the table as the Hindi and Punjabi rap phenomenon continues his success. And now there’s a couple more to add to the menu. Chaar Botal Vodka from Ragini MMS 2 is there as Honey sings black r & b style that he wants a hangover tonight. Great stuff for the masses and our already drug and alcohol addicted brothers and sisters! But the biggest coup of all, and this is huge, is his new track with Amitabh Bachchan Party with the Bhoothnath from Bhoothnath Returns. Singh says it's a dream come true to finally collaborate with the Big B, one that his father would be proud of. I think it's a wonderful achievement reminiscent of Bally Sagoo’s hook-up on Aby Baby. Big congratulations to Yo Yo Honey Singh from all of us at Indian Sun. As for the track, it's not his catchiest but the video is a must watch.

Following the tragic passing of Kuly Ral a couple of years ago, the remaining two brothers of RDB have split with Manj going solo under the name Manj Musik. In a surprise move he went on Twitter and Facebook announcing a free album download which includes some already released RDB tunes and I’m told this is the long anticipated album Worldwide that fans of RDB were waiting for. However he’s not released it under that name and the move is controversial with suggestions this is not the finished product and it’s not been properly mixed and mastered. Whatever the truth of this story I will say there are a couple of great tracks on there like the acoustic version of Aaja Mahi and Digital Boliyan. Is there life for RDB after this without Manj and Kuly? I don’t think so but who knows. In the end things were never going to be the same without Kuly. I salute the boys for carrying on in the first place and watching them pioneer so many amazing beats over the past 15 years it's a shame to see the group come to an end. All the best to Manj in his solo career and big thanks to RDB for the wonderful music and memories.

Finally some new releases out of the UK. Dipps Bhamrah’s dropped Sachi Muchi which is pretty standard bhangra fare and not as appealing as Twerking Jugni. There's Punjabi hip hop Nakhro by JC Sona, Dalvinder Singh and Tino Attila. Also Hanji by Jags Klimax and Shin DCS, Ferrari by Gagan Sharma and Nick Chowlia, Kiddan by Canadians Sanj Meghowalia and Inda Bains. Personally I'm feeling the bhangra r & b style of Aron Brown’s Pehla Pyaar Part 2 (though not a fan of the female vocals) and Deewani by Fusion, Nooran Lal and Kam Frantic. Last but not least, I'm intrigued to see the re-release of Haa! by Aussie artist Mo-Folactic with talented singer Zora Randhawa, this time with the full backing and support of Dr Zeus. Congratulations to the lads for getting back into it. One thing I will note, the new video they’ve made seems to be exactly the sort of bhangra video they were taking the mickey out of in the original video. Which is a bit weird! The original was also more “interesting” if you know what I mean! Anyway boys, keep up the good work and all the best to my bro Zora.

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