Who is dr. Ken language

Lewis recommends memorizing small mini-texts right from the start. "My name is ..., I come from ... and that's why I'm learning the language" is an easy way to start any conversation. Phrases and simple question-and-answer communication, as found in many holiday phrasebooks, are ideal for first contact - and more important than starting with grammatical subtleties.

The language professional has other tricks up his sleeve that make speaking easier. For example, Lewis recommends learning modal verbs such as can, should, want, must and like in the first and second person singular (I want, you want, etc.) as early as possible. These allow the following verb to be used in its basic form - so the clever newcomer does not have to worry about tenses and conjugation tables. Instead of "do you speak Italian" is simply "Can you speak Italian?" possible.

Another trick to quickly enrich your vocabulary is cognates. These are words that sound very similar and mean the same thing as in the mother tongue. If you look for a corresponding list, you will find that the mother tongue and the foreign language have some things in common.