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How to prevent pilling and remove it with a razor

When your worn t-shirts, sweaters or tops quickly after a few uses look used and old, the so-called "pilling" could be the reason for this. Because this technical term is the Term for pilling and lint formation on your clothing. We'll show you how to prevent this unattractive side effect can and how that Remove pilling leaves.

Pilling quickly makes our clothes look old and used.

At some point the time has come and the once flawless top doesn't look nearly as beautiful after a few washes and uses like at the beginning. This could be because textiles were washed and treated incorrectly. But also the general wear and tear of fabrics can be the reason why the supposedly new T-shirt is no longer worth seeing after being worn for a little while. But don't fabrics have to last longer and look good? Yes and no, because that's all alone depends on the handling of the tops.

If it has already happened, you can hardly hide the pilling on the fabric. Because everyone can see it, it's uncomfortable and the textile feels used and worn out. Now we would wear the once great top for housework or the like, but no longer if we want to present ourselves in a great look. But Clothing that is already infected with pilling is still not a hopeless case - We can do something about it. Both preventively and also when the small knots and matted areas have long since spread to our textiles.

How exactly do the pills and fluff actually come about?

The emergence of pilling and thus unpleasant ones Fabric knots on our clothes is very simple. Loosened fabric fibers form a small ball through friction with another surface. Often the nodules are in very specific places, such as on the back, which a worn backpack rubs against. But even when you are sitting in the car, if the T-shirt rubs against the fabric cover of the seat, it is possible that loose fabric fibers may form small pods. Unfortunately, there is little we can do about it.

How can you remove pilling efficiently?

Tools such as lint rollers or lint brushes are not very effective at removing pilling. Because they only remove superficial fibers and fluff that only lie on the fabric. When pilling, however, small knots of fabric form that become matted with the fibers and cannot be easily loosened. The pilling killer is a conventional razor. If the blade is sharp enough, you can use the small ones Remove fabric knots efficiently and without leaving any residue. The only thing that needs to be considered is that we do not pull the razor over the fabric with too much pressure, otherwise we would noticeably damage the fibers. Here you can find our detailed instructions for removing nodules.

The result is impressive

With the razor could the textile can be completely freed from pilling and now shines again in a new look. However, one has to add that this method works quite often, but the fabric becomes thinner and thinner with increasing use and the textile can tear at the treated areas at some point.

What is the best way to prevent pilling?

For one or the other, these tips are probably too late now. But it's better to be late than never, because there are ways and means that can help prevent the formation of pills. The process of pilling is promoted by washing machines and dryers, which put clothing under thermal and mechanical stress and thus make it more susceptible to it.

To prevent pilling, you have to Turn clothes inside out before each wash, because this way the outside of the fabric is spared from pilling. Also the Gentle cycle of your washing machine can help reduce the formation of fabric nodules. The Use of mild detergent, because this promotes foam formation during washing. The denser foam prevents excessive friction and the fibers are automatically less stressed.

In summary, these preventive measures help:

  • Do not tumble dry clothes
  • Wash the garment separately in a laundry bag
  • Use the gentle cycle of your washing machine
  • use mild detergent
  • No fabric softener, because it makes the fabric softer and also more prone to pilling
  • Hand wash special tops
  • Turn clothes inside out
  • Regularly remove loose fibers and lint with a lint roller

If you want to keep a very special item of clothing free of pebbles, for example because it was simply too expensive to buy, laundry bags are very useful. You can buy these in the drugstore, for example. The clothes are packed in it and the bag is closed with a zipper. The T-shirt or sweater is therefore no longer stressed by other clothing or by the washing machine itself. A hand wash also helps here for a change. This gives your clothes a break and protects against the aggressive spin cycle of the washing machine.