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"What's the name of the in German? "is one of the central questions at the Summer University, the Leuphana's language and culture program for international students.
"How do you say that in German? ", is one of the central questions at the Summer University, Leuphana's language and cultural program for international students.
Because the insurance that we all trust so completely, our CAPITOL, will radically rationalize, and What the in German meansyou all know.
Because the insurance company that we all trust and love, our CAPITOL, will undergo a radical restructuring, and we all know what that means.
For example, the French word "plage" means in German "Beach" - has nothing to do with beach pests.
For example, the German word "Gift" means "poison" in English, and therefore has nothing to do with the Christmas season or birthdays.
Richard Brook means in German Reichenbach.
By the way: According to Wikipedia, the name comes from English and means in German "Tell me Peter".
The organization means in German "Gift of love" and was founded in 1978 by the Indian nun Felicity Morris.
The organization's name means "gift of love", and it was founded in 1978 by the Indian Sister Felicity Morris.
I'm sorry, but we have to - and that means in German "closed".
Ursus is Latin and means in German "The bear".
Ursus is Latin for "bear".
90% humidity 46ºC room temperature Strokkur means in German "Butter churn" and is the name of an Icelandic geyser that emits a fountain of water and steam up to 35 meters high at regular intervals.
90% Humidity 46 ° C Room temperature In German "Strokkur"means "Butter chum" and is the name of an Icelandic geyser, which in regular intervals ejects an up to 35 meters high water and steam fountain.
A puzzle called "The Zoo" means in German for example "Der Tiergarten".
The means in German "Merry Christmas".
"Il vomere" means in German "the ploughshare".
Josè Carlos Pace also had a different name when he was at school: Moco, and that means in German The hard of hearing.
And also Josč Carlos Pace had got another name when being a school-boy: Moco, and that means in English hard of hearing man.
Out of consideration for his sick mother, Jackie Stewart adopted a pseudonym at the beginning of his career - A.N. Other, and that means in German: Another.
Consideration for his ill mother was the reason for Jackie Stewart to race under a pseudonym in the early stages of his career and that What: AT. Other.
"Pasos Pequeñitos" means in German "Small steps". During her year as a volunteer for the children's aid organization "nuestros pequeños hermanos" (nph), Vera got to know the difficult situation of young, single mothers who cannot afford childcare.
'Pasos Pequeñitos' means 'Little Steps'.During her voluntary year for the children's charity' nuestros pequeños hermanos' (nph) Vera had got to know the difficult situation of young single mothers, who aren't able to afford a child care.
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