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Who has the longest? This question is completely irrelevant when choosing the right shape. Rather, the right snowboard size depends on completely different things.

If you buy your own snowboard as a beginner, the rule of thumb "size of the snowboard equals the height of the chin" is calculated for customers. And even if this equation isn't entirely wrong, it doesn't work out in all cases. After all, a lot more factors depend on the choice of one Snowboard size off than just the chin height. As your body weight, yours Skills and the driven discipline (should) influence the length of your board, you can find out here.

Which snowboard size is right for me?

Choosing the right length is crucial, whether you will have fun on the snowboard and make rapid progress or whether you have invested a ton of money in the wrong object. Just making the snowboard size dependent on body size doesn't really help. After all, a lanky 1.80 man loads the board very differently than a heavy one.

And that is not the only point that has to be considered when choosing the right board size: Depending on the area of ​​application, the board must have different properties, which are also reflected in the shape and thus in the length of the board. A freeride board is usually longer than a freestyle board. And the rider's shoe size is not uninteresting either. Since the width of the snowboard is related to the length, riders with small feet should choose smaller boards in order to be able to load the edges enough, while big feet should use wide boards so that heels and toes do not touch the snow.

Your driver level also determines the right length. A short board is easier to turn and needed less power of the driver. A long one is on the other hand smoother and more stable. And then there is another important point that absolutely does not help anyone: There is no such thing as the right snowboard size! In all recommendations and calculations, the personal preferences of each rider cannot be taken into account. Trying out different lengths is therefore inevitable.

These factors influence the snowboard length:

  • body weight
  • height
  • Discipline / area of ​​application
  • Skill level
  • Shoe size

The different board types

Since the invention of the snurfer, snowboards have come in all shapes and sizes. Directionals, twin tips, hybrids, fish and other shapes are as different as pick-ups and small cars. You can find out which snowboard shapes and profiles there are and what differentiates them in our Tech Guide.

Basically you can Snowboards divide into many different categories. These three are arguably the most common:

Freeride snowboards must survive in deep snow, which is why they need a lot of lift. And there is, in turn, the support surface. A freeride board should therefore be as long as possible. You can see which size freeride boards should be for which body size and weight in the size chart below. But be careful: some freeride boards are unusually short because they get their buoyancy from being wide. These rather unconventional shapes are not taken into account in the size specifications.

Freestyle boards should turn quickly and easily, be responsive. Therefore, boards for the park tend to use smaller shapes. Although you should differentiate here as to whether you prefer jibbing (even smaller boards) or rather using kicker, freestyle boards are generally the smallest in the range.

All mountain boards In terms of size, they are between the previous categories. However, the all-purpose weapons are more similar to the lengths of the freestylers than those of the freeriders.

Snowboard size and weight

Whether your own body weight or the measured body size is more decisive for the length of the snowboard has led some “experts” to frantic discussions to this day. One thing is clear: Both have immense effects on the power transmission and thus on the size of the board.

While only the size was considered until a few years ago, many now also take the weight of the rider into account. After all, a heavy rider loads and deforms the board much more than a lighter one. The rule is: The heavier the pilot, the longer the vehicle should be under your feet. You can see which length and weight is recommended in the table below in this article.

Snowboard size and body and shoe size

Although in everyday life it is very easy for the little ones to drive the biggest bowls, it is exactly the other way around with snowboarding. The following applies here: The longer the body, the longer the board. And now we can no longer deny that the chin and the board length are somehow connected.

It is similar with the feet of snowboarders. If these are so long that they cover the edges of the board, it is better to choose a larger board or switch to a wide version. If, on the other hand, your feet are so small in relation to your height that you don't get enough pressure on the edges, you are well advised to choose a slightly smaller board than the following table shows.

Size chart - snowboard sizes


This table is a recommended snowboard size for all mountain boards. The rider skills were rated as average.

Weight in kg)Body size (in cm)Snowboard length
until 50to 145up to 130
50 – 55145 – 151128 – 136
52 – 62152 – 157133 – 141
60 – 65158 – 162139 – 147
65 – 70163 – 167144 – 152
67 – 75168 – 172149 – 157
72 – 79173 – 177154 – 162
76 – 83178 – 182159 – 167
80 – 87181 – 185164 – 172
from 90over 185over 170


Freeride snowboards

The table below is a snowboard size recommendation for freeride boards and riders who are good and safe in the backcountry and powder.

Weight in kg)Body size (in cm)Snowboard length
until 50to 145to 133
50 – 55145 – 151131 – 139
52 – 62152 – 157136 – 144
60 – 65158 – 162142 – 150
65 – 70163 – 167147 – 155
67 – 75168 – 172152 – 160
72 – 79173 – 177157 – 165
76 – 83178 – 182162 – 170
80 – 87180 – 184167 to 175
from 90over 185over 172


Freestyle snowboards

The following table is a snowboard size recommendation for freestyle boards. You need a lot of skills for the park, which is why pure beginners should rather look at the sizes of the all-mountain boards.

Weight in kg)Body size (in cm)Snowboard length
until 50to 145up to 125
50 – 55145 – 151123 – 131
52 – 62152 – 157128 – 136
60 – 65158 – 162134 – 142
65 – 70163 – 167139 – 147
67 – 75168 – 172144 – 152
72 – 79173 – 177149 – 157
76 – 83178 – 182154 – 162
80 – 87180 – 184159 – 167
from 90over 185over 162


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