The refrigerator makes rattling noises when idling

Hi everyone,
I have the following problem and it rattles in the gearbox when it is warm, but as soon as I press the clutch the noise is gone. I once inquired it should be the release bearing.
Then I went to a free workshop, but he said that I should also change the zms. Have now 100,000km down and have already driven 4-5000km with the noise.
What do you think, is it really necessary to spend 600 euros for it? Had asked him if he could not control the zms during the expansion, but he said that the state would not be recognized that way. What do you all mean?

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Hmm, why is the master then of the opinion that he cannot check whether the zms is still OK?

Greetings and thanks for your answer
just briefly for understanding,
A (defective) clutch thrust bearing can only make noises when it is loaded, i.e. when the pedal is pressed and the clutch disengages.

Then do the rattling noises also stop?

Rattling noises when idling with the clutch not actuated (thrust bearing not loaded) are caused by the gearbox.

My E46 328i also has these rattling noises, but only when the gearbox (or oil) is hot
I installed a rigid flywheel (from the early M52 without air conditioning),
so no ZMS, so it is definitely not the cause!

The rattling noises become quieter if thicker gear oil is used,
no LifeTime!


So with me the rattling noise only comes when the engine or gearbox is warm.
The noise is only there when I let the car idle and with the clutch not activated. If I now press the clutch, the noise is completely gone, if I let go of the clutch again, the noise comes back.

Now for my understanding, according to your statement, then my gear should be on the ass.
But it doesn't make sense, does it? The gearbox doesn’t run in idle ??? Oo

Greetings Marvin
That’s the release bearing!
If it is not loaded, it will make a noise if it is defective, and this will happen if the clutch is not pressed!
But I wouldn't drive it too long! If it disassembles, then the bearing dismantles your clutch!
your hustle and bustle is not in the ass.
When idling, the transmission input shaft runs with it and it sometimes rattles.
When the clutch is depressed, the connection is disconnected.
The wave then stops and there is calm.
@ Tommy122
You are wrong.
The thrust bearing is connected to the release lever.
If the clutch is not depressed, it does not even touch the pressure plate, it is unloaded.
It can therefore not make any noise in this state.
When the clutch is depressed, the pressure on the pressure plate is overcome,
and runs at the same time as the engine speed, the clutch disengages.
Only in this state can it make noises, whistling slightly until scraping,
if broken.
No, I'm not wrong!
Noises when engaging (release pedal): defective release bearing, defective pilot bearing or loose screws on the pressure plate.
Of course, it can make noises even under stress!

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I've noticed lately that when I turn off the engine and put the gear in neutral with the clutch off, the engine shakes. You don't notice it from the inside, it just sounds ugly from the outside. I do the same but with the clutch depressed he goes out like a kitten.
Is this a symptom of a defective zms or is it simply the defective release bearing?

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