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How to express sadness, condolences, and compassion in words?

Use the following words to express your condolences:

  • I deeply regret this loss and express my sincere condolences to you.
  • We will miss your mother. We will always cherish her memory.
  • My grief stopped me. I try to be with you in my mind and share your pain.
  • Deeply touched, I would like to express my condolences to you.
  • I assure you of my deepest sympathy.
  • My compassion belongs to you and your loved ones.
  • We want to convey our sincere condolences and condolences to you. If you need help these days, you can rely on us at any time.
  • We convey our condolences to you on the loss of your dear mother. The same also for all siblings and spouses, as well as children.
  • We would like to convey our sincere condolences to you, your children and loved ones. We love to keep your mother and grandma in fond memories.
  • The news of your dear father's death hit me and my family very much. We extend our deep condolences to you, your children and loved ones.
  • After the last accompaniment and the farewell, days of grief and reorientation lie ahead of you. My thoughts accompany you through this time. Whenever I can do something for you, don't hesitate to get in touch.
  • Please let us know if you need our help.
  • When your heavy heart is hard to walk, grab the hands of those who love you - they will give you support and confidence.
  • My condolences and I am always there for you if you need someone to talk to.
  • I would like to express our dismay and our sympathy and wish you and the other family members a lot of strength, a lot of support and many good thoughts on the way to the funeral service and the cemetery.
  • I hope that your grief will soon turn into loving memories.
  • Strength, accompaniment and good thoughts, which also extend beyond this one day and may help you to experience and accept the next not easy time of understanding and letting go after this so suddenly expected goodbye.
  • I can't feel your pain, but I share your grief.
  • Much has moved you in the last few days, has tugged at you, taken you along, scared you, a lot has worked in you. Now seek distance. Now you should find yourself between all the requirements. The silence is good. The head becomes free. You begin to breathe normally again.
  • Since I also feel the sadness of the loss, although the contact was only sporadic in the past, I can only guess how big and painful your loss must be.
  • We will be with you on the day of the funeral with good thoughts.
  • We would like to express our deepest condolences to you.
  • What remains are love, memories and gratitude for knowing him.
  • I wish you a lot of strength and mutual love during this time.
  • When you need someone to talk to, I'm here for you. I'm good at handling more serious thoughts if you feel like it.
  • I hope that, supported by your children and grandchildren, you will find enough strength to master the future path of life alone, but not alone.
  • I hope that you will find the strength to bravely bear this loss.
  • I hope that in this difficult hour you will find the strength to endure the difficult fate.
  • May deep compassion lift up and warm you, and warm sympathy may comfort you.
  • Powerless and helpless from grief and pain, we want to express our deep compassion.
  • My grief stopped me. I try to be with you in my mind and share your pain.
  • Be aware of our deep sympathy!
  • May the pain of the loss not overwhelm you and the memory of the time together give you enough strength for the future.
  • This moment is just silence and standing next to you, with our silent pity, with all of our friendship.
  • You and your family assure you and your family with deepest compassion for the painful loss of your loved one (name of the deceased)
  • So my wife and I wish you this consolation and this strength: It is God's incomprehensible path that we now have to go.
  • We would like to express our condolences to you and your relatives.
  • I wish you and your family with all my heart that you have the necessary strength to look confidently and not hopelessly into the future despite the loss that is so painful for you.
  • There is little that we can say, but know that our thoughts are close to you.
  • I wish you the necessary time to mourn and say goodbye and also the strength to look into the future again.
  • If you need help with the regulations that have to be made now, please contact me.
  • If you have worries and needs or just need a lot of consolation: I am always there for you!
  • For the coming time without your mother, I wish you a lot of strength, courage and confidence as well as many dear people who will comfort you and who will be at your side with words and deeds.
  • We miss your father.
  • Our condolences on the passing of your little son. We very much regret this turn of fate and wish you a lot of strength for your future together.
  • In my memory, your mother will live on.
  • I don't know which words are used to say the right thing in this situation, but I would like to express my condolences to you.
  • I will keep an honorable memory of your father.
  • It makes me very sad to have lost such a friend.
  • I feel connected to you and your family during these hours.

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  • My thoughts accompany you through the difficult time of farewell and sadness. But soon I wish you a time when you can remember the times you spent together with a smile.
  • In addition to strength, I wish you time, rest, dear friends and family members who may be by your side in these difficult hours.
  • I am ready to cry with you as I have laughed with you so many times.
  • I wish that your sadness will quietly turn into soft colors that will comfort you whenever you look at them.
  • I extend my warm sympathy to all those who suffer in your family.

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