How to get Steampunker Terraria


    • "Oy, whatchu got in you jiminy fluffer?"
    • "Should I become an air pirate? I've considered becoming an air pirate."
    • "Be it what it would, a jetpack would suit you nicely!"
    • "Show me some gears!"
    • "I like your ... gear. Does it come in brass?"

    When Cyborg is present:

    • "I'm mighty curious about that fellow. By what manner of consumption does he maintain such locomotion?"

    When Pirate is present:

    • "That captain fellow seems to me to be 'pretty well over the bay' if you know what I mean!"

    During a Blood Moon:

    • "I'm feeling a bit peevish as of late, so enough with your palaver you ragamuffin!"

    During a party:

    • "Everyone said they like stacked cakes, so I installed smokestacks in mine."
    • "Everyone said they like stacked cakes, so I installed smokestacks in mine" (note the missing period)

    During Rain:

    • "The rain is a double edged sword you see ... It provides us water for steam, but it also rusts our equipment."
    • "This bloody downpour! I can't get a lick of anything done when it's all wet!"

    During a thunderstorm:

    • "Electricity? Don't be ludicrous! Nothing beats the power of steam!"
    • "Everything I tinker up is made of metal. This current situation is surely a cause for rethinking that!"

    During a Windy Day:

    • "Ahh ... a sip of tea to enjoy the breeze."
    • "Why, this windy phenomena has inspired me ideas for a new jetpack engine!"

    When in a graveyard:

    • "Golly! What uncultured swine decided to break ground here?"
    • "Neither blood nor steam pumps in this miserable locale."