What causes tiny red lines on the face

Red veins discovered on the face - that's behind it

Skin disease rosacea: This is behind the red veins on the face

Dusseldorf Fine red veins around the nose are often dismissed as a cosmetic problem. In fact, it is mostly incurable rosacea. In drastic cases, laser surgery may even be necessary.

Pale pink apple cheeks - for many women they stand for freshness and youthfulness. Many therefore help with a little blush. However, if the red freshness can be seen frequently and persistently even without cosmetics or if small, red veins appear around the nostrils and cheeks, you should take a closer look. Both are symptoms of the hereditary skin disease rosacea, which often begins between the ages of 35 and 45.

Around four million people in Germany suffer from it. Rosacea is one of the five most common skin diseases that the Mönchengladbach dermatologist Bernd Kardorff regularly diagnoses in his practice. But although a surprising number of people suffer from it, according to information from the German Rosacea Help, only one in ten is being treated. What begins inconspicuously and slowly with red veins and flushed cheeks, nevertheless often causes a high level of suffering. "Those affected feel uncomfortable and unsightly as the disease progresses," says Kardorff.