What happened to the Genki Racing project

Summer operation Innerwengenlift 2021

The intention is to generate an attractive summer offer for locals, guests and vacationers.
Wengen should continue to be interesting for young and old.
When designing the themed paths, the entire population of Wengen should be involved and paths that can be touched should be created.
As a focus, Lauberhorn Race marble runs are to be realized where there is the possibility that several balls can be started at the same time and the small Lauberhorn race has started.

Funding period 04/12/2021 2:46 PM - 05/23/2021 11:59 PM
Realization period summer 2021
Financing threshold CHF 18,000
Financing target CHF 51,000

What is this project about?

The idea of ​​"summer operation of the Innerwengenlift with the Lauberhorn Rund-Trail" is taken up and launched by IG1268 Wengen.
It is our intention to generate an attractive summer offer for locals, guests as well as young and old.

What are the targets and who is the target group?

Complete financing of the lift operation in advance.
Operating times of the lift June to September 2021 (Fri / Sat / Sun)
Involvement of the population / clubs / businesses / hotels / farmers regarding the implementation of the themed trails
Offer for young and old / locals and guests

Why should you support this project?

This makes it possible to realize an attractive leisure offer in Wengen for young / old and families in the summer of 2021

What happens with the money if financing was successful?

The money is used to ensure that the lifts run
used as pre-financing

Funding threshold

18,000 CHF are required to finance 18 days of operation of the Innerwengen lift

July / August 2021 every Saturday and Sunday

Funding target

51,000 CHF are required to finance 51 operating days of the Innerwengen lift.

June / September 2021 every Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Contact project starter
3823 Wengen Switzerland

Member of IG 1268

The donation pot of the Raiffeisenbank Jungfrau