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Baby Booey appointed to town's park board after months of debate (and a bag of faeces)

Howard Stern sidekick Baba Booey appointed to Greenwich park board after much debate (and a bag of feces)

By Daily Mail Reporter

After months of contentious debate, Howard Stern's on-air sidekick Baba Booey has been appointed to a park's advisory board.

Baba Booey - real name Gary Dell'Abate - won approval to the Board of Parks and Recreation at Greenwich, in Connecticut, in a 119-64 vote, despite a number of protests over his appointment.

The long-time member of Stern's on-air crew has lived in Greenwich for 16 years and coaches a number of youth sports in the community.

Misogynistic: Members of the board thought that Dell'Abate should not be appointed due to his boss Howard Stern's low-brow sense of humor

But those opposed to his appointment have cited Stern's low-brow, often misogynistic brand of humor saying it is not the kind of image they want on their board

Dell 'Abate's supporters have argued that his professional life - he is the producer of Stern's Sirius Satellite radio show - and his personal life should be separate.

His appointment ended a two-month process that became as much a referendum on Stern's brand of humor as the state of Greenwich's parks system.

Dell'Abate, who is married with two sons, was unanimously nominated in January by the selectmen for the parks board but this later became entangled in controversy, with RTM members raising red flags about the radio show's treatment of women.

Coline Jenkins, the great-great-granddaughter of suffragette Elizabeth Cady Stanton and an RTM Appointments Committee member, received a plastic bag of faeces in her mailbox and many believed it was connected with her objection of Dell'Abate's appointment.

RTM member Robert Brady said: 'Howard Stern is a misogynist bully who uses his broadcast as a bully pulpit to disparage and attack those with whom he disagrees.'

Another member John Harkins said: 'The toxic atmosphere of the Appointments Committee and again the Parks and Recreation Committee is a foretaste of what may become a carnival.'

He also asked Stern's sidekick to withdraw himself from consideration.

But he said: 'I respectfully decline. I've come too far to turn back right now. '

Advisory board: Baba Booey is now on Greenwich's park board, an affluent town in Connecticut, but his appointment was not without controversy

Things came to a head last month, when a person identifying himself as Michael O'Brien, 20, sent an email to Greenwich Time.

In it, the writer accused Dell'Abate of degrading women.

It said: 'He hires young women models, prostitutes and porn stars to go on his show just to have Howard Stern and other members of the cast (including himself) treat the women like garbage.

'I honestly would not leave my daughters alone with this man. Please protect our community, daughters, young men and our fine parks from Gary Dell'Abate. '

Mr Dell'Abate was furious and upon investigation found that the letter was a fake and actually had come from an Internet protocol address on the town's network.

The 50-year-old said: 'It made me feel like a pedophile.'

Selectman Drew Marzullo, who recruited Dell'Abate for the position, called the e-mail borderline libel.

The 50-year-old made an impassioned speech to the Representative Town Meeting on hearing of his victory, thanking his supporters for sticking by him through a process where he had as much disparagement as encouragement.

He said: 'I feel like I'm sitting in the back of my funeral but I'm not dead yet.'

According to Greenwich Time, the nine-member board plays an advisory role in town government and has been a springboard for everything from beach-access policies and playground projects to park fees and a master inventory of available playing fields.

Terms run for three years.

Dell'Abate is currently part of the coaching staff of the North Mianus Bulldogs, of the Greenwich Youth Football League and has also coached baseball for the Old Greenwich-Riverside Community Center, as well as Cal Ripken and Junior Babe Ruth leagues in town.

A supporter of the radio producer Tom Conelias said: 'He's not a crook. He's a family man. He coaches kids.

'Mr Dell'Abate is a role model for me and the other boys he works with.'

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