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Stocklots24 Wiki

Remaining stock

Remaining items are surplus assets that are also sold as special items. If you are offered a real remaining stock, always buy it up completely if possible. So you can be sure that you will be the only provider for at least a while.

Remaining stock dealers

Remaining stock dealers are dealers who have specialized exclusively in the trade in remaining stock, special items, bankruptcy goods and insolvency goods. At residual stock dealers you can still buy cheap goods despite their profit.

2nd choice

Everyone knows the 2nd choice from the supermarket and clothing. In the goods trade, it refers to articles and goods that have small errors, for example. 2nd choice goods are items that have only been unpacked and presented or viewed by the customer once or returns from the mail order business. But also articles that have small errors. This includes as good as new demonstration equipment, clothing, samples and exhibits as well as cardboard damage in which the original packaging has been damaged or is missing.

Bankruptcy goods

The bitter end of a company is often bankruptcy. The insolvency goods remain even after sales and stock closings. The problem here is that insolvency goods are often mixed items and therefore exchangeable goods can also be included.

Bankruptcy goods

Bankruptcy goods should be purchased directly from the bankruptcy trustee. Here, too, always buy a bankruptcy item in its entirety, otherwise you will not be the only supplier of these bankruptcy goods for long.

Wholesalers & wholesalers

In contrast, wholesalers are aimed at resellers. Wholesaling in the functional sense is when dealers purchase goods that they usually do not work or process themselves, such as commercial goods, from manufacturers or other suppliers and sell them to resellers, processors, commercial users, authorities, educational institutions or other institutions, canteens , Clubs, as long as they are not private households, deduct. Wholesaling in the institutional sense, also known as wholesalers, wholesalers or wholesalers, includes those institutions whose economic activity is exclusively or predominantly wholesaling in the functional sense. In the official statistics, a company or a company is assigned to wholesaling if the wholesaling activity generates greater added value than a second or more other activities. The wholesale trade sees itself as a link between the various sales levels. Wholesale buyers are retail, craft, hospitality, regional wholesalers, industrial or other commercial companies. Decisions about the type and number of wholesalers to be involved are part of the distribution policy in the context of the industrial marketing mix. Wholesale companies, however, also have a wide range of instruments for independent trade marketing, so-called wholesale marketing. In particular because of the risk of being switched off, d. H. To no longer find enough suppliers and customers, professional trade marketing is of vital importance. Contractual vertical and horizontal cooperations initiated by wholesalers effectively counteract the risk of exclusion, such as B. the contract trade, exclusive sales, purchasing cooperative as a procurement center for retailers or the integration of retail companies into a group such as a voluntary chain or a purchasing community organized by a wholesaler as a system center.


In contrast to A-Ware and C-Ware, sales items are designated as B-goods that are not part of the normal distribution of a retailer and are offered at special prices or at outlet stores, but are new or as new and fully functional and are subject to the regular warranty . This can be items that are no longer originally packaged but are considered new. About items that have only been unpacked and presented or viewed by the customer, as well as returns from the mail order business. But also about articles that have small errors. This includes as good as new demonstration devices, samples and exhibits as well as cardboard damage in which the original packaging was damaged or missing. Otherwise, these articles show no or only minor optical defects and sometimes small signs of use that have no influence on the functionality of the item. B-goods also include so-called service goods. These serviceware are items that have already been repaired once and thus restored to a new state. Often, however, residual items, special items and surplus residual goods, so-called swap stocks, are also referred to as B-goods. These are B-goods, which are kept in the manufacturer's warehouse for the purpose of guarantee exchange. When the devices are phased out, these B-goods will also go on sale. Pieces marked as B-goods are sold at special prices with various discounts.

Special items market & special item dealers

A special item market is a form of business in the retail sector that has a constantly changing range of products from the low-price sector available. They are often referred to as junk shops. Small special item markets in city centers are often operated by retailers and sole proprietorships. Meanwhile, however, some special item markets are also operated as supraregional retail chains that are supplied from huge central warehouses. Other types of retail operations, in particular discounters, department stores, hardware stores, drugstores and textile chains, have increasingly integrated permanent special items departments or temporary special items into their offerings. However, these discounters only use a small range of special items, the so-called fast-moving items, which can largely be sold off within a few days. Another sales channel for special items can be the so-called "flying trade". Here, the goods are not offered for sale in stationary stores, but are offered, for example, directly from the truck container, in empty warehouses rented by the week or at fairs and flea markets.


A reseller is a seller who resells purchased products. Resellers stand between the producer and the customer. A reseller can market products under his own brand name or create his own brand by marketing other brands. The largest margins for resellers are in the area of ​​branded clothing or fashion, the lowest margins are in the area of ​​computer hardware. The transition from resellers to franchises and affiliates is fluid. The Internet in particular, with its diverse software options, manages to combine all facets, e.g. through drop shipping. A shop operator can act as a reseller and collect the sales commission through his own shopping cart. However, the goods are delivered directly from the wholesaler to the customer without being noticed and the dealer receives his sales commission. If he still operates this under a franchise license, he is an affiliate, franchisee and reseller in one. A value-added reseller (VAR) is a reseller who adds any added value, the so-called value, to the product.

Import of goods

Import is the common name for the import of goods and services from business entities that are domiciled outside the respective country. The opposite of import is export. The export is netted with the import at, depending on the surplus, for net import or net export. An importer (not to be confused with the importer of foreign trade law or customs law) is a trader who runs an import business, i. H. who buys goods abroad, has them transported, imports them to a destination country, takes care of their customs clearance and other officially possibly necessary formalities and then brings these goods into domestic trade by delivering them directly to domestic consumers or, in turn, to other intermediaries, which the goods z. B. sell to retailers or end customers, offers for sale.

Import from China

China, and especially southern China, is increasingly developing into the "factory of the world". Most of the companies that work there are owned and run by Hong Kong companies. They offer irreplaceable services to companies that are looking for competitive partners for purchasing and production A problem-free purchase you are looking for products, company information and trade-related services of the exporter. Look for products, services, partners, agencies, suppliers or producers who may have their own branch in Germany. Every exporter will be happy to provide you with product and service descriptions, some of them with photos and video clips, as well as background information about the company and the contact options. The search for a suitable business partner for your international activities can be very time-consuming. The import of cell phones and electronic items is meanwhile also for small businesses without any problems. Imported cell phones are usually all without a contract and without a Simlock. By importing mobile phones, you can build up a lucrative additional income in a relatively short period of time. In theory, anyone can import goods, including private individuals. On our marketplace you will find reputable providers who sell cell phones from the production countries for their own use or for resale without intermediaries, well below the normal purchase price. So you have the unique opportunity to secure a lucrative additional income by selling mobile phones, for example on an auction platform, or simply to buy the newest and hottest mobile phone without a contract. Buy directly in China and sell on eBay or in your own online shop for a large to very large profit. On our portal you will get to know dealers and importers who deal with imports. Many of the goods that Internet sellers sell in their thousands each month were imported directly from China, Turkey or Hong Kong. No matter if MP3 player, toys, furniture, computers, garden tools, electronics, jewelry or textiles. The range of Asian goods is huge, but the purchase prices are extremely cheap with a little bit of negotiating skills. So it is possible that goods can be sold with enormous profit despite low purchase prices and online retailers achieve a sensational profit of up to 500 percent on many products. Establish valuable trade contacts and import your goods from China instead of buying expensive wholesale goods. You can import almost anything from China. From clothes and bags to computers, cell phones or TV sets. The following groups of goods can be of particular interest to retailers: LCD televisions, digital cameras, computers, PC accessories, monitors, plasma televisions, MP 3 players, navigation, USB sticks, seasonal items, swimming pools, garden furniture, toys, garden equipment, swimming pool accessories, Bestway, Intex , Minibikes, stainless steel fountains, stainless steel garden accessories, household items, toothpicks, forks, knives, pots, bowls, electrical household appliances, devices, pasta machines, pot sets, plastic items in all variations, drugstore items, cotton pads, bathroom accessories, textiles, shoes , Shirts, stockings, socks, jackets and pants. But on our marketplace you will also find a large number of remaining stock dealers who have cheap offers from the categories: mobile phones. Tracksuits, underwear, thongs, bikinis, T-shirts, swimming trunks, bed linen, children and baby items, rattles, drinking cups, jewelry, watches, reading glasses, sunglasses, quads, licensed items, but also various car items, care items, truck accessories, cars Accessories, 12V and 24V lamps, bulbs, tow ropes, coffee machines 12 and 24 volts, kettles, tuning, bike racks, scooters and of course many other items.