Minecraft Economy Plugin How To Give Money

Experimental FuturePlots1.4.3-SNAPSHOT

CommandSub-commandPermissionAliasDescription/plotplots, pgenerate futureplots.command.generategeneGenerate a plot worldaddhelper trustAdd a helper of the plotaddmember Add a member of the plot. He can only build if the owner is onlineremovemember rmmemberRemove a memberremovehelper rmhelperRemove a helperautomobileFind a free plotclaimcClaim a plotclearresetEmpty the desired plotdisposeUnlock the desired plot to claimdeletedelDelete the desired plothelp [page]Call up the command listhome [number] [world]HGo to your plotshomesList your plots oninfoiDisplay plot informationdeny Ban a player from the plotundeny Pardon a player from the plotkick Throw a player off the plotsetowner Set a new owner for the plotsethomeSet the home of the plotdeletehomedelhomeDelete the home of the plotfutureplots.plot.PLOT_NUMBERSfutureplots.plot.unlimitedfutureplots.economy.bypassBypass the economy function as a player with the permission