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Buy Yeezys: The GQ guide to hype sneakers

1. Buy Yeezys: How do I find out about the release?

The Instagram account @yeezymafia, which is now followed by almost a million people, posts the latest news and rumors about Kanye's sneakers. So if you want to be informed about everything that concerns Yeezys at any time, please subscribe to this account.

As a rule, the stores participating in Germany also post information about the upcoming Raffles. In order not to miss the event, be sure to follow the Facebook and Instagram pages of the store near you. A list of all stores can be found below.

On our website you will find all information about the price and edition of the latest Yeezy models here. (Also read: Nike Air Max Excee: The trend sneaker for summer 2020 goes perfectly with shorts)

2. Yeezy Online Shopping

All Yeezy sneakers are available online at and However, it's pretty hard to get one of the limited edition shoes that way. The sneakers there are usually sold out within a few seconds. So it takes a lot of luck to really get a pair there. (Also read: Combining Sneakers Correctly: A Little Guide to Matching Sports Shoes and Pants!)

Yeezys - For many, a pair of the coveted sneakers from Kanye West is on the wish list.

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3. Buy Yeezys with the Adidas app

Until 2018, Yeezys could not only be bought from the websites but also from Adidas' “Confirmed App”. For this you had to stay in so-called “release zones”, that is: Berlin, London, Paris or Milan. In June 2018, Adidas announced that the function would be integrated into the official app. This vivid video explains how you can register for the official Adidas App for Exclusive Events and secure the chance to buy a pair of Yeezys:

4. Shopping in the store

If the shop doesn't offer a lottery, you have to queue. Many sneaker heads camp in front of the store several days before the release. Wrapped in blankets and sitting on camping chairs, pizza is ordered. Fans of the scene get together and hope to make a purchase. The principle is quite simple: first come, first serve. The waiting times are always quite different. If you want to be on the safe side, arrive several days in advance. In Berlin, queues form in front of several stores. But there should also be a shop near you.

These stores usually take part in the sale of the Yeezys in Germany:

** Solebox - ** Nuernbergerstrasse 16 - Berlin

** Sneakersnstuff - ** Schönhauser Allee 6 - Berlin

** Overkill - ** Koepenicker Strasse 195 A - Berlin

** adidas Originals Store Berlin - ** Muenzstrasse 13-15 - Berlin

** Wood Wood - ** Rochstr. 4 - Berlin

** SOTO Berlin - ** Torstrasse 72 - Berlin

** Voo Store - ** Oranienstrasse 24 - Berlin

** The Good Will Out - ** Richard-Wagner-Strasse 27 - Cologne

** asphaltgold - ** Friedensplatz 4 - Darmstadt

** Afew-Store - ** Oststrasse 36 - Duesseldorf

** Uebervart - ** Kleiner Hirschgraben 14 - Frankfurt am Main

** 43einhalb - ** Peterstor 7 - Fulda

** Allike - ** Virchowstraße 2 - Hamburg

** Glory Hole - ** Marktstrasse 145 - Hamburg

** Solebox - ** Altheimer Eck 6 - Munich

** Beastin - ** Amalienstrasse 44 - Munich

** Newseum by Crämer and Co. - ** Breite Gasse 18 - Nuremberg

** Suppa - ** Paulinenstr. 44 - Stuttgart

5. Online Raffles

If the release takes place exclusively via so-called "online raffles", we are talking about a classic lottery procedure. There are online lists that you can find on the stores' websites. It is important to register as soon as possible, but in the end fate will decide. It's not about winning a pair of Yeezys, however. You only “redeem” the purchase right for a pair of the latest sneakers. So there is equal rights for everyone. The shoes will then be sent by post a few days later.

There are also “In Store Raffles.” The principle works similarly to “Online Raffles.” To do this, as soon as the reservation period begins, you have to enter yourself in a list in the store. Then there is only hope. If you are drawn by lot, you can pay for the shoes on site. But don't forget your identity card. This is usually asked for in the store. This prevents one person from participating more often and snapping up several couples at the same time.

6. Resale

Since everyone knows that they are passionate about sneakers, many people get hold of sneakers and then sell them online at top prices. In any case, the sneaker heads are willing to pay these prices. However, it is often difficult to differentiate between a counterfeit and an original online. On the “Yeezy Legit Check” page you will find a list of features and things to look out for. Nevertheless, the prices are always higher than in normal sales, where the shoes start at 200 euros and usually end at 350 euros. The prices are of course particularly high on Ebay, where classic bids are offered.

The following pages guarantee that you will only sell originals:

Flight Club

Rif LA

Stadium Goods

The Holy Grail

Sole supremacy

7. Facebook groups

Facebook is currently experiencing its big revival, at least in the sneaker scene. There are several groups on the subject of streetwear in which the new releases, trends and hype are discussed. “Yeezy Season Worldwide”, “Yeezymarket Denmark” and “Sneaker Gallery” also specialize in selling hypewear.

8. File sharing and sneaker fairs

Exchange fairs and sneaker fairs are not just about selling and buying. Here, too, you can meet other sneaker fans, get together and look at the latest models. Due to the current corona pandemic, however, it is not always clear when and whether the next events will take place. Events that will take place according to the website or for which a date should still be set:

Sneaker Events 2020:

HYPERCON: 06.06.2020, Frankfurt am Main, Kasino Jahrhunderthalle, Pfaffenwiese 301, 65929 Frankfurt am Main: Here, dealers and private sellers from all over Europe sell sneakers that have long been sold out that you won't find anywhere else, as well as normal sneakers.

** Sneakerness Cologne 2020- ** Exact date: TBD

** **

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