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Marlies Elisabeth Graack

ACCESS… access to the innate

What we do and the decisions we make are often based on old reaction patterns and traumatic experiences. Most people live their lives with other people's illusions that they have adopted them as their own reality. The resulting current actions and reactions often do not do justice to our inner being. This leads to conscious and unconscious conflict. As a result, discomfort manifests itself in the area of ​​the body related to the awareness of the conflict.

ACCESS is a concept that addresses all aspects of being here and your health. Addressing only one aspect of health means narrowing down the potential for success. ACCESS is a gentle "hands-on" method that has been developed by Dr. Dain Heer, Doctor of Chiropractic, and Gary Douglas. The method was designed to correct more effectively on all levels: physical, emotional, neurological and energetic.

ACCESS consists in eliminating old patterns of reaction that do not allow a person to change. Influences from the past that have a handicap clear and dissolve. In this way, the person gets back the opportunity to really express himself in the moment in which he is. So this method also serves the development and liberation of the indwelling self. People become "as they are".

How does it work?

By touching certain points on the body, the nervous system can be stimulated and updated with new information. Communication via foot length reaction determines exactly what, when, where and how is to be corrected. The old patterns that were previously reacted to are erased and the body is acting appropriately in the present time rather than reactivating the inappropriate patterns.

Where can it help?

ACCESS can be very effective for all types of chronic ailments and pain. It can help with emotional stress, fatigue and burnout, and with many symptoms that have not responded to conventional treatment. ACCESS can be combined with all forms of therapy.

Why does ACCESS work so well?

Since it is an unobtrusive method, the body remains much more relaxed. Therefore, he is more open to change. It is a method that keeps the body from defending itself. As a result, any repair work in the body would stop and the benefit of the application would be reduced.


No. ACCESS can be used on both the newborn and the elderly.

How long does it take?

Everyone is different and the conditions of the ailments vary. In most cases where ACCESS is used, four to five applications are required. Once the body begins to respond, the frequency of applications decreases.

I am Marlies Elisabeth Graack- Access Bars® Facilitator of Access Consciouness® and a certified Access Consciouness Facelift Facilitator®️ as well as Access Body Class® Facilitator and Practitioner.

I welcome you to my Access Consciouness homepage.

Access Consciouness® is a form of therapy that works energetically and is increasingly finding its way into therapeutically active people.

Let's just imagine that humans have a primordial state with which they are born. Let's call them the "core".

And this core is the PURE joy at the moment!

What else should it be?

People are not born cross-wise, because that would make no sense and would not serve life.

As soon as you are in the world, "Collect data" starts!

We call something like this "shaping", "learning", "experiencing" etc.

Unfortunately, our brain not only stores the pure data of our experiences; we also consciously and unconsciously store the views, attitudes, beliefs, beliefs, evaluations of others.

And so little by little our "core" - so pure joy is wrapped in it. Layer by layer. These covers are so firm and convincing that we believe they actually belong to us. And we see that as normal.

And where has our real joy of life gone?

Littered with "brain junk" ....

What would it be like to reveal this true joy again and bring it to the surface permanently?

This is where the Access Bars® come into play!


By using the Access Bars® you can press your personal "reset button", so to speak like a device, reset it to the basic setting and thus of course also activate your self-healing powers.


Another important element in converting information that is stored in our cellular consciousness are special questions and the relevant deletions.

This technique is also taught in my courses.

This creates complete peace, which brings energies, space and possibilities for new capacities.

This can then become a matter of course, to great relief and dissolution, as if it had always been that way.

What if it was time for something else that actually deals with us more gently, more sensitively and more easily, where we are actually more sensitive to ourselves, as we always hoped for.

Knowing how many options we have and can use is just great!

Welcome to a world of unimagined possibilities!