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Dear visitor to my homepage www.nach-gedacht.net,

I warmly welcome you to my website!

Do you feel like reading? Then this could be the right place for you!

What can you find here? Well - every now and then I have seen things and gained experiences in my life that have moved me. Sometimes small, brief encounters, sometimes small or large trips, things that sometimes resonated for a long time. One way for me to process these things is by writing. I do that here, among other things ...

Far more than originally intended, this page has become a collection of travel reports. However, these travel reports are not in the usual form: I do not describe which hotel and restaurant are good or not good or which parts of the city belong to which city. Instead, describe personal, preferably subjective impressions in the form of experience reports. A short info on this: The month and year given in the travel reports are always the time of travel, not the time of writing or publication.

Whereby: You cannot expect descriptions of sensational adventure trips here. As much as I read and admire the descriptions of exciting adventures, it will not be spectacular journeys like "walking through the Gobi desert - and back", "around the world by bike 27 times", "just one year at the North Pole" for me Give tent and sleeping bag "or" handstand over the Alps ". No, I like to leave such extreme things to real adventurers! It gives me just as much pleasure to find the charm in supposedly small things, I like to marvel at the little things on the bike tour next door or on the city trip around the corner. And this astonishment - may it stay with me as well as my curiosity - I am happy to share on my pages. There is nothing really out of the ordinary on these pages.

I have to warn you in advance: My pages are the exact opposite of "tweeting" - you won't find thin, lightning-fast, narrow-gauge information here. With my long and comprehensive presentations, I consciously break all the rules of the modern internet. Some texts may indeed be a bit excessive - but if you feel disturbed by it, please just click away from my pages.

The name of my website - "thinking about" - is program! And in this sense meant: I always write the texts in retrospect, with a little thought about what I have experienced and seen. So it can take a few weeks or even several months before I publish a text here.

Sometimes I don't feel like writing, I just collect some of my photos - in the "picture series". I have been pedaling since I was a child: cycling has become a passion of mine ever since. This is also reflected here: After a while I have a section "Cycling ...!" introduced with tour reports and small exercises in cycling.

Wondering how this guy can afford all these trips? Well, most of you would rather shake your head sympathetically at my rather meager wages in the public service, and grasp your head in shock at my rent - € 14 rent per m². But it's actually quite simple: In cities, cars are simply superfluous luxury, so instead I invest directly in my mobility. And thus in travel. This is much better for me and actually only has advantages.

I would like to mention that I have no commercial intentions with my site.

All texts and images originate from me and are - unless, in isolated cases, not otherwise indicated - from me protected by copyright. If you are interested in using it, please contact me. I find and track illegally used texts and images.


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