How motivation contributes to learning

How intrinsic motivation contributes to the learning organization

This is what the lean management consultant and coach Gerardo Aulinger says.

As part of his KATA training, the KATA ambassador provides executives with particularly intrinsic factors that are a basic requirement for high-performance and innovative organizations. But what are the factors that motivate our team and make it a learning organization?

In his KATA trainings, he repeatedly teaches how important it is to see humans as beings with completely different needs compared to machines. In many companies, industrialization and the daily use of computers and machines have resulted in employees with their work performance becoming a kind of "system" that we treat in a similarly static manner. In his opinion, however, managers must be particularly equipped with emotional intelligence, unlike a “machine operator” - he needs completely different skills.

With intrinsic factors to a learning organization

There are numerous studies that show that human motivation comes best from intrinsic factors - whether old or young, male or female. Intrinsic motivation means that the incentive to do something arises from the thing itself. On the other hand, there are extrinsic factors, such as the reward in the form of money or chocolate, which are particularly suitable for routine tasks. For creative learning activities that are needed in the context of lean management, CIP and the learning organization, the motivation should be intrinsic.