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Copy and paste in Android: how to copy and paste texts, links and photos

Copying and pasting text, links, photos, etc. is one of the most basic functions of an operating system. You also have this option under Android, but this function is not known to many users.


In this tutorial we will therefore show you the steps for copying and pasting texts, links and photos on an Android device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Copy and paste instructions for Android devices

Copy single words in Android

Open an app such as Browser, Chrome, WhatsApp, etc. Now, to copy any word, just long press it. This will bring up an overlay menu with a few options. Select Copy and the highlighted word will be copied.

Copy text passages on Android

If you want to copy more than one word, then long press a word again. You can then use the blue markings to mark the text passages you want. When the selection is complete, just click on the Copy option.

Copy all text in Android

If you then want to select all the words on a page, then hold over a word again until the context menu is displayed. Select the three dots next to it and then highlight "Select All" in the advanced options menu.

With everything selected, just tap on the Copy option.

Pasting text in Android

To insert these texts now, simply go to the desired screen and long press on an empty region of the editor. Select the Paste option.

The copied text will now be pasted.

Copy and paste links in Android

To do this, just go to the address bar of a browser such as the Chrome, Internet, Firefox, Edge, etc. and you should see the URL of this page just below the address bar. Long press the URL with your finger until you can copy it.

If you want to copy a link that appears in a paragraph, long-press the linked word. A popup menu will open, select "Copy URL".

Inserting links works as follows: Long press again on an empty space in an editor and then select "Insert".

Copy and paste photos on Android

Note:. Please note that not many apps support this functionality. In addition, some images can also cause one or the other problem when copying to the clipboard. Long press the image you want on a webpage. A pop-up menu will appear from which you can select Copy Image.

Now go to the field that supports the ability to insert pictures. Then bring up the keyboard, long press within the input area and select “Clipboard” from the menu. You can now use the picture from the clipboard.

When using it for the first time, you must activate the switch for the clipboard. Turn it on as instructed. From now on, anything you copy can be accessed from here.

These were the steps to copy and paste text, links, and photos on an Android device.