How do you manage a clanton

Clubs are a great way to have the students you teach in one place to organize. You can create matches and a ranking and send messages to your students in ChessKid.

Only parent / coach accounts can create clubs.

To your club add a child, do you have to Trainer be that child.

It is possible to take children to multiple clubs. For example, if you teach in three schools, we recommend that you have four clubs. One “roof” club for all of your children and three different clubs, one for each school. You can also have an "advanced club" and a "beginner club" from the same school, with the move to the higher club being an incentive.
Parent and Coach accounts can create up to 5 clubs, and large program coaches can create even more! Do you teach a large group? Contact our Coach Liaison Michelle Martinez for setup assistance: [email protected]

Adding trainers / parents:

You can go to the club Add trainer. This allows you to have multiple administrators who can post messages, add kids, create games, and manage the club.

  • In order to add a coach to your club, you need to add his / her username know..
  • At the top of the page, select "Manage members"The tab"Manage trainers„.
  • Enter the username of the trainer colleague in the gray field "Invite parents / trainers"And click on"Invite„.“

  • The next time this trainer logs into his ChessKid account, a News alert displayed.
  • He / she has to accept your invitation.

You can give a trainer administrator rights for your club.

  • At the top of the Manage Members page, select the Manage Trainers tab.
  • Select “Admin” from the drop-down list next to the username of the trainer / parent.

Are you a parent or trainer? Join our Parents & Trainer Feedback Club at! Share ideas, ask questions and connect with other coaches and clubs on

FunMasterMike’s Advice:

Why are clubs so great? Competitions! Social interaction! Team spirit and camaraderie! Easier "management" for you!

Club administrators can hold competitions with their children to "solve most puzzles in a week" or "play most games in rapid chess" for a month.

Both you and the students can see who is winning by going to the club and using the "Club ranking check.

You can choose by time period (last 7 days, last 30 days or all times) and the type of activity - fast chess, slow chess, puzzles or stars.

This is perhaps the best way to incentivize the website and it only takes a few moments to check who won your contest!

You can also communicate with your club and your club members will receive a notification the next time they log in.

  • You can create a neat list of reminders or tasks by clicking on “Messages” on the right side of the screen. Would you like them to see a specific video? Copy the URL and paste it into a news post. Students will see a message waiting for them the next time they log in.
  • You can post topic-sorted messages and your members can reply and comment by clicking on "Forums" on the right side of the screen.

The next time your child signs in, they will see a message alert.