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Stern TV: This is how the Siamese twin girl Lea (10) lives today

Lea, ten years old, is a bright child. She can run, talks a lot and goes to school. But all of this borders on a small miracle, because Lea Block from Lemgo is no ordinary girl: She was born as a Siamese twin and was surgically separated from her sister at the age of one. RTL has been accompanying the Block family for many years. A contribution on the show "Stern TV" now showed how Lea has developed and how she is today.

"I'm so happy that Lea is now so easy to care for, apart from the spasticity and paralysis," says Nelly Block in the "Stern-TV" report. What is normal for many parents is not a matter of course for Nelly and Peter Block. Because the story of her ten-year-old daughter Lea is dramatic.

Siamese twins are separated: Tabea dies, Lea survives

When Nelly was in the twelfth week of pregnancy with her twins, the malformation was discovered: the heads of the two girls had grown together. Because abortion was "definitely murder" for her, her parents decided against an abortion and, after giving birth and extensive counseling, opted for an operation in which Lea and Tabea should be separated.

Siamese twins: Click on the infographic. (Source: Reuters)

Since such a complicated operation would not have been possible in Germany, the operation was carried out in September 2004 - a good year after the twin birth - in Baltimore (USA) by a team of experts. Complications arise during the operation: it takes four days for the girls to be separated. Tabea dies, Lea's condition is critical, but survives - almost completely blind, without a skull and paralyzed on one side.

Lea has now learned to walk

It has been more than nine years since the operation, which attracted a great deal of public attention. Lea has developed impressively since then. During another operation in Baltimore, she was fitted with a hi-tech implant that is supposed to correct the bone defect on the skull. She has also learned to walk with the help of a physiotherapist.

If Lea's left side was still completely paralyzed after the operation, the girl is now able to move her left hand better and better and to take steps with her left leg. A splint on the lower leg supports them.

"Note the small steps!"

Lea started school three years ago. Every day she drives 60 kilometers to a school for the blind in Paderborn. She gladly accepts the long distance, because Lea is extremely inquisitive: "She learns something new every day and is just as resilient as the other students," explains her teacher. In addition, Lea has an exceptionally good memory, as Lea proves in the "Stern-TV" report when she tells stories she has learned.

"Note the small steps!" This sentence was given to Lea's parents by a doctor after the major operation. Nelly and Peter Block, who have since given birth to four more healthy children, have made this their life motto. "That's how we always have to see it," reports Lea's mother. "We are very happy with the way things are going."

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