How to wash your fishing gear

How to wash your favorite jeans properly

According to studies, people around the world wear jeans on average 3.5 days a week. On average, everyone has eight hanging in their closet. Once work trousers in the mines and on the farms in the USA, they have become a basic outfit suitable for the office that can be combined in a variety of ways.

If you take the following tips to heart when washing your jeans, you will enjoy maximum comfort for a long time.

To wash? Not too often

There is hardly a piece of clothing that is more forgiving than jeans, especially when they are made of pure cotton. If you ventilate them in the fresh air overnight, you can theoretically even allow yourself to only put them in the machine every few weeks. Basically, the darker the jeans, the less often they should be washed - for the best possible washing preservation.

The temperature

30 degrees are sufficient! If the jeans also contain elastane, this is essential to protect the fabric. With light stains there are also 40 degrees inside. 60 degrees only with pure cotton jeans, and only in an emergency - that is, when it is heavily soiled. Those withstand 1,200 revolutions well when spinning. Models with elastane, on the other hand, have a maximum of 1,000. Important: close the zipper and buttons before washing and turn the trousers inside out.

The care

Heavy-duty detergents and fabric softeners are taboo. Instead, use mild detergents or color detergents. In this way, the desired wash is retained for a long time and the textiles are protected. After the wash cycle, dry the jeans flat - preferably in the fresh air and out of direct sunlight. On the other hand, they are less suitable for the dryer. Iron fans would never iron them in their life and would do well. Smoothing is enough.