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Hiking in the Regensburg region


1 Hiking in the Regensburg region

2 Healthy hiking Dear friends of nature! As a health insurance company, we do more for our customers. We offer a comprehensive range of services in the event of illness, but we also want to support healthy people to stay healthy. The motto prevention is better than cure is a priority at the AOK and corresponds to our corporate philosophy. We try to interest as many people as possible in a healthy lifestyle. To this end, we offer a broad health program on the subjects of nutrition, exercise and relaxation. The programs, exercises and tips help you to achieve more vitality, joie de vivre, peace and wellbeing. With the hiking guide at hand you also have a small health program in hand. Many diseases can be traced back to a sedentary lifestyle. Hiking can have a positive effect on high blood pressure, age diabetes, obesity or osteoporosis. In addition, there is the experience in the great outdoors. I am pleased that we, together with the Regensburg district, have succeeded in publishing this hiking guide. In addition to the health aspect, the hiking guide also offers the ideal opportunity to get to know our beautiful district better. I wish you nice weather and, above all, lots of fun on your tours. Stay healthy. Yours Richard Deml Director of AOK Regensburg

3 Hiking in the Regensburg region Dear hiking friends! The district of Regensburg has more than 1100 km of hiking trails, embedded in a beautiful and varied recreational landscape. With this brochure we would like to seduce you to explore this delightful region around Regensburg by edes. We have selected the most beautiful hiking tips for you - in cooperation with our communities. Depending on your time and desire, you can opt for a longer or shorter tour, for which we will give you the most important information, such as B. route character, sights, refreshments in regional restaurants and bus connections have put together. The routes, which are largely designed as circular hikes, are also suitable for families and often lead you to beautiful viewpoints or important sights. Whether in the Jura with its rugged rock formations and idyllic river valleys, in the Bavarian Vorwald with its mountain ranges and dark valleys with great views or south of the Danube, where the landscape opens up and the view can wander into the distance: every hike has its charm. And the best thing about it: you can relax wonderfully while hiking and walking! Simply beneficial for body, mind and soul. Curious? Wake up your rucksack, lace up your boots and go on a discovery tour! I wish you a lot of fun hiking in the adventurous nature and a wonderful stay in the Regensburg district! Yours Herbert Mirbeth District Administrator of the Regensburg District

4 Tour directory 2 Bavarian Jura / Labertal around Beratzhausen 4 Mühlenwanderweg (approx. 4.7 km) Literature hiking path with poems by Franz-Xaver Staudigl (approx. 5 km) around Brunn 8 Frauenberg - Eglsee - Brunn - Eglsee - Frauenberg (13, 5 km / approx. 3.5 hours) Around Deuerling 10 Deuerling Hillohe Willibaldshäusl Steinerbrückl Deuerling (approx. 5.5 km) Around Hemau 12 Fliegerweg (approx. 5 km) Mushroom Path (approx. 12 km) Tannenweg (approx. 25 km) Around Laaber 16 Laaber Höhenweg - Münchsmühle Talweg Laaber Münchsmühle (approx. 9 km) Laaber Großetzenberg Hirschenstube Schafbruckmühle (approx. 8.5 km) Around Nittendorf 18 Nittendorf Eichhofen Undorf ollenried (approx. 11 km) Undorf- Schönhofen Eilsbrunn - Riegling rüfening (approx. 12 km) around Sinzing 22 Mariaort Eilsbrunn Alling Sinzing Mariaort (approx. 15 km) Regensburg Sinzing Mattinger slopes Lohstadt Minoritenhof Sinzing (approx. 18 km) Bavarian Jura / Naabtal around Kallmünz 24 hiking trail to Fischbach (approx 7 km) hiking trail to Eich (approx. 6 km) around ettendorf 26 fruit tree hiking trail (approx. 7 km) Around ielenhofen 28 ielenhofen Zieglhof Ebenwies Distelhausen ielenhofen (approx. 10 km) ielenhofen Käfersdorf Kleinduggendorf ielenhofen (approx. 11 km) Around Wolfsegg 30 Monument hiking trail (approx. 13 km) Bavarian Jura / Regental Around Lappersdorf 32 Reflection path in Hainsacker (approx. 10 km) Around Regenstauf 34 Regental hike to the Wackelsteinen (approx. 12 km) Castle hike in the valley of the rain (approx. 18.5 km) Bavarian forest around Altenthann 38 Altenthann Weiherhaus Bruckhaus Roidhof Lichtenberg ielhof Altenthann (approx. 9 , 5 km) Altenthann Gsellmühle Adlmannstein fittershof Orhalm Altenthann (approx. 8.5 km)

5 Around Bach addonau 40 Bach addonau Hammermühle Sulzbach Demling Bach addonau (approx. 13 km) Around Bernhardswald 42 Bernhardswald Hauzendorf Erlbach Bernhardswald (approx. 10.5 km) Around Brennberg 44 Hell trail (approx. 5.5 km) Around Donaustauf 46 Donaustauf Walhalla Hammermühle Sulzbach Donaustauf (approx. 8.5 km) Donaustauf Hoher Marktstein and back (approx. 6 km) Around Tegernheim 50 Mittelberg hike (approx. 3 km) Around Wenzenbach 52 Wenzenbach Birkmühle Steinrinnen Tradl Wenzenbach (approx. 7.5 km) Wenzenbach Kalteck Tradl Wenzenbach (approx. 4 km) Wenzenbach Schönberg (approx. 2.5 km) Around Wiesent 54 Wiesent Nepal-Himalaya avillon and back (approx. 4.5 km) Wiesent Ettersdorf Fürstlicher Thiergarten Frauenzell Wiesent (approx. 17 km) around Wörth ad Danube 58 Wörth a.d. Danube Hungersacker - Hofdorf - Tiefenthal - Wörth a.d. Danube (approx. 11 km) Wörth a.d. Danube Wiesent and back (approx. 14 km) South of the Danube Around Aufhausen 60 Circular hiking trail between the Danube Valley and the valley of the Große Laber (approx. 10 km) Around Thalmassing and Alteglofsheim 62 Thalmassing Neueglofsheim and back (approx. 8.5 km) Alteglofsheim Schloss Haus / Neueglofsheim and back (approx. 6 km) Around Hagelstadt 64 Hagelstadt Höhenberg Untersanding (approx. 10.5 km) Hagelstadt Neueglofsheim Hagelstadt (approx. 6 km) Around Obertraubling 66 Obertraubling iesenkofen nature trail - Oberhinkofen and back (approx 8 km) Around entling 68 Max-Schultze-Steig (approx. 5.5 km) Jurasteig quality trail The Jurasteig at a glance 70 Stage No. 4 ielenhofen-kallmünz 72 (15.9 km / approx. 4 hours) loop trail : Wolf trail to the White Woman (9 km / approx. 2.5 hours) Excursion tips, service information 74 Imprint 3

6 Haderlsdorf Beratzhausen Markt Neupaarstadl route information 3 erg Rufenrieder g wood 4 R. Ehrenfels Neurufenried Rufenried Kellenberg 545 Kemetshof Vogelsberg 489 Oberndorf Birkenhof Mariahilf Friesenhof Bad Laber Schwarze Eichelberg 488 Bear cave Mausermühle Beilnstein Kollersried Neuhöfl Sinngrün Klapfenberg idyllic landscape of Engelthal Unterlichtenberg: five mills in the Mollersried valley of Engelthal Unterlichtenberg Sights: Sculpture park, Anna-arstadl chapel, historical water wheel Anger Besenbruck Tip: Guided tour by Erich Niebler Langholz possible; Inquiry via the Beratzhausen market place to stop for refreshments: Area code: () AS Laa 96 uppenhof Rauschhof Ristor. Madan, Tel, Gasthof Zum Goldenen Roß, Tel. 8 53, (Closed on Wednesdays), Gasthof Zitzelsberger, Hinterzhof Tel. 7 20, (Closed on Saturdays), Landgh. Friesenmühle, Tel. 7 35, (closed on Wednesdays), ice cream parlor rimavera, Tel. 90 Ried 29 17, Landgh. Hammermühle, Tel. 7 10, (closed Tuesdays) Bergstette Seelach Local transport: RVV line 66, train line Reiserbügl 880 arken: At the entrance to the village, Laaberer Straße; in the town center, Mühlenstraße Endorf Schafhof Gleislmühle R a u s c h t Schallerwöhrmühle Lindenhof Franzenkapellchen Friesenmühle Hiaslhöhle Information: Markt Beratzhausen, Marktstraße Ziegelhütte 33, Beratzhausen, Endorfmühle Kronbügl Tel. (), Schafbruckmühle available from the municipality! Info brochure apiermühle E 56 e

7 Around Beratzhausen Mühlenwanderweg (approx. 4.7 km / approx. 1.5 2 hours), 7km 10 km The Mühlenwanderweg leads from Beratzhausen in the direction of Laaber along five mills in the valley of the Schwarzen Laber and provides information with short texts (from Erich Niebler) on themed boards about special attractions from the history of the Labertal. It begins at Johann-Ehrl-latz in the center of Beratzhausen and leads over the Laberbrücke immediately to the right into the newer part of the sculpture park. Here the hiker learns on a topic board that the first swimming pool in the region was built on this spot in 1940 by French and Russian prisoners of war. The path continues to the Niedermühle with historical information. When you leave Beratzhausen, you can already see the Galgenberg, to which a themed board is also dedicated, and the imposing railway bridge, which was built by guest workers from 1870 to 1872. Finally, the hiker reaches the Friesenmühle and learns that the water lock was advertised as a wave pool here as early as 1935. The path continues past the umpwerk for the water supply and the historic water wheel, which was built in 1880 and restored a few years ago. After crossing the Schwarzen Laber on a footbridge, you reach Beilnstein with the Anna Chapel and receive information about this beautiful little church, the Hofmark Beilnstein and the Hammermühle. The path continues to the Mausermühle with the industrial monument of a water pump and to the Gleislmühle, where the mill trail with the themed signs ends, but continues along the Schwarzen Laber to the village of Laaber. Bavarian Jura / Valley of the Schwarzen Laber 5

8 hof Oberreiselberg 6 Haderlsdorf R. Ehrenfels Rufenrieder Niesaß Kohlmühle Neurufenried Rufenried Kellenberg 545 Oberndorf Mariahilf Refreshments: Engelthal Unterlichtenberg Café-Konditorei Baur, Tel. () 7 49, (Mondays Högerlsee closed), Café-Konditorei Seidl, Franzenkapellchen a Le Bijouou . (), Tel. () 7 84, (closed Tuesdays), Café-Restaurant 488 Gasthof Ehrenfels, Tel. () 7 40, (closed Mondays), Besenbruck Gasthof etermichl, Tel. () 7 32, (closed Mondays) ) Langholz local transport: RVV line 66, train line 880 Bad uppenhof arken: At the entrance to the town, Laaberer Straße; Rauschhof in the center of the village, Mühlenstraße Hinterzhof Neuhöfl Information: Markt Beratzhausen, Marktstraße 33, Beratzhausen, Tel. (), Ried Seelach Reiserbügl Sinngrün Information brochure available from the municipality! Mausermühle Schafhof Endorf Friesenmühle Hiaslhöhle kreith Bärenhöhle Friesenhof Laber Hinter- Mitter- Vorder- Hirschstein Beratzhausen Markt Schwarze Eichelberg Ritzhof Zehenthof Hölzlhof R auscht G ra se nta l Route information 520 Brentenberg Hofholz Oberlichtenberg Characteristics: typical Jura landscape framed with suitable poems by Franz-Xaver Neupaar : High rock 3 E 56 goat

9 Around Beratzhausen Literature hiking trail with poems by Franz-Xaver Staudigl (approx. 5 km / approx. 1.5 2 hours) The Franz-Xaver-Staudigl themed hiking trail is named after the former mayor and local poet and begins at Johann-Ehrl-latz in the town center. It leads over the Marktstrasse to the Michelskapelle, over the Gottfried-Kölwel-latz to the foot of the Mariahilfberg, where it joins the Alleeweg. Poems such as picture postcards from Beratzhausen, the crucifix at the Michels chapel, the autumn forest path or the mill weir in Labertal are printed on the information boards along the way. The texts fit very well into the respective environment. On the avenue path, hikers pass the typical Jura landscape with the high rock and turn off towards Kohlmühle. Before you reach it, the path branches off to the source, where you can refresh yourself before going back over the Hammerbruckweg. Poems like Kinderland Labertal, summer night in the Jura, daffodils, forest ponds, dreams and allegory? are a pleasant literary accompaniment and give impressions of the Jura landscape. After five kilometers, the Staudigl hiking trail ends with the poem Time, which you can study in front of the imposing view of the Hohe Fels. On the circular route you return to the center of the village and can stop off at the local restaurants. Bavarian Jura / valley of the Schwarzen Laber km 10 km view from Hohen Felsen 7

10 lichtenberg tenberg hrarstadl hhof Bergstetten G ra se nta 520 Brentenberg Högerlsee Anger Endorf Hofholz Ried 3 E 56 Hinterzhof Reiserbügl 96 brickworks Kronbügl Ziegelei AS Laaber Eiselberg Endorfmühle Schafbruckmühle 8 apiermühle ettenhof Zeinberg Zeinberg Zeinst Kirchhof Brentenberg Weinberg Huggendiel wells Weinberg Duggendiel Frauenberg 486 Leitenberg Grabenhäuser Kleinduggendorf hofer ielenhofener Berg Käferberg Dürrloch Castle Characteristics: gravel paths, land consolidation paths, Wolfsegg partly Taferlbuche Stetten asphalt paths ND Sights worth seeing: Pilgrimage church in Biersackschlag Frauenberg, Oel village Frauenberg, Lüßlbrunnen in the forest, two viewpoints between the state road Babetsberg , Wall lattenkalke free Refreshments: Unter- Landgasthof Frauenberg, Tel. () (Closed on Mondays, in winter Käfersdorf also Tuesdays), Gasthof lank, Brunn, Tel. () (Closed Tuesdays), Gasthaus Graßl, Eglsee, Tel. () 7 75, (Mo rest day) Dettenhofen NSG W a l d Local transport: RVV line 29 Osterstube arken: at Marienplatz Frauenberg, at the inn in Konstein Brunn and at the sports area l. d. Naab des TSV Brunnried Information: VG Laaber, Jakobstraße 9, Laaber, LourdesgrotteTel. (), Reinhardshofen Monastery Info brochure ielenhofen available from VG! Reinhardsleiten Münchs- Berghof Teufelschlag Hermannstetten Route information Sillen

11 Around Brunn Frauenberg - Eglsee - Brunn - Eglsee - Frauenberg (13.5 km / approx.3.5 hours) Start and finish is Marienplatz, right next to the Gothic farr and pilgrimage church of the Birth of Mary in Frauenberg (15th Century). Past the country inn, along the Way of the Cross out of the village towards the east. About 250 m after leaving the village, the hiker comes to a field cross next to a bench. There continue to the right, past the Lüßlbrunnen to the pond sewage treatment plant. Continue following the valley to the communal connecting road in Eglsee. Cross this and up to Babetsberg. Continue straight on the path until it forks about 100 m after Babetsberg. Continue to the right here for a few km through the extensive state forest, 5 km. After about 1 km of hike in the forest, turn left, a good 2 km, always following this path. At the state road 2235 right and after 100 m left again into the forest. From there you come to the Brunner lattenkalken after 300 m. After another m, at a larger open space, the path goes down to the left to the duck trenches of a large sinkhole. Turn left again along the deep ditch until the path widens. There then the wide forest path goes about 2 km to the Kühsee. Straight on to Brunn, right at the entrance to the village on the left through a small settlement, to the sports grounds of TSV Brunn and from there over the state road to the inn lank. Follow Eglseer Straße to the intersection with Riedstraße and continue to the left. From Brunn, past the clarification ponds, always along the paved path, past a single courtyard, past the schnapps maker, towards Eglsee and Frauenberg. Immediately after the Eglsee sign, turn left into the village, then right past a car dealership to Brunner Strasse. There again left to the Gasthaus Graßl. Past the Raiffeisenbank and the village pond, it is only 300 m to the starting point. 9 Bavarian Jura / Black Laber Valley

12 uenholz Weißer Stein NSG Wuzenfelsen Steinbichl 478 ittmannsdorf 10 Kruckenberg S ege 469 Stegenberg Bachmühle Bachleiten 5 valley Münchsmühle l Neuhäusl Stegenhof Deuerling Heimberg Schrammlhof 2 1 faffenberg 455 Hillohe 4 Irgertshofen romberg Willibaldhäusl station Eichhofen 8 Waldbrückl mountain 9 Eetzenberg farrerfels 489 Riedberg enker Tal Route information r. d. Naab enk Steinbuckel Characteristics: easily accessible 449 paths, partly along the Laber Sights: Church of St. Martin, Franziskuskreuz, Marienkapelle, St. Martin memorial, Laberbrücke, glass art on the multi-purpose building, Johannes von Nepomuk 446 ollenried Schatzberg Refreshments: Berggaststätte Hillohe, Tel. ( ) 10 39, (closed Mondays / Tuesdays), Bierstüberl, Tel. (0 AS 94 98) Nittendorf, Brauereigasthof Goss, Tel. () 15 12, (Closed Tuesdays), Landgasthof Steinerbrückl, Tel. (), (Wed - Sat Open on Sunday, 7 pm) Local transport: RVV line 28, train line 880 arken: arkplatz Friedhof Deuerling Undorf Information: Municipality of Deuerling, VG Laaber, Jakobstraße 9, Laaber, Tel. (), Information brochure available from the municipality! Har Etterz 4 D E Nitte (M

13 Around Deuerling Deuerling (Heimberg) Hillohe Willibaldshäusl Steinerbrückl Deuerling (approx. 5.5 km / approx. 1.5 hours, expandable up to approx. 10 km), 5 km 10 km The cemetery is the starting point of our hike. You see pictures of the Stations of the Cross by Walter Hagen, a short stay in the church of St. Martin (3) is worthwhile. You come through the lower exit of the church and go right past the farrhof on the road leading up to Heimberg to the Franziskuskreuz designed by Gottfried Büttner (4). From there you can make a detour to Heimberg, which leads past the recessed village cross to the Marienkapelle (5) if you turn right (Seeweg) and then left at the notice board and a small bus shelter. You go back the same way to the Franziskuskreuz and hike to the Hilloher Marienkapelle (6), from there you can visit the Egelsburg castle stable (7), back to the chapel and through Hillohe in front of the mountain restaurant you turn right to the Weihenstefen castle stable (8) and to the Willibald Cross (9). Upstream along the Laber you will see a statue of Johannes von Nepomuk (10) at the Steinerbrückler Bridge. Opposite you can stop at the Landgasthof Steinerbrückl.Turn left and then right again and walk past the playground and the sports facilities towards the Goss brewery restaurant. On the downstream side of the bridge you can see two ceramics (11) by Gottfried Büttner. After the bridge you can turn right to visit the multi-purpose building of the community with glass works (12) by Alexandra Gehr or you cross Undorfer Straße, take a look at the so-called old house, which is adjacent to the beer parlor, which in turn is a neighbor of the forestry property where you can find high water marks. After this building, another detour would be possible if you turn right. The path leads steeply up the Kalvarienberg to the Kreuzweg (14) with panels by Günther Mauermann; the way of the cross begins with the ieta from the former Hirmer chapel and ends with a cross. You go back the way and turn right in the valley into Regensburger Straße, on which you come to the monument to Martin von Tours and the children (15), a work by Gottfried Büttner. Don't forget to take a look at the Stegenhof, a former Thurn und Taxissche east station on the other side of the B8. Now go back on Regensburger Strasse, you will pass the old forge and a table about the fish in the Laber, to the bridge forge with his Maximilian Lamprecht history book. You can return to the starting point either via Am Kirchberg or Martinssteig. Tip for bus and train drivers: use the pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks and the underpass under the B 8 to take a footpath to the entrance to the village on the left-hand side of the B 8; start at the Martinsdenkmal and change the mentioned localities accordingly! Bavarian Jura / Valley of the Schwarzen Laber 11

14 n- f Haid Eckertshof 12 Körbenhof Angern Altenlohe Laubenhart Solar Park Rieb Langenkreith Kumpfhof Bodenhof Waldbad Hirtwhr. Bügerlleithen Schwemmsee Sündersbühl Arnest Höfen Stadla Thalhof Siebersee Hemau Winkl Klingen Höhhof Hamberg Hennhüll thal förring See Characteristics: well-developed hiking trails through woods and meadows Eiersdorf Schneckenho Sights: over 700 years old town Hemau with old town center, view of the pilgrimage church on the Eichlberg, field crosses Paths Eierdorfer Höhe Tip: the idyllic forest pool with Trimm-Dich-Thonhausen fad invites you to linger, relax and unwind. Ludwigshöhe Refreshments: During the bathing season, the kiosk in the forest pool is open at 8 am. Gastronomy in the center of Voglhof in Hemau. Local transport: RVV line 28 (starting point Grafenöd directly at the Schulzentrum stop) arken: öpplhof arkplatz between the Tangrintelhalle and the school gymnasium Wolflier H aderta Information: City of Hemau, ropsteigaßl 2, Hemau, Tel. (), Schacha l Wa Keltenschanze route information Haag Grafenruh Ziegelhütte Hohenschamb Ko

15 Around Hemau in the heart of the Tangrintel Fliegerweg hiking tour (approx. 5 km / approx. 1.5 hours), 5 km starting point for the walking and cycling path: arkplatz between the Tangrintelhalle and the school gym. The fruit adventure trail also begins here. This short, easily manageable hiking route leads us from the Tangrintelhalle on a level path past the upper cemetery to the bypass road. On the left, an old field cross points to the so-called Mittelweg, on the right, after crossing the street, greets, hidden behind trees and bushes, the alluvial lake. Straight ahead we reach a beautifully designed group of crosses. Here the path turns right, on the left you can see the airfield and the layout of the model building club Hemau Airport Tangrintel. On well-developed gravel paths we come to the Hemau leisure area with the idyllic forest pool and the fitness trail leading around it. Incidentally, a detour to the grounds of the pool is worthwhile at any time of the year! In winter it is a popular meeting place for curlingers and ice skaters. Continue on the access road and then return to the starting point via the footpath and bike path along the county road to Riedenburg. Schwammerlweg hiking tour (approx. 12 km / approx. 3 hours) From the Tangrintelhalle to the Waldbad this path is identical to the Fliegerweg. At the entrance to the forest pool, the trim-yourself-fad begins on the right-hand side. We continue the hike along this to the point where it meets the district road to Riedenburg. Following this to the right, after about 200 meters we turn onto the old road to Altenlohe and Haid. Now the km hike takes us through forest and field. The Aichkirchener Heights greet us on the left and accompany us to the entrance to Altenlohe and Haid. Both places are mentioned for the first time in 1326. From here we follow the path that turns right and leads us right into the Hemauer Schwammerlgrund, the so-called Steinertal. Following this shady forest path, after about three kilometers we come to the district road to Dietfurt, along which there is a short route to the junction to Langenkreith, a typical street village. From here the circular route leads us directly, past the sports grounds of TV Hemau, back to the starting point. Bavarian Jura / Valley of the Schwarzen Laber 13

16 () 4 71, (closed Tuesdays), Gasthof Tangrintler Eiersdorf Schneckenhof Hof, Tiefenhüll, Tel. () 4 72 (not closed) Local transport: RVV line 28 Beilnstein Kochenthal Frauenholz Weißer Stein NSG Wuzenfelsen Anger AS Laaber 96 Eiselb Hinterzhof Steinbichl Ried Reiserbügl Kruckenberg Bachleiten Stegenberg Wind Eisenhammer s Hartlmü Großetzenbe l S ege Bergstetten etten Brickworks Kronbügl Münchsm valley Stegen Deuerli Heimberg Keltenschanze Friesenmühle Hiaslhöhle Langenthonhausen Mungenhofen Hirtwhr. Grafenruh ellndorf Ziegelhütte Neudeuerling Türk Kleinetzenbe Schr ittmannsdorf 469 Information: Grafenöd Stadt Hemau, ropsteigaßl 2, Neuhäusl Hemau, Tel. (), Bachmühle Schacha 5 Irg

17 Around Hemau in the heart of the Tangrintel Tannenweg hiking tour (approx. 25 km / approx. 6 hours) km Starting point for the walking and cycling path: arkplatz between the Tangrintelhalle and the school gym. The fruit adventure trail also begins here. This route, which is particularly suitable for cyclists, is identical to the Schwammerlweg as far as the Altenlohe district (see page 11). It leads right into the heart of the Tangrintel. Passing Altenlohe, on the left the old chapel built in 1702, dedicated to St. Joseph, we follow the tar road, come to Haid and from there on good gravel roads through a wonderful landscape. Fields, meadows and forests accompany us alternately to the village of Thonlohe. Here, shortly before entering the village, we come across a Marterl that is reminiscent of a fatal riding accident. We walk to the center of the village, in front of the 1 built church dedicated to St. Sebastian we turn right. Soon reaching the open field again, we finally come to a dense forest, which we cross to the district road to Dietfurt. From here it goes mainly on tarred paths and roads via the districts of Ellndorf and Eckertshof into ancient, rural land dominated by the pilgrimage church on the Eichlberg. Our route leads over the districts of Altmannshof and Tiefenhüll, now on undulating terrain, via Berletzhof to Neukirchen and then, slightly downhill, on the footpath and bike path along the main road back to Hemau. Bavarian Jura / Valley of the Schwarzen Laber 15

18 he förring orf öd 16 Eselburg Schneckenhof Thonhausen Berghof Schernried Wangsaß Seebauer Laaber Markt Steinbichl 478 ittmannsdorf Kronbügl Kruckenberg 469 Stegenberg l S ege Münchsmühle valley Neuhäusl Hartlmühle Großetzenberg Stegenhof Deuerling Kühberg faffenberg line 455 Frauenberg-Romberg line 28980 Leitenberg line 455 Frauenberg-romberg line 28980 Leitenberg arken: arkplatz Mühlwiese in Laaber r. d. Naab Information: At VG Laaber, Jakobstraße 9, Laaber, 449 Tel. Bahnhof (), information brochures available from the municipality! Riedberg Waldenkeller Tal Kloster Refreshments: Area code: () Gasth. Hartlmühle / camping site, Tel. 5 33, Gasth. Schrammlhof, Tel, (on request), Gasth. Schafbruckmühle, Tel, Weißenkirchen in Laaber: Gasth. Trettenbach, Tel, (closed on Saturdays), Brauereigh. lank, Tel, (Wed day off), Gasth. Zeitler, Tel, (Monday / Tuesday closed), Grannys, Tel, (Tuesday closed), olzhausen Döner Mac Grill, Tel, Restaurant Delphi, Tel Edl- Windschnur Eisenhammer hausen Endorfmühle Schafbruckmühle apiermühle Schallerwöhrmühle Lindenhof annsdorf Hohenschambach Münchsriedhofen Route information 486 Schaggen Hiking trails in the Jura Sights: Hirschenstube, a cave worth seeing; Endlfeld intact water wheel at 456 Gasthaus Schafbruckmühle Waldetzenberg Türklmühle Kleinetzenberg Schrammlhof ollenried Steinbuckel Schatzberg 446

19 Around Laaber Laaber Höhenweg Münchsmühle Talweg Laaber Münchsmühle (approx. 9 km / 2.5 hours) km 10 From the Mühlwiese arkplatz turn right over the Laberbrücke to the school center. Behind it begins the Way of the Cross, which leads to the Höhenweg below the villages of Groß- and Kleinetzenberg. A branch ends on the lookout rock above the Türklmühle. The descent leads directly down to the Münchsmühle. There you have to switch to the other Laberseite and back again immediately after the mill. Now follow the valley path. After a few hundred meters, after a wooden walkway, the hospitable Schrammlhof greets you. You can also stop off at the Hartlmühle. Otherwise you should use the path south around the campsite, which leads back into the valley immediately afterwards. Passing Eisenhammer you soon reach Laaber again. Shortcut between valley and high path At the upper end of the camping site, a path leads very close to the high path just described. You can then continue to follow it and after a junction on the left you will reach the village of Großetzenberg. Turn left again in the direction of Laaber to get to the sports area and downhill on the road back to Laaber. View from Martinsberg to Laaber Laaber Großetzenberg Hirschenstube Schafbruckmühle (approx. 8.5 km / approx. 2.5 hours), 5 km From Großetzenberg (here directly from Laaber or the Münchsmühle) you can take the communal road to the Seebauer, a single one Farm, go. From here we go about 300 meters to the right to Wangsaß. There is a chapel in the village. From there we go left. At the end of the village we keep to the right and go into the Wangsass valley. After 300 meters in the forest, turn left to the Hirschenstube, which can be reached in about 100 meters. We have to go back to our way to get to the Schafbruckmühle. From the Schafbruckmühle we follow the Rolf-Watter-Weg along the Schwarzen Laber to Laaber. Bavarian Jura / Valley of the Schwarzen Laber 17

20 455 ohe Gießpoint 518 romberg libaldhäusl farrerplatte Eichhofen fen ichet 18 augenried Glockensiedlung Steinerbrückl House Werdenfels Am Bahnhof 463 Eitelberg Rammelstein Loch gert Thumhausen r. d. Naab Tal ollenried Undorf 97 Steinbuckel 449 Schatzberg 446 AS Nittendorf Alpiner Steig Etterzhausener Wald Nittendorf Naturfreunde-Hs. Zigeunerfelsen Schönhofen Unter- Obereinbuch Räuberhöhle Etterzhausen (market) Arzweg Naab NSG Drabafels NSG Refreshments: 444 NSG Gasthof Spitzauer, enk, Tel. () 14 28, Brauereigasthof Eichhofen, Tel. NSG (), Gasthof Weiß, Tel. () 12 63, Sportheim SV Nittendorf, Tel. (), Gasthof Müller, Undorf, Tel. () Räuberhöhle Local transport: Train line 880, RVV line 28 Fürstenholz arken: SV Nittendorf Waltenhofen Grafenried sports grounds Information: Markt Nittendorf, Am Marktplatz 3, Nittendorf, Tel. () 64 20, Weiherholz Marienhöhe Information brochure available from the municipality! Eilsbrunn Route information Hummelberg Characteristics: Günzenried tar, field and forest paths Sights: Jura landscape, Eichhofen castle brewery Hinterberg Greifenberg Kleinprüfening Brückelgraben Kneiting 8 Ma Wallf Grprü

21 Around Nittendorf Nittendorf Eichhofen Undorf ollenried (approx. 11 km / approx. 3 hours) We start the hike from the SV Nittendorf sports center and cross under the Regensburg-Nuremberg railway line. After crossing Regensburger Straße we walk along Talstraße, past the church to a fork. Cross under the A3 on the right upwards and turn right into Erikaweg with the blue tip. At the confluence of the Weinbergstrasse with the Eichhofen signpost straight onto a bland path into the forest. After crossing a valley uphill to the left into the forest. Follow the marking until the blue line marking appears from the left with a crossing path. Here on the right (two markings), past km a wayside cross. 300 m later at the end of the forest on the left (only blue tip marking). Now always straight ahead, along the edge of the forest and several times briefly through the forest, finally down in a right curve. Halfway up, continue straight down to Loch (leave the path with a blue tip). Shortly after the junction in the street left, over the Laber and the Mühlenkanal to the Eichhofen Castle Brewery. From the brewery with the red tip marking on the road down to Loch. After the bridge, take a short right, then a sharp left uphill onto a beautiful path that leads to Undorf at the top of the property. There, at the first house, turn right briefly, then left again onto the path. At the transition to the street straight down. At the fire station left on the Mühlenweg. At a latz with avillon and fountain, take a sharp left into Kastanienstraße, at the end of it cross the driveway and onto ollenrieder Steig, which crosses under the railway line and leads up to the sports fields. There continue to ollenried, keeping left. At the traffic lights over the B 8 and straight on onto Alois-Riedl-Straße. Later on, keep right to the end of the village. Pass the last house on the right. On the road downhill, at the edge of the forest on an unpaved path downhill, initially keep right, later left over to the forest road. Down here. At the confluence of a path from the left (with a red tip) right m, then with the signpost Nittendorf, Etterzhausen station again sharply right. On a beautiful bland on the right edge of the valley gradually up to the sports field of Nittendorf. Cross under the railway, turn right on Regensburger Straße, then left onto Talstraße to the starting point. Castle ruin Loch Bayerischer Jura / Tal der Schwarzen Laber 19

22 50 ch ingert Undorf Thumhausen Oberholz Brand oppenhof Raigerholz ohlstadt ollenried ingertal 97 Schatzberg 446 AS Nittendorf Kühschlag Zeiler Eichetfeld Adlstein 20 Hardt Thalhof Etterzhausener Wald Logenburg Naturfreunde-Hs. Alpiner Steig Hart Stifterfelsen Viehhausen Etterzhausen viehhausen Schönhofen Unter- Obereinbuch Glockensiedlung Arzweg Nittendorf (market) Schw. Laber Großprüfening Nieder- Oberalling Hohe Wand Grafenried Alling Drabafels NSG Räuberhöhle Eilsbrunn Steg Fürstenholz Fabr Riegling Kühblöß Brückelgraben Kneiting 98 Golf Course Minoritenhof 8 Mariaort Pilgrimage Church AS Sinzing Aichahof Kager Weichselmühle Unteralling Vogelsang Sinzing ND 401 Sparlberg NSG Danube Kühbuckel 416 Oberwinzer Bad rüfe Schloß Dech AS-R Dech bette AK Regens-Fohlenforennstum : Tar, field and forest paths; varied route through the forest and the Upper Palatinate Jura limestone cliffs. Surefootedness is required on the Alpine Trail! Sights: Alpine path with a wonderful view of the Labertal! Refreshments: Naturfreundehaus Alpiner Steig (weekend), Tel. () 31 09, Brauereigastst. Röhrl, Eilsbrunn, Tel. () 21 12, (closed Tuesdays), (Mon - Fri from 5 p.m., Sat, Sun open from 11 a.m.), Gasth. Erber, Eilsbrunn, Tel. () 86 52, (closed on Mondays), Landgh. Hochrad, Tel. () 63 89, (closed on Mondays) Local transport: Train line 880; RVV line 28, RVV line 1 from rüfening to Regensburg train station arken: At the Undorf train station Information: Markt Nittendorf, Am Marktplatz 3, Nittendorf, Tel. () 64 20, information brochure available from the municipality!

23 Nittendorf - Regensburg Undorf Schönhofen Eilsbrunn Riegling rüfening (approx. 12 km / approx. 2.5 3 hours) We start our hike in Undorf across from the train station. We walk down the steep Hofmarkstrasse. (Sign: WW 48, Alpine Steige Eilsbrunn, blue rectangle as a marker.) An information board from the local recreation association shows other excursion options in the Laber and Naab valleys. After 250 meters at house number 7 we go up Föhrenstraße to the left. We leave the place on the Fichtenstrasse, go straight towards the forest and continue on its edge. At the next left fork, two hiking trails run parallel for a short time. The km route leads slightly downhill through sparse coniferous forest, which is partly loosened up by deciduous trees. After a total of 2.5 kilometers we follow the marked path (blue square) straight ahead on the rutted path to the edge of the forest. Schönhofen is visible on the left. After 300 meters in an open field, you unexpectedly go up to the right at a small wood. Shortly thereafter, the upper Alpine trail begins. Surefootedness is required! We follow it for two kilometers with a breathtaking view of the Labertal down to Schönhofen. In the village we cross the main road and climb the alpine road opposite again. Above, at the end of the tar road, the lower Alpine Steig begins, which leads us another two kilometers to Eilsbrunn. Then it goes uphill through the village. Our way leads on Regensburger Straße to the end of the village. 100 meters after that, a hiking trail branches off to the left. From now on we follow the red rectangle on the trees. After a kilometer in the forest, we cross under the motorway and at the next junction we have two options to get to rüfening.Our tip follows the Emmeramssteig (marking from now on: red square). After a further two kilometers downhill on a well-kept forest road, the connecting road to Riegling-Eilsbrunn is in sight, here the path branches off somewhat unexpectedly to the left. After another kilometer on a somewhat bumpy, bland road, we reach the Riegling playground and sports field. Now it goes over the Sinzinger railway bridge to Großprüfening and zigzag along the main road to the next underpasses. We go through the left underpass into Roten-Brach-Weg and turn right at the intersection to the final stop of RVV line 1. From here we have a connection to Regensburg train station again. At the summit cross / Alpiner Steig Bayerischer Jura / Tal der Schwarzen Laber 21

24 tzstei Danube sulfur qu. Galgenberg Mühlberg Tiefenta K u r z w ie s Hellerberg Dachsberg e nz e n Kirchenholz lau D Schönberg Schw. Laber Alpiner Steig Weiherholz Emmeramforst Bruckdorf Bruckdorfer 485 Wood 425 Weinberg Ziegenbuckel Hohe Wand Fabr. Golf course Zuylen-Kap. NSG Dacherlfelsen NSG Schwarzenfels Rosengarten NSG Barrage Bad Abbach S Pilgrimage Church Mariaort Naturfreunde-Hs. Eilsbrunn Marienhöhe Kleinprüfening Großprüfening ND Riegling t genburg Hart Stifterfelsen Oberalling Steg Waldhäusl Vogelsang Sporthafen AS Sinzing N Art mill of iehhausen Alling Unteralling Kühblöß Sinzing Niederviehhausen Minoritenhof bach Bergmatting Rö Unte irad Saxberg ten Schultersdorf Gundelshausen Lohstadt Kaperndorf. Teufelsfelsen Dantscher- M. Lengfeld oikam Au Gra Ho 447 ste Kalkofen Wei Fraue Route information 1 Sights: Pilgrimage church Mariaort, Alpiner Steig Refreshment stops: Gasth. Labertal, Tel. () 12 39, (closed on Wednesdays), Gasth. Schwarze Laber, Tel. () 21 32, (closed on Mondays), Gastst. Haubner, Tel. (09 41), (Friday closed), Gasth. Budapest, Tel. (09 41), in Eilsbrunn: Gasth. Röhrl, Tel. () 21 12, (closed Tuesdays), Gastst. Erber, Tel. () 86 52, (closed Mondays) arken: Mariaort Church Local transport: Sinzing train stop, RVV line 26, 27 2 Sights: Mattinger Hänge nature reserve (wonderful view of the Danube valley) Refreshment stops: Gasth. Der Greeche, Tel. (), (Mon - Sat 5 p.m. to midnight, Sun from 11 a.m.), Gasth. Erzl, Tel. () 23 93, (Closed on Mondays), Restaurant Minoritenhof, Tel. (09 41), (Closed on Mondays) arken: Gasthaus Bruckdorf Local transport: Train stop chön- Grafenriedhof Ziegelstadel Alkofen 22 Sinzing, RVV Line 26 Information: Municipality of Sinzing, Fähreweg 4, Sinzing, Tel. (09 41),

25 300 Around Sinzing Mariaort Eilsbrunn Alling Sinzing Mariaort (approx. 15 km / approx. 5.5 hours) km The farrersteig begins behind the Mariaort pilgrimage church (stairs), steeply to the Marienhöhe and in a westerly direction through the high forest to Eilsbrunn . From the end of Eilsbrunn, opposite the sewage treatment plant, the path leads along the edge of the forest along the Laber via the Stifterhäusl to Oberalling to Alling to the local road on Röth. For hikers who only want to cover part of the route, there is the option of using the RVV bus, line 26. (Stops in Alling, Sinzing and Kleinprüfening). The local road Am Röth joins a section of the Friedrich-ustet-Rad- and Wanderweg in Labertal to Bruckdorf. From there the 1 way leads back to Sinzing. On Laberstraße to Gebr. Bernard AG you get to the bike and hiking trail to Industriestraße. This leads under the motorway bridge to the bike and hiking trail to Riegling. There you can also hike over the railway bridge to Regensburg-Großprüfening or close the circle on the left via Kleinprüfening to Mariaort. Regensburg Sinzing Mattinger slopes Lohstadt Minoritenhof Sinzing (approx. 18 km / approx. 5.5 hours) From Regensburg-Großprüfening you can reach Sinzing via the railway bridge or the pedestrian bridge in Mariaort via Riegling. It is possible to cross the Danube from Großprüfening to Kleinprüfening by ferry (Tel km 09 41 /). In Sinzing, the route runs along Bruckdorfer Straße to the end of Sinzing and continues to the Bruckdorf bus stop. If you want to reach Sinzing by bus, you can take RVV line 26. At the bus stop in Bruckdorf, Gasthaus Der Grieche, take the footpath to the Maag estate by the Bruckdorf church and cross the street there. The hiking trail runs along the edge of the forest, meets the forest road and leads uphill to the Möseleiche. At the signposted intersection, take the middle path and hike down the Mattinger slopes to Lohstadt. At the Erzl restaurant there is a landing stage for the Klinger passenger shipping company. Here you have the possibility (prior request, Tel /) to reach Regensburg again by ship. If you want to hike back to Sinzing, take the gravel road along the railway embankment (Mattinger slopes) to the Minoritenhof district and continue on the paved road to the golf course (refreshment stops). The paved foot and bike path in Sinzing leads to Bruckdorfer Straße. From here you can continue with the RVV bus line 26 or hike back to Regensburg via the railway bridge at Riegling to Regensburg or take the train to Regensburg. Black Laber Valley / Bavarian Jura 23

26 l Rohrbach Fischerberg Vils Meilerberg Kirchenberg 436 Kaiserhäusl Schloßberg Grabenhof Traidendorf Hirmesberg 453 Zaar NSG Eich Tischberg Stadelberg Kallmünz Market Lausnitz Naab Hutberg NSG413 Fischbach Schirndorf St. Georgi W einb 398 e Kallmünzer rg Götzdenkmal Route information corner: route through the Naabauer Sehens Kapelle, Church in Fischbach Refreshments: Gasthaus St. Georgi, Tel. () 59 68, inn and hostel Zum Bürstenbinder, Tel. () 85 52, Gasthaus Jägerhaus Weißes Lamm, Tel. () 2 39 Local transport: RVV lines 15, 42, Stop Friedhofplatz arken: Kallmünz am Graben Characteristics: along the Naab valley, easily accessible paths, Degelgräben short forest stretches Sights: Kallmünz castle ruins, Eich Neuried deer enclosure, Refreshment stops: Landgasthof Graf, Eich, Tel. (0 94 Deer Drinking 73) 2 52, Beach Café, Tel. () 88 16, Beim Mauerer, Tel. () Local transport: RVV line 15, 42, stop Friedhofplatz arken: Schmidwöhr / Brunngasse Rich kelle Wasa Information: VG Kallmünz, Keltenweg 1, Kallmünz, Traidenloh Tel. () 9 40 Schönleiten 10, Ganglho Hirschhof Hiking map available! 24 Krachenhausen Hoherberg

27 Around Kallmünz hiking trail to Fischbach (approx. 7 km / approx. 2 hours, suitable for prams) km 10 1 hiking path to Eich (approx. 6 km / approx. 2 hours) from the market square to the castle ruins, then in northwards to the wooden cross (hang-glider take-off point) around the Hirmesberg past the deer enclosure to Eich. At the fire station to the left. After approx. 200 m you have the option of stopping off at Gasthaus Graf. The way back leads back to the fire station back to the cross. At the cross to the left in the direction of Zaar and Kallmünz km 10 2 Bayerischer Jura / Naabtal At the eastern exit of Kallmünz in the direction of Holzheim a gravel path branches off to the left at the Knauerkapelle, follow this to Fischbach, past the church to Schirndorf. At the Schiesslmühle, the connecting path leads to Burglengenfeld. Our way back leads back to Fischbach, at the beginning of the village we cross the street and walk through the meadows back to Kallmünz. At Fischbach 25

28 hofen glhof senberg 467 hausen ofenberg Harrerberg Deckelstein Räuberhöhle rzhausener Wald Etterzhausen 26 Ried Naab Eibrunn Ebenwies NSG Drabafels NSG Urtlhof Adlersberg Neudorf ettendorf Hummelberg Günzenried mühle Eichenbrunn Reinhardsleiten of Weirelhauser Bad Haselhäusen Eichruckelhaus - Truckeleshelhaus - Truckelhaus - Truckeleshelhaus - Characteristics of the route information - Altes Bad Haselenzenbrückel - Brückelendorf - 7 , Forest and field paths; Einhausen Any entry to the end of the circuit is possible! The Hönighausen path is signposted. Sights: extensive fruit tree plantations, Oppersdorf chapels and field crosses Schinderwies Refreshments: Gasthaus Zum Mayerwirt, Tel. () 9 76, (closed Tuesdays), Brauereigasthof rößlbräu Adlersberg, Tel. () 18 22, (closed Mondays) höheReifenthaler Wirtshaus, Tel. () , (Wed day off) Gewald local transport: RVV line 12 arken: at the inns, at Schwetzendorfer Weiher (outside the swimming pool), school ettendorf Hohensand Schwerdnermühle Markt Lappersd Tremmelhausen Information: community ettendorf, Margaretenstr. 4, ettendorf, Tel. (), Rehthal Flyer with a description of the information stations available from the municipality! Aichahof 416 Niederwinzer Kareth

29 Around ettendorf Obstbaumwanderweg The community of ettendorf, not far from Regensburg, is ideal for hikes and walks. The OGV ettendorf has therefore created the fruit tree hiking trail. The path is divided into two routes, each 7 km long, which meet in the form of an 8 at the Weiglkreuz between Reifenthal and ettendorf. The fruit and horticultural association ettendorf has carried out extensive fruit tree planting in the landscape in recent years. Km Route 2 (approx. 7 km / approx. 2 hours) This route is mainly limited to paved roads and paved bike and footpaths. From Schwetzendorf in the direction of Haselhof you can see the only km of wild cherry avenue in the district. If you want to shorten the route, you can always take a short route back to the starting point. Tip: At the former Café Haselhof, schnapps can be bought from the farm Bayerischer Jura / Naabtal Route 1 (approx. 7 km / approx. 2 hours) Along a dirt road on the southern slope of the Auberg, you hike past a semi-dry lawn between Schwetzendorf and ettendorf in the direction of Neudorf OGV orchard. Forest path and open landscape alternate until you come to a forest clearing at Ried, which is planted with fruit trees. Chapels and hallway crosses are also worth paying attention to. View of ettendorf 27

30 97 Naab i e l e n - h o f e r W a l d l. d. Naab r. d. Naab ingert Eitelberg farrerplatte Ochsenberg Mittelberg Fürstenholz Weihe Gr Alpiner Steig Etterzhausener Wald enker Tal Riedberg ielenhofener Berg Schnec Käferberg D Naab S h o f e r W a l d 489 Leitenberg Harrerberg Schatzberg Steinbuckel 463 Haus Werdenfels Logenburg 436 Naturfreunde-Hs. () 3 73, Klosterwirtschaft ielenhofen, Tel. () Local transport: RVV line 12 arken: in town or near Naabinsel Information: Municipality of ielenhofen, VG ielenhofen-wolfsegg, Judenberger Straße 4, Wolfsegg, Tel. (),