What are craftsmen doing in Victoria 2

Victoria 2: Quick Tips


- Defenders:

Irregulars can be used by any nation, they are cheaper but not as efficient as infantry because they are poorly equipped and poorly trained.

- infantry:

The infantry is the standard unit of any army of the "civilized" nations. They make up a large part of the army. And the technology "flintlock rifles" makes them ready for training.

- Guard infantry:

Guard infantry is more expensive than normal intantry, but is much more efficient in combat. Later the guard infantrymen form the core of the standing armies of the "civilized countries. The" muzzle loader "technology enables training.

- pioneers:

The engineers are worse than the infantry in open combat, but they are more effective in attacking provinces and cities. The "breech loader" technology enables training.

Mounted units:

- Cavalry:

The cavalry is the standard unit of mounted units and forms the majority of the reconnaissance troops at the beginning of the game. The "military staff system" technology enables training.

- Dragoons:

Dragoons are stronger on the defensive than the standard cavalry, but are not as good at scouting. The "Military Plans" technology enables training.

- Cuirassier:

Cuirassiers are the strongest mounted units on the defensive. The "Military Statistics" technology enables training.

- hussar:

Hussars are the most advanced cavalry units in the game. They are the weakest mounted units in combat, they are weaker in attack and defensive but are the best scouts in the game.

Capital ships:

- Warship:

The warship is the first usable capital ship in Victoria 2. Any country that is wealthy can build such ships from the start.

- Ironclad:

The armored ships are more than 5 times stronger than warships. However, they are also much more expensive. The "armored ships" technology enables training.

- Dreadnought:

The Dreadnought is the most modern and efeective capital ship in the game. It is more than 30 times as strong as an ironclad. The "Dreadnoughts" technology enables training.

Escort ships:

- frigate:

Every country can build this type of ship right from the start. However, they are the cheapest and therefore not very effective escort ships.

- Trade Destroyer:

The Trade Destroyer is the first light ship to require a steam engine. A Kriesship can sink but no ironclad. The technology "trade destroyer" and "steam engine" enables the training.

- Monitor:

The monitor is a bit stronger defensively than the trade destroyer, but also much slower and on par with the attack. The "monitors" technology enables training.

- cruiser:

The cruiser is fast and powerful. He can sink any ship except dreadnoughts. The "Protected Cruiser" technology enables training.

- Clipper transporter:

The clipper destroyer is the standard ship for transport. It is available from the start and is required for the transport of land units over the water.

- Steam transporter:

Steam vans are better than clipper vans in combat and speed. however, they cost a lot more. The "steam transporter" technology enables training.

Other units:

- Artillery:

The artillery can fire from the 2nd row until the front rows are breached. As long as you do not get any damage and increase the army's fighting power enormously. The technology "muzzle loader contactor, bronze" enables the training.

- Tank:

Tanks are not used until late in the game, they are far superior to many units in attack as well as defensive. However, the tank has very high supply costs so that not very many tanks can be used efficiently.

The "tank experiments" technology enables training.

- Plane:

The aircraft are special cases in the game, they are weaker in terms of combat strength than the other units, but, like the artillery, fight from the 2nd row. The planes are used almost mainly for reconnaissance as they are extremely effective in doing so. "Aviation" technology enables training.

Victory in battle and in the struggle for power in the 19/20 will only be achieved through good cooperation between all units and regular supply. Century secured.

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