Kingston Sea Shanty Saenger who died

Shanties and Sailor Songs / Shanties and sailor songs


15 men on the dead man's chest - melody
15 men on a dead man's chest Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum - Melody
23rd of February, The - Melody
A-Cruising We Will Go - Melody
A captain bold from Halifax / The Unfortunate Miss Bailey - Melody
A dollar a day is a stevedore's pay / A Long Time Ago - Melody
A hundred years is a very long time - Melody
A is the anchor that holds a bold ship / The Sailor's Alphabet - Melody
A! la feuille s'envole, s'envole / Les Filles de la Rochelle - Mélodie
A landlady of France loved an officer, 'tis said / A drop of brandy-O - Melody
A life on the ocean wave, a-home on the rolling deep! - Melody
A long, long time, and a long time ago / A Long Time AgoLD - Melody
A moi forban que m'importe la gloire / Le Forban - Mélodie
A Nantes, à Nantes, vient d'arriver / Brassons Bien Partout Carré - Mélodie
A La Rochelle est arrive / Roulez, Jeunes Gens, Roulez! - Mélodie
A sailor from Dover, from Dover he came / Proud Sally - Melody
A schooner was built on the Baltic / Albertina or Skonnert Albertina - Melody
A wet sheet and a flowing sea - Melody
A Yankee ship comes down the river / Blow, bullies, blowLD - Melody
Abel Brown, the Sailor - Melody
Abdul Abulbul Amir - Melody
farewell - melody
Oh, what is a boatman's life? The boatman's life - melody
Across the Western OceanCAP - Melody
Goodbye, cher camarade, adieu, faut nous quitter - Mélodie
Adieu my fair young maidens / The Holy Ground - Melody
Goodbye, Recouvrance - Mélodie
Adieu sweet lovely Nancy Ten Thousand times adieu - Melody
Adjö, farväl min hulda, kära flicka / Sjömansvisa - melody
Admiral Benbow - Melody
Al twintig jaar vaar ik op de zoute plas / De zoute plas - Melody
Alabama - Melody
Alabama John Cherokee - Melody
Albertina - Melody
All For Me Grog - Melody
All things are quite silent, each mortal at rest - Melody
All things we have ready and nothing we want / Lustily, Lustily - Melody
All who go on a pirate voyage with us - melody
All sail to the north / Whaling song - melody
Allez les marins, encor 'un p'tit verre - Mélodie
Allons à Messine - Mélodie
Aloha ohe - melody
When I was on a summer day - tune
When I was standing on a high mountain The seaman's bride - melody
Than far from Japan / Xaver - melody
On the Indian beach - melody
Amphitrite, The - Melody
At the North Sea coast - melody
Anchors Aweigh - Melody
And he kissed her on the face / Baltimore Shanty - Melody
And it's three score and ten / Three Score and Ten - Melody
Andrew Rose, the British sailor - Melody
Another of Seafarers, describing Evil Fortune - Melody
Antje, my blond child - melody
Après sept années de guerre / Guerre, Guerre, Vent Devant - Mélodie
Around Cape Horn we've got to go - Melody
Arranmore Boat Song, The - Melody
As I rov'd out one ev'ning fair / The Dark-Eyed Sailor - Melody
As I strolled out one evening / The Fire Ship - Melody
As I walked down the Broadway / New York girls - Melody
As I was a-walkin 'upon a fine day / Little Mohee or Indian Lass - Melody
As I was walkin 'down London Street Paddy West - Melody
As I was a-walking down wapping / Ratcliffe Highway - Melody
As I went a walking one evening so rare / Fiddler's Green - Melody
As I went out one evening / One of the Roamin 'child - Melody
As ick would be young at Johren / South Seas song - melody
As it fell on a holy day / John Dory - Melody
As-tu connu le père Winslow - Mélodie
At the dawn of the morning - Melody
On the Atlantic, on the wide sea / Lili Marleen to the sea - melody
On the waves - melody
On the Reeperbahn - melody
On a seaman's grave - melody
Up, green boy, stretch your limbs - Melody
To sailors, the anchor hoisted - Melody
Away and to the westward / Hills of Isle au Haut - Melody
Away, haul away, O, haul away together / Haul away, JoeLD - Melody
Away, Rio! - Melody


Balena, The - Melody
Ballad of Captain Kidd, The - Melody
Baltimore Shanty - Melody
Banks of Brandywine, The - Melody
Banks of Newfoundland, The - Melody
Banks of Sacramento, TheCAP - melody
Banks of Sweet Loch Ray, The - Melody
Banks of the Nile - Melody
Bark Gay Head, The - Melody
Barnacle Bill - Melody
Barrett's Privateers - Melody
Bay of Biscay, Oh !, The - Melody
Behold upon the swelling seas / A-Cruising We Will Go - Melody
Bell bottom trousers - Melody
Ben Backstay was our boatswain - Melody
Bigler, The - Melody
Black Ball Line, TheCAP - Melody
Black Susie - Melody
Blackbird - Melody
Blue night, oh blue night at the harbor - melody
Blow, boys, blow - Melody
Blow, bullies, blowLD - Melody
Blow the Wind Westerly - Melody
Blow, ye winds - Melody
Bold Dighton - Melody
Bold Princess Royal, The - Melody
Bold Riley - Melody
Boney was a warriorLD - Melody
Bonnie Ship the Diamond, The - Melody
Boston Harbor - Melody
Botany Bay - Melody
Brassons Bien Partout Carré - Mélodie
Brave marin revient de guerre - Mélodie
British Man O 'War - Melody
Brother Noah, Brother Noah - Melody
Bully in the alley - Melody
Buvons un coup, buvons en deux / Le Trente-et-un du mois d'août - Mélodie
Bye-bye, my Roseanna - Melody


Can't You Dance the Polka? - Melody
Cape Cod girls they have no combs - Melody
C'est dans la cale qu'on met les rats / Le Port de Tacoma - Mélodie
C'est en passant sur l'pont d'Morlaix / Le Pont de Morlaix - Mélodie
C'est Jean-François de Nantes / Jean-François de Nantes - Mélodie
Ce sont les filles de Lorient, joli / Les filles de Lorient - Mélodie
Ce sont les gars de Senneville / Les gars de Senneville - Mélodie
Chanson à Virer -Melody
Chantons for passer le temps - Melody
Cheerily Man - Melody
Chivalrous Shark, The - Melody
Clear the track - Melody
Coal Black Rose - Melody
Codfish Shanty - Melody
Come all my jolly seamen, likewise you landsmen too / The Cumberland and the Merrimac - Melody
Come all ye jolly sailors brave / The Amphitrite - Melody
Come all ye seamen bold, and draw near / Admiral Benbow - Melody
Come all ye young fellow that follow the sea / The Black Ball LineCAP - Melody
Come all ye young men of learning / Botany Bay - Melody
Come all you bold fishermen / Song of the Fishes - Melody
Come all you bold heroes that plow the rough main / Bold Dighton - Melody
Come all you dry land sailors and listen to me song / The Good Ship Calibar - Melody
Come all you true-born Shanty boys / Young Monroe at Gerry's Rock - Melody
Come all you young Americans / The Bark Gay Head - Melody
Come all you warlike seamen / Warlike Seamen - Melody
Come cheer up my lads, it's to glory we steer / Heart of Oak - Melody
Come, messmates, pass the bottle 'round / Farewell To Grogg - Melody
Common Sailors - Melody
Congo River - Melody
Constitution and the Guerriere, The - Melody
Cumberland and the Merrimac, The - Melody
Curacao, ‘K heb jou zo menigmaal bekeken - Melody


Daar what laatst een meisje loos - Melody
Daeth diwrnod i ffarwelio / Rownd yr Horn - Melody
Back then, an infinitely long time ago / At the North Sea coast - melody
Dans la côte à la nuit tombée / Mon p'tit Garçon - Mélodie
Dans le port il est arrivé - Mélodie
Dans mon sac de matelot / l'Harmonica - Mélodie
Dark-Eyed Sailor, The - Melody
The England song - melody
This is something for Fietje - melody
That can't shake a sailor - melody
The ship in the port - melody
The little ship - melody
The boatman's life - melody
Dat Lögenleed - melody
De Beste en maar braafste matroos aan boord / Little Theodoor - Melody
The blue flag inaugurates - melody
De fülwern afloat - melody
De grote Buer, de Herr vun't Land - melody
De Hamborger Veermaster - melody
The hope weer hunnert Dag impatiently - melody
De funny Kock - melody
De Noorsche Vullrigger - melody
De oole Schipper and sin sons - melody
De Runner from Hamborg - melody
De schipper en de Jonkman - melody
The see rises high, the wind de blast! / De Runner from Hamborg - melody
De Vrouw van Schipper Ké - Melody
De zoute plas - Melody
Dead Horse, TheLD - Melody
Deep blue sea - Melody
Skute stoler - Melody
The old fur seal Fietje / This is something for Fietje - melody
The Frozen Sailor - Melody
The mightiest king in the air territory / U-Boot Lied (Song) - melody
The boatman on the bare Rhine - melody
The Störtebecker is our master - melody
The day was gray, the day was difficult - melody
The whiskey is the sailor's consolation / whiskey - melody
German fleet through the seas / Germany's fleet - melody
German flag song - melody
Germany's fleet - melody
The emperor's admiral - melody
The Bank of Sacramento - melody
The guitar and the sea - melody
The tall masts and the slender bow / Gorch Fock song - melody
The Icelandic Fisherman Melody
The pub on the moor - melody
The Journey to Jutland (2nd version) - Melody
The seaman's bride - melody
Dis is de day we make our pay-day / Gimme de banjo - Melody
Dogger Bank, The - Melody
Don't mind the rain or the rolling sea / The Gray Funnel Line - Melody
Dor weer eenmal een ohlen box - melody
Dreadnought, The - Melody
Drop of Brandy-O, A - Melody