What is the definition of te amo

1. The expression "I love you" is the equivalent for both Spanish "te amo" and "te quiero". "Te Quiero" can be said to everybody, BUT! "Te amo" is used for a boyfriend or girlfriend.

2. You can say "te amo" to a friend, if both of you know that there's no sexual / physical attraction, in that case is the same as "te quiero".
1. boyfriend: te amo, Maria.
girlfriend: yo tambien te amo, mi amor.

2. Maria: let's go party so that you can forget that idiot!
Jessica: hahah, oh, you are so crazy !! te amo !! (or "te quiero")
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Te amo is Spanish for I love you, however, Spanish has two phrases that translate to the English I love you. The two are not identical and cannot be used interchangeably. The difference is that te amo is said only to close loved ones, and means a deep or profound love (amo - the verb amar means love). Te quiero is used more casually, and actually translates as I want you (quiero - the verb querer means want). Having two phrases for I love you is not only useful, but kinda cool, as saying I want you is definitely sexier than saying I love you.
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