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Easter egg hunt is imaginative and colorful in April! With lots of color and fresh ideas, we want to finally drive away winter and create space for imagination. Find out why we like to immerse ourselves in strange worlds, to engage in role-playing games ... More

Easter egg hunt is imaginative and colorful in April! With lots of color and fresh ideas, we want to finally drive away winter and create space for imagination. Find out why we like to dive into strange worlds, get lost in role-playing games or fantasy novels and how ideas turn into stories. Our visit to Ahrenshoop also offers exciting insights into the world of creative people. Less

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April 2019 | Free THE MAGAZINE FOR NORTHERN LIGHTS Now it's getting colorful: Creative and culinary Easter here in the north! Exclusive interview with Torben Kuhlmann illustrator and author Fantastisches & Buntes

Foreword | 3 Get ready, go! Easter egg hunt is imaginative and colorful in April! Ahrenshoop inaugurated: a circular hiking trail that can be walked to ten. With lots of color and fresh ideas, we want to finally drive out atmospheric works by well-known artists at the site for the winter and create space for the imagination. Why their emergence leads. On the other hand, it is animal-like in the game - we love to dive into other worlds, in role-playing games in the Black Mountains park. Here, big and small alike can adopt new identities, look forward to fantasy novels. Animal lovers in Easter time to many exciting surprises or beam into the future, experience in our genes: colorful Easter eggs behind every bush and fresh cover story »Fantasy inspires the senses «. Then hatched baby animals. In our event, you can find out which events in the north are reported by illustrator and author Torben Kuhlmann, what else his has in store, and how stories arise from ideas. tips. Photo: stock.adobe.com/mashiki also offers exciting insights into the world of creative people. This issue is also really full of culinary delights: we are happy to visit Ahrenshoop - the small town on the East Kiss- you can join us in a colorful Easter braid Beetroot, which has attracted numerous artists and chocolate, spicy bibimbap with fried eggs and other art lovers for more than 125 years. On the occasion of the 125th anniversary, delicacies. We wish you an all-round successful Easter. During the period of the artist colony, the art path was created in March 2017 with a lot of imagination and joy of color.

Overview 6 A MONTH FULL OF FANTASTIC IDEAS 6 Fantasy inspires the senses 10 Interview with Torben Kuhlmann: With the mouse through space and time 16 Good to know: Easter customs FANTASY EASTER RECIPES 20 Round, colorful Easter wickerwork 24 Chicken fricassee in puff pastry "rabbits" 28 April seasonal tip: Leeks 30 Spicy leek and cream cheese cake 34 Bibimbap with fried egg 38 Supplier portrait: Holstein egg AT HOME IN THE NORTH 40 Plattdüütsche Döntjes by Thorsten Börnsen 42 Community portrait: Ostseebad Ahrenshoop 48 Interview with the North German designer Pia Wüstenberg 10 Basteltipp O 50 RE NL R MEH INE 54 Easter eggs and baby boom in the Black Mountains Wildlife Park sky-supermarkt.de 20 56 Crafting tip for children 24 30

April 2019 42 34 NEWS FROM THE COMPANY 58 Member of the renovation team / decoration of the supermarkets North: Marion Weber 60 Favorite vegetables, pointed peppers 62 We are building for you SERVICE 64 April in the north: Events 72 Riddles 74 Competition info, imprint and preview 54 58


Cover story | 7 We have all seen ghosts at some point in our childhood. Some people spin sailor's yarn. And the next one even becomes a baron of lies. In all cases we are dealing with our creative ability with which we can generate inner images: the so-called phantasms. The mental inner conceptions refer to pictorial scenes and are often disparagingly referred to as a pipe dream. Or in the psychiatric view as an illusion. White linen that flutters in the wind at night turns into creepy ghosts. Instead of the acoustic communication of whales, sailors used to hear mermaids singing in their cabins at night. Because seaman's yarn in particular was often based on fear and unknown natural phenomena such as optical illusions or mirages. FANTASY MAKES THINGS LESS BITCHED Even today, fantasy and daydreams still play a major role. Fantasy author Sandra Florean from Schwentinental, who works in the Fantasy working group at Kiel University, assumes that the importance of inner imagination will become more important with increasing globalization: “We all have a lot of responsibility in an often bland everyday life. With a little imagination, you can no longer see things as doggedly, ”she emphasizes. While mental illnesses such as depression increase in modern society due to increased pressure to perform, the desire for the simple and beautiful things in life is growing ever stronger. Photos: stock.adobe.com/Sunny studio / Tom Bayer

8 | Cover story FANTASTIC WORLDS PROVIDE US WITH SUPERHEROES Many adults therefore slip into historical roles and relive history as authentically as possible. Sandra Florean and her family also dived for years in self-made costumes at Viking and Middle Ages festivals - away from consumption, television and social media. "It's like a vacation from everyday life, in which you focus on the essentials and concentrate on the here and now," says the book author and blogger. In the evening the role-players sit together by the fire and tell each other legends and fables from the far north. “The traditional way of narrating is also something that is no longer done today,” says Sandra Florean, referring to modern text messaging services such as WhatsApp. The fantastic world, according to the expert, enriches our everyday life and provides us with superhero characters that our society no longer offers. Talking animals and alien worlds bring magic and sometimes dangers or potential for conflict that we can process with a greater distance. “Man unconsciously longs for more than what we have around us. Because even if we make our everyday life beautiful, there is often a little lack of magic. «WHEN ANNOYING DOG HAIR BECOMES IMPORTANT BEARDS Children in particular shouldn't be restricted in their imagination. In role plays, the youngest not only imitate the behavior of adults and learn to empathize with others or to see the world through different eyes. The role play also reveals a lot about the topics that concern children. Conflicts can be lived out, experiences processed and fears reduced. Imagination can also have a kind of healing effect that creative adults can help with. “You can also spin stories further by just imagining how nice it would be if there really were unicorns. How beautifully colorful the world would be «, says Sandra Florean, who often conjures up her own creative abilities in her office in the midst of everyday stress. As a fantasy author, it is not difficult for her to look at everyday things from a completely different perspective. Annoying dog hair can easily be turned into trimmed manikins. "Our imagination helps us to talk the problems colorfully." NOT ONLY BRUSHES AND COLOR MAKE OUR WORLD COLORFUL Our imagination is also expressed in art. We express our feelings through dance, painting and acting. The more we can think of fantastic worlds, the more pronounced our creativity appears. “Lots of people just haven't discovered it yet, Photo: stock.adobe.com/photoschmidt; Text: nas where your creative streak lies «, says Sandra Florean. It doesn't always have to be brushes and paints that make our world a little bit more colorful. It can also be the unicorn in our mind. Beautiful music. And sometimes annoying dog hair too.

Cover story | 9 Since 1987, the Fantasy Working Group at Kiel University has been organizing regular fantasy conventions with Unicon, at which fans of fantastic worlds, authors and role-players from all over Germany come together. The next Unicon on May 4th and 5th, 2019 in the canteen II of Kiel University offers visitors a Harry Potter event with a colorful mix with a costume competition on two days. Information at www.akf-hsg.uni-kiel.de/unicon Win 2 x 2 tickets for Unicon on May 4th and 5th at the University of Kiel! Info p.74

10 | Interview with the mouse through space and time

Interview | 11 In his picture books, the Hamburg illustrator and children's book author Torben Kuhlmann lets mice and moles slip into the roles of flight pioneers, astronauts or the average Otto. With his adventure stories told based on historical events, he not only inspires children, but also adults. We asked Kuhlmann what stimulates his imagination and how stories arise from ideas.

12 | Interview Mr. Kuhlmann, what importance animals should be in yours. For Brexit, a few stories come to me spontaneously? awkward penguin group to mind: If one of them I choose animals whose characteristics best fit my idea into the water, the others have to go through reflex: on my debut »Lindbergh«, the first idea jumped into the water (laughs ). Little word game made of mouse and bat: a mouse looks enviously at its flying relatives and wants to fly even while studying illustration and communication. So she has to build herself an aircraft. After this nikationsdesign you worked briefly for an advertising first picture in my head it was clear that I wanted to tell the story agency, but your diploma thesis was the first picture book of mouse aviation. The second book »Arm of the Mice Trilogy» Lindbergh «. Why did you choose “strong” was the answer to the question of what happened after the children's book? a mouse has learned to fly: it conquers space. The children's book simply corresponds to my aesthetics and my technical sense of illustration - and written- I have always liked your animal protagonists to stand like in a fable. Does advertising go for people? it's a lot about pre-visualizations as the basis for film and yes, in a way you can say that. At work photo shoots. Everything has to be quick and efficient. on »Armstrong« I got involved with Galileo Galilei and his I tend to lose myself completely in imagery. Busy observing the starry sky. Nevertheless, I thought I am happy about the years of apprenticeship in the agency, which have prepared me well for the freelance work, that there are similar prejudices in the mouse world. The moon could give as it did in Galileo's time with humans. So the idea of ​​a science mouse was born. In the age of artificial intelligence and computer-generated imagery, how do you see the future of handmade products. And what do moles have to do with people? Illustration? The book "Mole City" began with the observation of I don't want to give up the arbitrariness of the analog. More and more molehills in my mother's garden. A hand-painted picture is able to surprise me because I wondered what moles would do if a little more at the beginning they never really know what it will look like in the end and what people would be like: They have hardly turned up on an idyllic one actually behaves with the paper. When the final meadow is settled, they create growth, infrastructure, and picture always looks different from the idea, because the analogue administrations, a mayor must be elected and so painting technique is always a little cross. What the genre as a whole continues. In the end there would hardly be anything left of the beautiful meadow, I'm not really worried: The handmade one is left over. With the moles as protagonists, this illustration will perhaps retreat into a niche, history is more cheerful, but remains critical but endures. company mirror. Most children's books are colorful and cute. Why, if you should illustrate daily political events, have you opted for a rather dark world of colors? Brexit, for example, which animal species would you let act? The choice of colors resulted from the design idea. That would depend on how humorous or evil the story was: The story of mouse aviation takes place at the beginning

Photos & Text: kch Interview | 13th

14 | Interview of the 20th century, that is, parallel to the story that was small, my father often asked me to visit customers for human aviation. Our view of this today is taken away. There I quietly walked into a corner. Time is determined by yellowed photos with jagged edges, old paper and what I saw on the road or black and white films. te: Bridges, the train and something. In that sense, I was a so I chose a visual aesthetic that suited this easy-care child (laughs). Look. Which comics, picture books and cartoons did you like? You won several prizes and awards for young people's books as a child? Are there any role models among them? won. Are your books also aimed at adults? I wasn't a child who liked reading, more of an adventurer who I don't want to draw a line between generations. My favorite thing to do in the morning is to ride my bike and books tell stories of a thirst for adventure and come home dirty in the evening (laughs). Ingenuity and I believe that it is timeless and films have influenced me more than books, for example, are age-independent. In the theoretical elaboration by Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas. Right up until my diploma thesis, I used "Lindbergh" as a book in the 1990s, and so-called "mats" were described in the film, which both my 30-year-old and mei-Paintings use. These painted backgrounds should have pleased a six year old me. In addition, as a teenager I was totally fascinated and therefore I didn't have to find a publisher and therefore started to paint photo-realistic myself. The whole of the book, free of specifications and economic considerations, cinema aesthetics has shaped my craft in such a way that gungen designed. I see picture books more as a visual than a literary medium. You have found a publisher after all and the editions are considerable. What is your inspiration today? Are there places and situations, Oh yes, although there were publishers who said "Lindbergh" that fire your imagination? is not a children's book at all. I have received feedback from fathers, who listen enthusiastically with their children, do long bike rides through the Hamburg area. From a small idea, a whole one can read the mouse books. The success for myself was at spider arising from possible storylines. Most surprising (laughs). My current publishing house, “NordSüd”, works better when it comes to loneliness by the sea: “Lindbergh” foresaw that. I developed to a large extent during many train journeys to the west coast and long walks on the beach. Did you enjoy drawing as a child? But the very first idea cannot be planned, it is - I draw for as long as I can remember. What I understand whoosh! - just there. wanted, I put it on paper with a pen. If I

Interview | 15 Hand on heart: are you doing it again? an imaginary illustrator tells what he is drawing. I am working on concepts for two stories, which are reflected in the So the listener learns what can be seen in the pictures. Let science fiction settle in. In addition to the mouse, there is a human protagonist in it. The reader sees in »Lindbergh«, »Armstrong« and »Edivor ... Actually there are three ideas ... Who knows, maybe so« the world from a mouse point of view? it also turns into six books (laughs). In any case, I mainly use the game with perspective from in- I want to surprise my audience. staging reasons. An owl, for example, which is an impressive animal from a human point of view, becomes for the mouse. Hessischer Rundfunk has produced radio versions of the three into an absolute nightmare of giant eyes, feathers, mouse books. How do pictures become words? and claws (laughs). The deeper and more uncanny a valley is, my approach behind the picture books is: Whenever the hero has to walk through it, the more positive is a picture can tell something, it can also do it. Things end the happy ending of the story. The world that can be seen in the picture does not have to be in the text.from a mouse's perspective to five centimeters above the floor This leaves more space for your own ideas. Seeing those involved opens up a whole new perspective on things. And at the Hessischer Rundfunk, the question of how we humans stood, to bring my pictures back to the text level, has an effect on the little mice at the Hessischer Rundfunk. and to distribute it to spoken roles: Win 3 x 1 book anniversary edition »ARMSTRONG« in »Lindbergh«! Info p. 74 Win 3 x 1 book »EDISON«! Info p. 74 Illustrations: Torben Kuhlmann, © NordSüd Verlag 2018

16 | Good to know Photos: stock.adobe.com/Robert Kneschke / drubig-photo

Good to know | 17 Easter eggs Whether made from chocolate or marzipan, whether brightly colored or packaged in a glittery package: Easter would hardly be conceivable for us without Easter eggs. The egg is a symbol of life and Easter fertility in all cultures. In Christianity it stands for the resurrection because new life arises from its apparently cold and dead shell. The tradition of painting and decorating eggs has existed almost everywhere in the world for millennia: in Africa, archaeologists found decorated ostrich eggs that are 60,000 years old. Christians used to paint eggs red to symbolize the blood of Christ. In the Middle Ages, however, there were also purely practical reasons for dyeing: eggs were not allowed to be eaten during Lent. The eggs laid at this time were hard-boiled and stored. To distinguish them from the raw specimens, they were colored with plant extracts such as spinach or beetroot, blessed in the church and then given away. Easter bunny The bunny is omnipresent at Easter - as a shiny chocolate bunny, in Easter stories or as a cute table decoration. Why, of all people, he lays the eggs in the nest has been able to SEARCH COLORFUL EGGS, but LARGE ones have not yet been clearly clarified. LIGHT FIRE OR SWEET. An obvious reason is that EASTER LAMBS BAKE: IN at Easter there are simply lots of rabbits in meadows and GERMANY THERE ARE MANY fields because they have their young in spring. Like the egg, EASTER CUSTOMS, THE GENERATION, the rabbit symbolizes fertility and life. PASSED ON TO THE GENERATION Before his triumphant advance, WERDEN used to be brought. MOST CUSTOMS also connect other animals to the eggs, for example the PAGAN TRADITIONS Rooster (Saxony), the stork (Thuringia), the fox (Hesse) and the cuckoo (Switzerland). First WITH A CHRISTIAN SYMBOLIC. the confectionery industry helped the Easter bunny WHERE THEY COME FROM, IS OFTEN NOT in the 19th century to achieve continued success. FULLY CLARIFIED. BUT ALL of them in 2018 alone, 220 RITUALS HAVE ONE IN COMMON: Millions of chocolate bunnies were produced, almost half of which were exported abroad. THEY MAKE EASTER PARTICULAR - NOT JUST FOR BELIEVING CHRISTIANS - FOR A WHOLE Easter lamb. Many families bake a lamb-shaped cake for Easter brunch; Roast lamb is also a tradition among many people. The lamb has always been considered a sacrificial animal. The slaughter of lambs is also a central element of the Jewish festival of Passover, which commemorates the exodus of the Jews from Egypt.

18 | Good to know As a Christian symbol, it has been equated with Jesus Christ from the earliest times ("Agnus Die", the "Lamb of God"). With its white fur it stands for Jesus' innocence, who sacrificed himself on behalf of the people and thereby redeemed them. At the same time, it embodies his resurrection. For this reason, many Easter lambs made of dough or chocolate carry a small flag that symbolizes victory over death. Easter biscuits The 40-day fasting period, during which the consumption of milk, butter and eggs was forbidden, ended earlier on Easter. The fast was broken with particularly fatty and egg-rich pastries. In many regions of Germany you can still find traditional “Gebildbrote” - freely hand-shaped baked goods that have a symbolic meaning. The Easter braid is widespread, the strands of which symbolize the trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Egg men or animals are reminiscent of old offerings that are supposed to promote fertility. In Upper Franconia, Easter rings are traditionally baked, which originally depicted Christ's crown of thorns; In the Swabian Alb you can enjoy large "palm pretzels" on Palm Sunday. Easter bonfires In countless places in Germany, large piles of wood burn on the night from Easter Saturday to Easter Sunday, and straw dolls are often burned on the tips. According to an old custom, the flames drive away winter as well as witches and ghosts; the people celebrate with them the victory over darkness and the beginning of spring. Even in pre-Christian times, the fires were supposed to convince the sun to descend from heaven to earth. For Christians, they also symbolize the resurrection of Jesus, photos: stock.adobe.com/goldbany/artepicturas/nd3000 who illuminates the darkness with his light. Small fires are kindled in front of Catholic churches on Easter Vigil, at which the Easter candle is lit before it is carried into the dark church. Easter candle During Easter, it is visible from afar next to every church altar: the large, white Easter candle, usually with a cross, a year and

Good to know | 19 is decorated with the symbols for "Alpha" and "Omega". On Easter vigil it is lit at the consecrated Easter fire and carried into the dark church. In addition, the three shouts of "Lumen Christi - Deo gratias" ("Christ, the light - thank God") are heard in the Catholic Church. Then further candles are lit on it. In addition to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Easter candle also symbolizes the pillar of fire, which showed the Israelites the way through the desert when they left Egypt. After Easter, the big candle stays in the church for a whole year. In most congregations it is only lit during the 50-day Easter period up to Pentecost as well as in baptismal services and at funerals. Easter water The »Easter water scooping« is a pagan custom that has almost been forgotten. On Easter vigil, young girls fetch water from a stream to take it home in silence. If they manage not to spill a drop, the water should prevent various eye and skin diseases for a year and ensure eternal youth and beauty. Today, Easter water is mainly the water blessed on Easter vigil, which is used as baptismal water. In some churches, believers are allowed to take a bottle of water home with them. Easter Walk "The stream and streams are freed from the ice through the lovely, invigorating gaze of spring" is the title of Goethe's famous poem "Easter Walk". In many families it is a good tradition, according to photos: stock.adobe.com/ Jennifer Causey / Rico Ködder / Helmut; Text: greet to start the Easter breakfast or brunch together to enjoy the newly awakening nature. This ritual has its roots in Christianity: The Gospel of Luke describes how two unbelieving disciples set out on their way home to Emmaus after being crucified. On the way they meet an unknown hiker with whom they share bread and in whom they finally recognize Jesus. To commemorate this biblical story, so-called »Emmausgangs« take place on Easter Monday in numerous congregations.

Serving suggestion 20 | Recipes

Recipes | 21 Round, colorful Easter braid Ingredients for a braid | Preparation time 1 hour and 40 minutes | Rest time overnight and several hours. My shopping list: First dough: 6 g dry yeast | 260 g wheat flour, type 550 | 15 g dark cocoa powder | 40 g sugar | 2 packets of vanilla sugar | 50 ml milk | 135 g eggs, room temperature | 105 g very soft butter | 50 g nut nougat cream | 5 g salt Recipe: Pio Food; Photo: www.westermann-buroh.de Second dough: 6 g dry yeast | 260 g wheat flour, type 550 | 40 g sugar | 1 tbsp zest of an organic orange | 50 ml beetroot safe t | 135 g eggs, room temperature | 125 g very soft butter | 5 g salt ice cream spreads: 1 egg yolk (M) | 2 tbsp cream | Powdered sugar, as desired

Serving suggestion 22 | Recipes

Recipes | 23 1 The day before, for the first dough, mix yeast with flour, cocoa powder, sugar and vanilla sugar. Beat the milk with the eggs and knead together with the flour mixture for 10 minutes in a food processor on level 1 to form a homogeneous dough, then gradually work in small portions of butter and nut nougat cream and knead everything together for another 5 minutes. Proceed in the same way for the second dough, omitting cocoa and nut nougat cream and replacing milk with beetroot juice and vanilla sugar with orange peel. 2 Then knock the dough separately from one another on a floured work surface to form a small rectangle in portrait format and fold the top and bottom edges to the middle so that three layers are created. Repeat this process again in landscape format, then shape the dough into a round shape and place it in an oiled bowl with the seam facing down. Cover the dough with cling film, cut a hole in the middle and let it rest for an hour at room temperature. Repeat the folding process later, cover again and let ferment in the refrigerator overnight. 3 The next day, bring the dough to room temperature for an hour, then knead again briefly and divide each into 2 portions. Shape the dough portions into long strands (approx. 40 cm) and weave them into a round Easter braid (see step photos). Place the dough in the baking pan, cover and let rise for another 2 hours. 4 Then preheat the oven to 160 ° C top and bottom heat. Mix the egg yolk with the cream and spread it on the dough, then bake it for 40 minutes in the oven on the middle rack, reducing the heat to 140 ° C after 20 minutes. Dust with icing sugar if desired and serve with caramelized almonds. Photos: www.westermann-buroh.de TIP: For the caramelized almonds, melt 60 g sugar in a pan to a light caramel, then add 80 g almonds and 10 g butter to the pan and let caramelize while stirring . Place on baking paper to cool and later break into pieces.

24 | Recipes Our tip Serving suggestion

Recipes | 25 Chicken fricassee in puff pastry "rabbits" Ingredients for 4 people | Preparation time 1 hour and 35 minutes My shopping list: Pies: approx. 600 g puff pastry | 1 egg white (M) | 1 egg yolk (M) | 10 ml cream fricassee: 125 ml cream | 70 g soft butter | 40 g flour | 50 g shallots | 150 ml dry white wine | 500 ml poultry stock * | Lemon juice | Cayenne pepper | Salt | 500 g peas in pods, alternatively 150 g peas, frozen goods | 500 g green asparagus, alternatively white asparagus, if available fresh | 150 g mushrooms | 1 bunch of chervil | 500 g corn poulard breasts, skin and bone | 30 ml peanut oil * 1 For the pies, preheat the oven to 190 ° C (175 ° C convection) and line a tray with baking paper. Recipe: Pio Food; Photo: www.westermann-buroh.de * Not available in all markets Using a cutter, cut out 16 rabbits out of the puff pastry and place 4 of them on the tray: moisten them on the edge with a little egg white and prick the center several times with a fork ( so that the dough doesn't rise so much when baking!). Brush the remaining 12 rabbits on the surface of the dough with a little egg white, then place 3 on top of each other and cut out in the middle so that an 8 mm wide dough edge remains on the outside. Place a stack of rabbits on top of a "complete" rabbit on the tray. Whisk the egg yolks with the cream and brush the top edge of the puff pastry, then bake the pies in the oven for about 20 minutes on one of the middle rails. Take out later and, if desired, reheat slightly for serving. 2 Whip the cream until stiff and chill. Chervil - except for a few nice twigs for garnish - pluck from the stems and cut finely. Knead 40 g butter with the flour. Peel the shallots, dice finely and sweat them in a saucepan in the remaining butter, then deglaze with wine and simmer almost completely. Top up with stock and bring to the boil. Stir in flour butter and cook for 10 minutes over low heat, stirring occasionally, then mix with the remaining butter and season with lemon juice, cayenne pepper and salt.

26 | Recipes 3 peas from the pods peel. Clean the asparagus, peel the lower third and cut into bite-sized pieces, then cook together with the peas in boiling salted water until firm to the bite - then drain. Clean 4 mushrooms and cut in half or four. Rinse the meat with cold water, dry it carefully and cut it into 2 cm cubes, then fry it in a pan in peanut oil and season with salt - then remove it from the pan. Put the mushrooms in the pan and fry them, then add them to the sauce with the meat, peas and asparagus and leave to stand for 5 minutes. To serve, fold in the cream and the cut chervil and serve in the pies. Garnish with the rest of the notch. TIP: If you want it to go faster, you can use purchased pies! Serving suggestion Photo: www.westermann-buroh.de

IT WILL NOT BE CRE MIGGER! Buy Germany's * Hollandaise now! * Source: Nielsen, LMH + DM, sales, February – June 2018 Enjoy asparagus from the oven with pork medallions and THOMY hollandaise! Ingredients: 500 g white asparagus | Baking paper | 1 pinch each of sugar and salt | 25 g butter | Kitchen twine | 400 g potatoes | Salt water | 4 pork medallions à 100 g | 1 tbsp THOMY pure rapeseed oil | Salt and pepper | 1 pack of THOMY Les Sauces Hollandaise Preparation: Preheat the oven (top / bottom heat: 200 ° C, 3. Wash pork medallions and pat dry. 1 tbsp. Convection 170 ° C). Heat THOMY pure rapeseed oil in a pan, wash the medallions 1. Wash and peel the asparagus and cut off the woody ends. Sear it vigorously on both sides for approx. 4 minutes and cut with baking paper (approx. 30 x 30 cm). Season the asparagus, salt and pepper. Spread the sticks on top, season with sugar and salt. 4. Spread 1 pack of THOMY Les Sauces Hollandaise in small flakes in 25 g butter while stirring. Heat the whole thing with a saucepan. Tie the kitchen twine into a packet and, depending on the 5th, remove the asparagus from the paper, bake with medallions, the thickness of the asparagus stalks for approx. 30 minutes. Serve boiled potatoes and hollandaise. 2. Wash, peel and quarter 400 g potatoes. Cover with salted water, cook for 15 to 20 minutes until soft and drain. Discover more delicious recipes on thomy.de!


Season tip | 29 You leek! With this rather harmless insult, winter leeks harvested in spring are generally tasty when young people describe them as being somewhat stronger and more intense than summer leeks. hold a fool or who have few muscles; In 2018, the term even made it into the top 5 Where it grows in the »Youth Word of the Year«. Leek or leeks (the terms are synonymous in the eastern Mediterranean region. Leek was already used in), fortunately, cannot harm the good reputation of the home of wild field leek. Known in ancient Egypt and is said to have served the builders of the lily family with the Latin name »Allium pyramids as food. His heu- porrum «is closely related to the onion and the garlic form of culture is related in most European countries and proves to be cultivated all year round, in Germany especially in a reliable all-rounder in the kitchen - as well as North Rhine-Westphalia . Vegetables as well as spices. Leeks are equally suitable for stewing, boiling, roasting or baking. What's in it and can also be eaten raw. In the vegetable drawer, leeks contain a lot of beta-carotene, vitamins B1, B2, and in the refrigerator it stays fresh for about a week. C and E as well as the minerals potassium, sodium and its preparation is straightforward: First, snow phosphorus. Its sulfur-containing oils are said to have an antioxidant effect on the root end and the slightly dried out oils that are dative and antibacterial. Leaves at the upper end of the stalks, then the leek is cut lengthways and rinsed under running water to remove any residues in the refrigerator. The leek should be removed in a sand or earth. Depending on the recipe, store it in a sealed bag because its more intense detachment can then be easily transferred to other foods in thin rings or a streaky smell. fen. Incidentally, in the course of history, leeks, cut into small pieces and blanched, have had famous advocates: a Roman emperor freezes himself well. valued his mustard oils as a boon for his voice and was therefore referred to as "Porrophagus" ("leek eater") who suits him. The Welsh used it in 640. The piquant aroma of the leek is perfectly complemented even as a distinguishing mark in a battle. Spicy ingredients such as ham or minced meat still adorn four leeks today on Welsh or mild foods such as cheese, crème fraîche, the national coat of arms. or fish.Sweet vegetables such as carrots or apples also harmonize with its taste. As a nutritious base like it tastes potatoes, risot- The aroma of the leek is similar to that of the onion, it is to or quiche; However, it can be prepared quickly and is milder and sweeter. The white-colored example of mashed potatoes with fried leek as the lower half of the stick tastes finer than the green topping. A French soup classic is the vin part, which has a spicy, strong aroma. The chyssoise, a potato and leek soup served cold. Photo: www.westermann-buroh.de; Text: gre

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Recipes | 31 Spicy Leek and Cream Cheese Cake WITH FRESH PEAS, WILD HERBS AND FLOWERS Ingredients for a springform pan Ø 22 cm | Preparation time 1 hour | Resting time at least 3 hours. My shopping list: Dough: 150 g toast, approx. 6 slices | 60 g parmesan cheese | Recipe: Pio Food; Photos: www.westermann-buroh.de, stock.adobe.com/micromonkey * Not available in all markets 65 g butter | black pepper, freshly ground Filling: 500 g leek | 50 g butter | Salt | 125 g cream | 4 sheets of gelatin | 400 g creamy sheep cheese | 200 g cream cheese | 20 ml lemon juice topping: 200 g peas in pods, alternatively 150 g peas, frozen goods | 1 bunch of mixed wild herbs | 1 package of mixed edible flowers * 1 For the dough, preheat the oven to 200 ° C (185 ° C fan-assisted circulation) and line a springform pan (Ø 22 cm) with baking paper. Remove the rind from toast and grind finely in a food processor (110 g of crumbs are required). Finely grate the cheese and gently melt the butter. Mix everything together, season with pepper and press flat on the bottom of the springform pan. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes on one of the lower rails until crispy, then remove and allow to cool. In the meantime, clean the leek for the filling, cut in half, wash and cut into strips one centimeter wide. Fry the leek rings in a pan in butter for 5 minutes until light brown, then season with salt and leave to cool.

32 | Recipe 2 Whip the cream until stiff and mix the sheep's cheese with the cream cheese. Soak the gelatine in plenty of cold water according to the instructions on the packet, later squeeze it out carefully and dissolve it in hot lemon juice with 2 tablespoons of cheese mixture. Quickly stir the gelatine mixture into the rest of the cheese mixture, then fold in the cream and season with salt and pepper. Halve the mixture: mix one half with the fried leek and place on the pre-baked base, then cover with the rest of the mixture and smooth it out. 3 Cover cheesecakes with cling film and refrigerate for at least 3 hours, but better overnight. Later peel the peas from the pods and briefly scald them with boiling salted water, then rinse in ice water and drain. Wash the wild herbs and spin dry, then pluck the stems and, if necessary, roughly pluck. Arrange peas, wild herbs and flowers on the leek cake and serve. Our tip Serving suggestion Photo: www.westermann-buroh.de

Fish must swim! 4 fine wines - perfectly matched to maritime dishes. A delicious catch from the Baden wine cellar. Original GOSCH recipes: gosch-fisch-wein.de

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Recipes | 35 Bibimbap with fried egg WITH GLAZED SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS, SAUTEED BABY SPINACH, CARROTS, CUCUMBER AND RADISHES Ingredients for 4 people | Preparation time 1 hour My shopping list: Dressing: 20 g each of light and black sesame seeds * | 80 ml apple juice | 20 ml rice vinegar | a total of 70 ml sesame oil * | 60 g gochujang paste * Bowl: 200 g cucumber | 8 radishes | 200 g red cabbage | Salt | Sugar | 140 g brown round grain brown rice * | 40 g black rice * | 60 g barley grains, alternatively pearl barley | 200 g shiitake mushrooms | 20 ml peanut oil * | 40 ml soy sauce | 20 g honey | 10 ml lime juice | 200 g baby spinach (= lettuce spinach) | 60 g onions | 1 fresh clove of garlic | 200 g carrots | 4 eggs (S) | 20 g butter Side dish: 200 g kimchi (recipe on page 36) 1 For the sesame dressing, clean the spinach in a small pan 5, wash and spin dry. Roast until golden brown, then peel off half of the sesame with onions and garlic, finely chop apple juice, vinegar, 20 ml sesame oil and gochu cheese and stir in 30 ml sesame oil in a saucepan. Zen. Add the spinach and let it collapse, recipe: Pio Food; Photo: www.westermann-buroh.de * Not available in all markets, then salt and drain on a sieve. Wash 2 cucumbers and cut into fine sticks, removing the seeds. Clean and wash the radishes Peel 6 carrots, cut into fine sticks and slice in and finely. Finely slice the red cabbage and sauté with the remaining sesame oil for 3 minutes until al dente, then knead the salt and sugar, then season with salt for 10 minutes. Marinate all ingredients with the dressing - let drain later. and serve in shallow bowls. Beat 3 types of rice and barley with 400 ml of water in 7 eggs, cover in a pan in a brown saucepan and cook for 35 minutes - add salt later. Fry butter with fried eggs over medium heat, then season with salt, arrange on the bowls and clean with 4 mushrooms, cut into slices and sprinkle with the remaining sesame seeds. If desired, fry briefly on both sides with a pan in peanut oil, serve the kimchi. then glaze with honey and soy sauce and drizzle with lime juice.

36 | Recipes FOR THOSE WHO WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A "FAST" Kimchi KIMCHI YOURSELF are prepared in Korea - HERE'S A RECIPE: to have a supply of vitamin C in the house in winter. Through the lactic acid fermentation My -Shopping List: the vegetables are kept- 300 g Chinese cabbage, made in 2 - 3 cm pieces bar. cut | 100 g carrots, peeled and sliced ​​| 1 spring onion, finely chopped | 1 level teaspoon salt | 1 fresh clove of garlic, finely diced | 1 tbsp chilli flakes * | 30 ml soy sauce | Knead 10 g brown sugar Chinese cabbage, carrots and spring onions with salt and let stand for 30 minutes. Mix the garlic, chilli, soy sauce and sugar, then mix with the vegetables. Cover the kimchi, weigh it down slightly and let it steep in the refrigerator for a few hours or, better still, a few days. Serving suggestion Photos: www.westermann-buroh.de, stock.adobe.com/mashiki * Not available in all markets


Advertorial | 39 Tradition meets innovation In the Gramke family, everything has revolved around the egg for many generations: "Our farm is a real family business that has been handed over from father to son," reveals Martin Gramke, who also took over the chicken farm in 2014 from his father Has. His credo: Preserve well-tried traditions and develop them innovatively. So he modernized the stables and relies on efficient egg packing stations. "The specialization in eggs makes us in the region around Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein a well-known, high-quality supplier of the retail and wholesale trade like REWE and sky," explains the chicken farmer. Scratch, cackle and peck Only a completely healthy hen can lay high-quality, fresh eggs. Gramke is also convinced of this, which is why he not only fulfills the requirements of the legislature with his chicken farm, but also ensures that the stalls and technical systems are kept up to date: “We wake our chickens every morning at four o'clock with slowly getting brighter LED light to simulate a kind of sunrise, «he reveals. Then the hens have time to lay their eggs, scratch the litter or peck at the packing stones. "This is very important because when chickens are bored, they peck each other." For "breakfast" there is a special feed with a high percentage of corn and wheat, as a high-quality diet has an effect not only on the health of the chickens, but also on the taste of the eggs. At 10 o'clock in the morning it finally means: out into the fresh air. Because then the hatches are opened and the hens explore their large outdoor enclosure with many trees and bushes to shelter. Just in time for sunset, all the hens go back to the barn, peck their "supper" and then settle down on their perches for the night, as it should be for chickens. Quality comes first Put today, on the table tomorrow: "As an egg supplier for Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, we guarantee freshness and short distances without time-consuming warehousing," says Gramke. Holstein-Ei is also a member of the Association for Controlled Alternative Animal Husbandry. V. (KAT), who in 2000 created an effective traceability system in the food industry with the print number on the egg. Consumers can find out at a glance how the animals are kept and in which country and on which farm they are raised. Especially easy to understand with the app: what's on the egg. "We also strive to use methods that are as sustainable as possible in all areas of our company, from animal husbandry to animal feed to packaging," adds chicken farmer Martin Gramke.

40 | Platt chatter Plattdüütsche Döntjes by Thorsten Börnsen Oostern This is a wonderful Oostersünndag. De Sünn seems as dull as it can. De Vagels sings un tirill eert an’n Heven, as if dat dor en Pries för geven dee. Jette un Onno staht op the lawn and stare in the goorn. Se weet sik keen Raat: Allens hebbt se afsöcht, one keen no funnen. No Easter egg. What is the blots of the Scheeflopen? Un se sünd överall west: ünner de Dannen, right um de Goornbank rüm, eccentrically en doodseker hiding place. En »secere bank« to Oostern, you can sedge. Nothing. Not even in that Moosnest, in that Unkel Fiete jüm mers pack all the rest, if he keen desire more hett un hide the Söötkraam. Because, of course, both of them have stopped gleaming at the ooster bunnies for a long time. They do not sell the big thing. De sin because jümmers so grassy sensitive, if you take care of jüm with hard facts. Not even in the nest is the luest piece of chocolate inside. Keen Krömel. "Op de Oosterinseln hide the rabbits or eggs so good, they can't be fed anymore," says Grandpa Johann. "Dor kaamt in’t negste Johr because de nie’en lütten Oosterhasen bi rut. De Natucht sotoseggen. You can glöven aver. ”“ Tüünkraam, systematically tackle the mutt een blots, ”seggt Fiete unrolled de Arms Hooch. "Oostereier söken is pure professional work." He lüttmulig wedder trüch takes care of 20 minutes. Ok hey nothing funnen. Dignified! All of a sudden Kevin worries about the corner and looks serious: “All eggs in secrecy! Oostern is reddt, ”reports he. "Aha, where exactly is that,› in secrecy ‹?" Asks Unkel Fiete. "Op de Ooster Islands, of course, you are only waiting for rabbits," said Kevin. “Negstet Johr got hold of that because wedder eggs. Dor heff ik nu för cares! «Un dorbi falls a piece of root Oosterei erpapeer ut de Büxentasch and sails quite smoothly un suutje op de Eer. Our columnist Thorsten Börnsen has been running the reading competition, producing videos op Platt and Photo: Henrik Matzen in January 2015, the Low German Center in Holstein. puts a lot of heart and soul into the north German »It has long been important to me to strengthen the cultural language. In our column the Easter offer for young people on Platt threatens to establish itself. «To end firmly in a catastrophe: Not a single one today he organizes a Low German song Easter egg can be found. But Uncle Fiete doesn’t let the contest, participates in a Low German loosely and finally discovers a clue.

Chatting flat | 41 Illustrations: Gerrit Hansen The »translation« to the text, just in case: Easter On a glorious Easter Sunday: The sun is shining so brightly, »On Easter Island the rabbits hide their eggs as well as they can, and the birds sing and trill on blue sky - that you won't find it again yourself, «says Grandpa Johann. mel, as if there was a price for it. “The new little Easter bunnies will hatch from these next year. The offspring, so to speak. But you can believe that. ”Jette and Onno stand on the lawn and stare into the—“ Nonsense, you just have to tackle this systematically, ”thundered. They are at a loss. In the end, they've searched everything, without Fiete, and rolled up their sleeves. "Looking for Easter eggs there is only one egg to be found: under the fir trees, to the right around professional work." Around the garden bench - actually a surefire hiding place. Or a "safe bank," as the saying goes. Nothing. After twenty minutes he comes back sheepishly. Not even in the moss nest, in which Uncle Fiete always found nothing. Suddenly Kevin comes around the corner and lays the rest when he's tired of sweets, making a dead serious face. “All eggs safe! Hide Easter. is saved, ”he reports. "Aha, and where exactly is that 'safe'?" Asks Uncle Fiete. "On the Easter Islands, of course, because the two of them believe in the Easter Bunny, of course, little rabbits are hatching now," replies Kevin. “Not for a long time next year. But they don't tell the big guys that. Then there are eggs again. I've made sure of that now. ”And that's always so terribly sensitive when you throw a piece of red Easter egg paper out of your pocket and pull hard facts out of your pocket. Not the smallest piece of chocolate and sails very quietly and gently to the floor. they found not a single crumb.

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Congregation portrait | 45 The light, the vastness, the sea, the loneliness and the wild nature - that was what immediately enchanted the Oldenburg landscape painter Paul Müller-Kaempff in the late summer of 1889. On a hike with his friend, Berlin-based animal painter Oskar Frenzel, along the Hohe Ufer, he made the discovery of his life: »... a village at our feet: Ahrenshoop. We had no idea of ​​its existence and looked surprised and delighted at this picture of peace and loneliness. Nobody was to be seen, the age-gray cane roofs, the gray pastures and gray dunes gave the whole picture a touch of the deepest seriousness and complete untouchedness. «FROM THE FISHING VILLAGE TO THE ARTIST'S COLONY A short time later, in 1892, Müller-Kaempff accepted - a place of longing Ahrenshoop. He built a house at Dorfstrasse 18, where he lived and worked from now on. Two years later he opened a painting school and a guesthouse in what is now the “Künstlerhaus Lukas” - the foundation stone for the Ahrenshoop artists' colony. Soon other artists also settled here: Friedrich Grebe, Hugo Richter-Lefensdorf, Elisabeth von Eicken, Martin Körte and many others. Studios and galleries emerged and the community developed enormous creativity and creativity. The gallery with the longest tradition is the »Kunstkaten«, which was opened on July 11, 1909 by Paul Müller-Kaempff and Theobald Schorn. Once intended as an exhibition house for local painters and a meeting place for artists and buyers, the thatched roof, painted in striking blue, still attracts visitors all year round with a changing exhibition program and events. Although the idea of ​​the artists' colony ended with the turmoil of the First World War, Ahrenshoop has hardly lost any of its appeal. CULTURE AND NATURE - DISCOVER AHRENSHOOP Anyone who wants to discover the fascination of the place should - like the artists of the early years - set out on foot out into the countryside. On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the artist colony, the Ahrenshoop art trail was inaugurated in March 2017: a circular hiking trail that leads to ten atmospheric works by well-known artists at the location where they were created. Here visitors can discover the place and the area through the eyes of the photos: stock.adobe.com/Rico Ködder, Kurverwaltung Ahrenshoop painter. The spa administration has put together a flyer and offers bike tours along the art trail from April to October. (Dates are available at www.ostseebad- ahrenshoop.de) Particularly popular with artists and locals alike is the “Hohes Ufer” section of the steep coast on the southern outskirts of Ahrenshoop. Not only was one of Müller-Kaempff's best-known works created here, at beach entrance 15 there is also a wonderful view of the sea and the setting sun. The special location of Ahrenshoops on the Fischland promontory makes it

46 | Congregation portrait makes it possible to experience magical moments not only at sunset. When the sun rises early in the morning, the Althagen harbor offers a great view of the lagoon landscape. The traditional Zees boats with their brown sails sail here from May to October - a popular motif for many painters to this day.Another tip with a view: Those who climb the Bakelberg, the highest elevation in the area at 17.9 meters, will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the Baltic Sea and Bodden and on top of that, meet the old Müller-Kaempff personally, who was here for the 2017 anniversary as Wood statue was erected. LIVING TRADITION There is of course a lot to discover in the village itself: In numerous studios and galleries, visitors can experience a diverse mix of painting and ceramics, sculptures and photographs. The art museum, which opened in 2013, offers the largest collection of works by artists from the region with more than 900 exhibits - from the founding generation to the present day. The museum is already exciting from the outside: The shape and arrangement of the building elements is based on the traditional thatched roof houses and even the metal facade with its brownish patina takes up this motif in a modern way. The already mentioned »Kunstkaten« can look back on the longest history, also as an event venue. While the exhibitions there mostly maintain tradition, the “Neue Kunsthaus” is dedicated to contemporary art. A double anniversary is being celebrated here this year: 25 years of the “Neues Kunsthaus” and 125 years of the “Künstlerhaus Lukas”. Numerous events in honor of the two institutions have been held since March and into July. At the end of the Bernhard-Seitz-Weg, the picturesque old village street, stands the newly built mill from Ahrenshoop, a popular painting motif as the house a few steps in front of it: the »Dornenhaus«, one of the oldest buildings in the town. And of course the 350-year-old farmhouse has also become an artist's house. Here visitors can experience the production of traditional Fischland ceramics in the in-house workshop. In addition, changing solo exhibitions, mostly by contemporary artists, are presented. Readings and concerts complement the varied program of the popular »Dornenhaus« with its original, unmistakable atmosphere. CULINARY AHRENSHOOP If you want to round off your day with gastronomic delights after so much cultural variety, you will quickly find what you are looking for in Ahrenshoop. Whether down-to-earth, regional food or a gourmet experience - despite its manageable size, the place offers numerous restaurants and cafés. Directly on Dorfstrasse with a wonderful view of the Baltic Sea there are several inviting restaurants such as the romantic restaurant “Café Namenlos”, where multiple award-winning chefs and confectioners conjure up regional delicacies. Do that right next door

Congregation portrait | 47 “Weitblick” restaurant on the 5th floor of the “The Grand” hotel lives up to its name. In the district of Nienhagen, the restaurant "Am Kiel" invites you to enjoy upscale, regionally fresh country house cuisine: the restaurant in the pretty red thatched-roof house with rustic oak floorboards and a cozy fireplace offers fresh fish from local fishermen, braised game products and a large wine list - it exists there is no doubt that old Paul Müller-Kaempff would have felt at home here too. Ahrenshooper story (s) as an app: The “Audioguide Ahrenshoop” unites the history and places of activity of the Baltic Sea resort: Thomas Kalweit brings the history of the place to life with his audio guide app for smartphones. In 18 stations, anecdotes, letters and newspaper articles on art, nature, society, architecture and history await the listener - vividly spoken by professional speakers. (The audio guide Ahrenshoop is available for 5.49 euros in the App Store and on Google Play.) Date tip: Ahrenshooper Jazzfest Every year at the Ahrenshoop Jazzfest, visitors can experience that Ahrenshoop is not only home to the fine arts, but also to music. From June 21 to 23, 2019, the Baltic Sea resort will succumb to jazz fever again. Over 20 different venues invite you to enjoy jazz in a wide variety of styles. The concert by star guest Ute Lemper on June 22nd is already sold out. But even with the almost 100 regional, national and international musicians, there is sure to be something for every musical taste. Your REWE stores near Ahrenshoop: Lange Str. 39, 18311 Ribnitz-Damgarten Hannes-Meyer-Platz 23, 18146 Rostock Hans-Sachs-Allee 13a, 18057 Rostock Goerdelerstr. 51, 18069 Rostock Güstrower Str. 6, 18109 Rostock Zingst Ahrenshoop Photos: Kurverwaltung Ahrenshoop Kiel Stralsund Rostock Greifswald Lübeck Wismar


Interview | 49 Dear Ms. Wüstenberg, the north has you back. Why have invested. Besides, I've lived in the city for a long time; just turned your back on you as a young designer in London? Living London, the apartments are often very small and there is little space. London is full of influences: art, design, fashion, architecture - there is an object that can be converted, of course there is something to discover everywhere, exciting events, very useful. My stacking vessels, for example, are real people with ideas. This is great and exciting, but also quick-change artists and let yourself be staged again and again incredibly fast-paced - time is usually just racing by. I wanted to bet. For me it is simply an exciting challenge to live a slower life with my daughter in which I have time to combine the beautiful with the practical. To process impressions that I have gathered in London and around the world over the past 15 years. Here in Bistensee I can find the What role does color play in your design? For me, colors are very calm to express all these experiences in my work. important to create contrast. In addition, I work a lot with glass - a medium that expresses colors in a fantastic way. Your objects made of glass, wood, ceramics, paper and copper orien- I am infatuated with colored glass, with the aesthetics, the chemistry behind it, adhere to the laws of nature - according to which organisms the endless possibilities - like a painter with watercolors ... be shaped by their environment. How much does rural life inspire you? I am inspired by the nature, the vastness and the Do you fear that at some point you will run out of ideas, just like the lively city life. I am particularly attracted to the could? On the contrary: I have so many ideas in my head, the contrast between nature and culture: urban life, which I still want to realize. But many of them are also simple lines and strong contours in contrast to the transience of being too confused or too expensive or impractical. Hence there is a natural nature. Isn't it exciting that nature within this ephemeral equilibrium in what I think up and what I seem to exist forever and actually realize what has been created by humans. pops up for just a moment in this tremendous amount of time? I keep challenging myself with mine. Do you have a trick that inspires your imagination? Aviation design to create something valuable that will not only last a lifetime. I often have good ideas when I am on the plane - it makes me happy without being detached, but combines so many stories in one that I manage best from the ground, my thoughts run free, it may even be passed on to the children as an heirloom. allow. Everyone should try that out once (laughs). So these sculptures also survive one, two or maybe three lives and that closes the circle again. You travel a lot to visit your production plants in the Czech Republic, England and Finland. Also at trade fairs like »Masion What else inspires you? I go through life et Objekt ”in Paris or the“ imm cologne ”in Cologne with open eyes and I love materials - their aesthetics, how they feel, their latest design objects on a regular basis. Your daughter is good. But also the different people, who are now three years old, my dad lives in London and in April I work together, the designers and friends I meet, their son is born. How do you manage the balancing act between making my life colorful and always giving me new ideas. Work and family? Fortunately, my daughter likes to come with you, no day is like the other, I am on the road so much and I am allowed to experience new things when I am on the road, because they are used to traveling, see and experience - all of this inspires me. is. But she often stays with her dad or her great grandmother, who is much better than mom anyway (laughs). I used to have How does a vase or a vessel come about from all these experiences? It felt like a balancing act, both my daughter and mine. The works first arise in my head and then become fair in the work as a designer. I now see everything in the hands of European craftspeople for real. They bring something more relaxed. It's always busy, but I use the time to enjoy its creation, as the craftsmen appreciate their work. I just have to be as effective as possible. This is how I get every single sculpture that is unique, but mostly everything under one roof with its very individual elements - child (ren), household and studio. duel features reported from the history of its origins. What is behind the idea of ​​»Utopia & Utility«? The name »Utopia & Utility« contains a lot. For example my name: Pia. I try to combine function and fantasy in all of my objects: They are both art objects that affect people solely through their aesthetics, and design objects that are characterized by a function. Why is it so important to you that your sculptures are not »only« beautiful, but can also be used as everyday objects www.utopiaandutility.eu? Do you want to deliberately differentiate yourself from the idea of ​​"L’art pour l’art"? No, not consciously. I'm very practical by nature

50 | Crafting tip Decorative hanging vases FOR ALL SPRING FLOWERS Over 20 fun and decorative Easter egg ideas for the 3 x 1 whole family. Eggzellente book Easter ideas, ISBN 978-3- "Eggzellente Easter ideas" 7724-4288-9, cheeky publisher, win! 9.99 euros. Info p. 74

Crafting tip | 51 M AT ER I AL 2 Let the eggs dry well, stick the kebab skewer at a height of approx. 20 cm, color with pastel spray and allow to dry well again. 6 raw eggs on white | Pastel color spray in yellow, pink, light green, light blue and 3 30 cm long strips of satin ribbon to lilac | Adhesive dots in white, Ø 8 mm | to cut. Coat the middle of the ribbons with a satin ribbon in light green, mint, orange, glue stick and the ribbons round pink and yellow, 6 mm wide | Glue stick | glue around the eggs, creating a kind of basket of spring flowers. Knot the ends of the satin ribbon. 1 The upper third of six raw eggs 4 Beat the eggs with the glue if you like, empty the eggs and decorate the large dots, clean the vases with a little bit of the other part thoroughly with warm, soapy water and small spring flowers. fill. Jokers on a leash DECORATED LIKE ON A STRING M AT ER I AL 3 For the petrol-colored bird, the eye areas and the cardboard in orange, white, petrol, pink and yellow | Glue the beak onto the body. The eyelids fixed on the eyes - remnants of cardboard with different patterns | Velor. The blue pearls each at one end of the pink scrap of paper in white | 6 half-pearls in black, Ø 4 mm | Fasten the pipe cleaners, the feelers and pipe cleaners on 2 pearls in mother-of-pearl blue, Ø 7 mm | Fix the cotton cord in the back of the head. The tail feathers on the pink, 2 mm thick, 2 x 4 cm long | Attach the cord in white and blue to the back of the pink tail. This 2 mm thick, approx. 50 cm | Glue the pipe cleaner in pink, 2 x 5 cm and the feet to the back of the body. To the long | Pipe cleaner in pink, 2 x 6 cm long Finally, fix the half-pearls as pupils. 1 Using tracing paper, transfer all parts of the template onto 4 For the white bird, transfer the white eye area onto the cardboard and velor paper and cut them out. They stick. Attach the eyelids and beak to this, shade the plain-colored parts with colored pencils and fix the lines of the half-pearls as pupils. Apply the pink pipe with a fineliner. Fix the cleaner as legs and the wings on the back of the body and the feet on the pipe- 2 For the purple bird, glue the eyes, glue the cleaner. belly and the half pearls on the face. Attach the head and tail feathers and the cord as legs to the 5. The cord on the window or on the back of the body and fix the feet to it. Fasten the wall and drape the birds and eggs on it. Win 3 x 1 book "Colorful paper - Magnificent blooms - Download the handicraft template under ideas"! ten, cute www.sky-supermarkt.de/papierideen Info p. 74 Bunnies and cheeky birds made of paper set the mood for spring. Colorful paper ideas for spring, photos: cheeky Verlag ISBN 978-3-7724-4299-5, cheeky Verlag, 8.99 euros

Dried fruits & nut kernels Delicious by nature! Dried fruits and nut kernels are much more than just simple snacks. They are pure enjoyment, an important supplier of nutrients, a good source of energy, filler, filler for breaks, varied and uncomplicated. And that's exactly why they are the ideal snack for everyone! Aromatic cherries - now without added sugar Small fruit with a big effect, because the juicy cherries (pitted) have a high fiber content and are rich in vitamin C. They impress with their intense and fruity taste and are perfect as an addition to muesli, as healthy Topping or as a fruity ingredient in smoothies and baked goods. Coconut chips bathed in coconut milk Much more than just a chip! The crunchy coconut chips from the Farmer’s Snack brand come from original projects in Africa and are hand-cut according to a traditional recipe and bathed in coconut milk. The subsequent gentle drying gives them the particularly intense coconut aroma and the crunchy bite. Ideal as a snack, in muesli or for baking. Now is the end of salt on your fingers. Because of the unique Insalt refinement, the sea salt penetrates into the inside of the nut and gives it a particularly balanced salt aroma. In WITH SALT WITHOUT SALT combination with the in-house kettle roasting at Farmer’s Snack, the nuts are roasted to the point - and without any oil. The result: a finely nutty, intense aroma and an even crunchier bite. Of course there is also LZ BRINGT DAS SA CRACKIG NE OIL without salt, but just as delicious. An excellent snack in the evening. ROASTED IN THE NUT OH Farmer’s Snack - young, passionate and sophisticated! Founded in Munich in 1971, the company including the In order to ensure the quality of the over 60 different products for production moved to Hamburg / Seevetal in 1998 to ensure that the proximity to the port and thus the gateway to the world are already being used in the countries of origin. Only the best growing areas are selected and long-term partnerships are aimed at. Specialized in individual and gentle refinement. With its own cultivation projects of dried fruits and nut kernels according to in-house recipes, including in Africa, the company invests in the formulations, innovative product development and expansion of production facilities has always been in the introduction of the “heart” of the company, which is what it is today reflected in technologically high quality management systems and in the transfer of sophisticated products. Know-how.

- and fruit nacks nuts Founded in 1971 in Mün Lecke re r g e n u s s z u p e r f e c t e l e n e n e n t! each of the G farmers_snack FarmersSnack www.farmers-snack.de


Family | 55 The children, who have been here several times, can be recognized at first glance by their half-hopping, half-stumbling step, with which they come down the mountain from the parking lot - in impatient anticipation of the first highlight, the one grunting at them at the entrance waiting: the cute, hand-tame pot-bellied pigs! “Our pot-bellied pigs are always hungry and they love to be fed by the children,” explains Denise Marquardt from the wildlife park team. While the park's brown bears are just slowly waking up from their hibernation, a real baby boom is breaking out among numerous animal wildlife park residents: there are fawns, lambs and fluffy rabbit pups to marvel at and cuddle. It's not just the youngest animals that are really fun for visitors in spring - for example, those who spend the night at the wildlife park campsite, which will reopen in April, and WIN ONE OF THREE CDs are woken up in the morning by the howling of wolfs, will be a real adventure. Off to Haithabu! CLOSE UP The heroes of the radio play Every Sunday the team of animal keepers offers an exclusive feeding tour for the series "Smart as 4" Wolf & Co.. The children experience the feeding first hand, travel a lot to see the Vikings, learn exciting things about the legendary predator and are even allowed to feel real wolf fur. The meeting point is at 1 p.m. at the wolf enclosure. The schleswig-holstei tour has been counting since 2018 and takes around an hour. The kids get an equally exciting glimpse behind the niche Haithabu to the world cultural heritage of the scenery in the holiday program "Meet the zoo keeper", the UNESCO. For the current episode "Vikings" every Wednesday during the Easter holidays in Hamburg and Lower Saxony, the team of authors from EUROPA was offered. advised by Ute Drews, the museum director of the Viking Museum Haithabu. ON TIME FOR THE SPRING AWAKENING The »Smart as 4r« audio games are on offer The popular artisans are back and will return to the large artisans' hall at Easter with exciting and action-packed stories. »Our Easter market will then take place at the festive opening of the season for the adventurous and inquisitive. On Good Friday there is a girl and boy from the age of six on the market. Easter handicrafts for children and then of course our legendary Easter egg hunt is on the Easter weekend again, when the children walk through the whole park. Anyone who ends up at the cash register with the robber "appeared on February 8, 2019 and names the correct number of hidden Easter eggs has the chance to win free tickets everywhere, as a download and for the next visit," raves Denise Marquardt about the im Streaming available. Easter program of the wildlife park. Further information 3 x 1 on the series as well as on the radio play CD “Schlau wie 4” at TOLLE AUSSICHTEN Topics from the respective Vikings In addition to the special Easter highlights, the tried and tested episodes are of course also attractive to win! Info on p.74 the classics such as the daily air shows and feedings, the sensational view from the 45-meter-high Elbblick tower, the large adventure playground and over 100 different species of wild animals - lynx, elk & Co., the all want to be discovered. And because so much amazement, romping and so much fresh air makes you really hungry, the Black Mountains Wildlife Park offers delicacies for every small and large hunger. Whether in the rustic “Wildpark Restaurant”, the self-service restaurant “Die Futterkrippe” or the cozy burger restaurant “Waldhaus” - nobody has to leave the park hungry. A very special highlight is the family buffet in the wildlife park restaurant, where young and old can feast extensively. All information about the program and events during the Easter holidays can be found at www.wildpark-schwarze-berge.de Win 7 x 1 children's day tickets in the Wildpark Wildpark Schwarze Berge, Am Wildpark 1, 21224 Rosen- Schwarze Berge! garden, phone: 040/819 77 47 0; Opening times: Info p.74 Nov. - Mar. 9 a.m. - 4.30 p.m., April - October 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

56 | Family © Gerrit Hansen / Ohnekopf.de 2019 Happy egg shells If there were eggs for breakfast, you can store the shells and make great figures out of them. CRESS You need: eggshell halves, cardboard tubes, paints and / or colored paper, potting soil, cress seeds. The cardboard tubes are made with pens or ink. Then you distribute the cress seeds and paint them. You can also add a few drops of water with colored paper. stick on. Let your imagination run wild! The seeds need about 2-3 days, then start Now you draw a face with a pencil on which they sprout. After a short time your "egg head" will have half the egg shell. If you use felt pens, a fun hairstyle! the paint must dry well or it will smudge. Now you can put the eggshell half on the Have fun with it! Place a cardboard tube and fill it with potting soil. KRE SSE

58 | »Our North« Always gives full throttle MARION WEBER IS A MEMBER OF THE CONVERSION TEAM / DECO MARTIN ZITRON IS HEAD OF THE CONSTRUCTION DEPARTMENT Profile: Special characteristics: happy, reliable and open-minded My heart beats for: my friends and family - and my cats Doro and Stalki My motto: fall down, stand up, straighten the crown and move on. Area of ​​responsibility: the decoration photos: Henrik Matzen tion of the markets

"Our North" | 59 THE TRAINED OFFICE SALES WOMAN LIVES IN THE SMALL PLACE OF LEPAHN BETWEEN PREETZ AND PLÖN. LAST YEAR, SHE CELEBRATED HER 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF SERVICE AT THE NORTH SUPERMARKETS AND LOVES CRUISING THROUGH THE BLOSSOMING NATURE ON A MOTORCYCLE. Ms. Weber, you and your colleagues are out of the (laughs). My get-me-in-the-mood music: rock, pop and remodeling team / decoration for the decoration of the newly remodeled metal. I am currently in a bad mood with »Rise Against - REWE supermarkets in charge. How can we make your work “satellite” easy. And imagine to the chagrin of my hips? If there is a lot of stress, it may be a chocolate or two. My work can be divided into organizational and one (laughs). divide the practical area. In order to give me an overview, at the beginning I go over every new decoration. Do you also have a knack for decoration at home? Market with the blueprint in hand. Even during this I like a mix of country house and Scandinavian style. First inspection of the property, I imagine how we would like to decorate my apartment in the new REWE store, of course, to mark the information for the customer. with stones or other found objects that I bring from the beach. I mark my ideas and considerations on the building site. plan and order all the necessary materials accordingly. During the implementation in the store, I work closely with a And what does a perfect Easter table look like for you? A team of craftsmen together - in two to three days we will put white plates and cups, green candles, a white porcelain - we will then put the REWE crown on the market (laughs). The Spanlan Bunny and a fresh spring bouquet. More important things about it: I have to keep rethinking, but being flexible as a perfect Easter table is for me who I am with and improvise with, as things turn out differently than expected. Table seats. I love to be with friends or family. So that everything runs smoothly, it is very important to be with them! to always stay in touch with different trades. Where and how do you prefer to relax after work? How much creative freedom do you have for the decoration After a day of renovation, preferably under a hot shower. the markets? At the weekend I really enjoy going for a walk on the beach. We work with REWE's advertising concept, which allows us to relax with wellness and now, when spring provides design materials that we return to the markets, with motorcycling. bring. Within this framework, I decide which motifs in which size are placed where in the market. Everyone What is typically North German for you? The market has a different floor plan and this is where the crea- I think the Low German language is great, even if I speak a tive part of my work: Free walls and doors want to enliven them, unfortunately, they don't even speak. And our typical northern and designed. German weather. What criteria would someone have to meet to do your job? For my work, it is important to be innovative, open-minded, a team player and skilled in the art. Our decoration team consists of four employees. Each of us has been working very closely with a team of craftsmen for over a year. Since all processes are intertwined, it is important to have a good visual imagination. In the same way, one in the decoration team should be able to think outside the box and react spontaneously to new situations. How do you react to stress? With chocolate, coffee or loud music? Definitely with loud music: I like to sing loud and crooked. The conversion team / decoration (from left to right): Angelika Schröder, with - preferably in the car. Fortunately, Sonja van Beuningen, Marion Weber and Karin Bollinger have no ears.

60 | »Our North« FRESH, HEALTHY AND AVAILABLE FOR ALMOST EVERY DISH: POINTED PEPPERS. THE PODS TASTES PARTICULARLY AROMATIC IN THE SUMMER, WHEN YOU CAN TAKE THE SUN AND COME FROM THE OUTDOORS. »For me, pointed peppers are a real all-rounder: whether in a salad, with scrambled eggs or in a pan of vegetables. The red pods spice up almost every meal I eat «, enthuses Marion Weber from the SuNo decoration team. For spontaneous people If you like to pick up a roll, nibble raw vegetables or steam them quickly, you can eat healthily even with little time: pointed peppers offer many uncomplicated options for consumption. For connoisseurs Like the usual paprika, pointed paprika scores above all with an almost sensationally high content of vitamins C and A. The red, very ripe pods in particular taste much more aromatic than their spherical favorite vegetable relatives and have fewer seeds. by Marion Weber: For the undecided Spitz- The healthy pod comes in yellow, green and red. The red, Photo: Henrik Matzen sun-ripened peppers are particularly mild and almost sweet in the paprika taste, and are very popular with vegetable lovers.


62 | "Our north" We are remodeling for you

"Our North" | 63 Northern Germany sees red! And that's a good thing, because since 2018 we have spared no effort in converting all sky stores into REWE. The changeover of the markets in Kiel should also be completed by mid-2019. BEHIND THE SCENES With the pictures we would like to give you some insights into our renovation work: checkout areas are being moved, aisles are being redesigned, cooling is being optimized, countless kilometers of cables are being re-laid, walls are being painted, shelves are being built and dismantled and much more. AT A GLANCE The map below represents the current status of the markets in Kiel, which have already been reflagged. Be there when the last sky stores shine in REWE red and convince yourself of our new concept with even more freshness and regionality. Langenfelde 126 a Dellenberg 20 - 22, An der Laboe Schanze 40 Richthofenstraße 57 Am Schmiedeplatz 1 - 2, Heikendorf Eckernförder Projensdorfer Straße 362 Straße 148 - 150 2 1 4 Suchsdorfer Weg 7, 3 5 Langer Kronshagen Rehm 22 Schönberger 6 Landstraße 11, Schönkirchen 7 8 Göteborg- Schönberger ring 3 9 Strasse 133 Klingenbergstrasse 64, Schwentinental Karlstal 27 a Sörensenstrasse 4 - 10 Landskroner Weg 2 1 Gutenbergstrasse 77 6 Holstenstrasse 1 - 11 Bahnhofstrasse 4 - 8, 2 Holtenauer Strasse 71 7 Kirchhofallee 66 a Schwentinental 3 Weißenburgstrasse 15 8 Sophienblatt 25 - 27 4 Wilhelminenstrasse 10 9 Winterbeker Weg 44 5 Knooper Weg 41 - 43

64 | Events in April in the north Photo: www.haithabu.de

Events | 65 hex, hex! Photo: J. Schuetz Fans of witches, devils and other mythical creatures should mark April 30th in black on their calendar. Because that night the whole Harz becomes a cauldron. In over 20 locations, Walpurgis celebrations attract visitors with a varied program - from exciting, creepy and happy theater pieces to medieval hustle and bustle to insights into the world of the overly large Walpurgis fires or special offers for children such as the witch's and devil's diploma. There is even a real flying witch out and about over the spa park pond in Braunlage. The biggest celebrations take place in Bad Grund, Braunlage, Hahnenklee, Sankt Andreasberg, Feine Tuchwaren, hand-woven baskets or geschlif-Schierke and Thale. A Hofener amber: During the entire Easter weekend there is a highlight, the staging of the in the Haithabu Viking Museum, there is a lot to discover. Rock opera "Faust" on the Brocken. Around the Viking houses on the banks of the Haddebyer Noors So: quickly saddle up your broom and offer more than 30 exhibitors their treasures for sale, including one in the Harz Mountains! many true-to-original replicas of Viking Age finds. In numerous workshops you can watch the handicraftsmen and craftsmen doing their skilful work www.harzinfo.de/veranstaltungen - from the bone carver to the spinner to the bow maker. A special highlight this year is the archaeological excavation on the shallow burial ground, where real archaeologists can look over their shoulders. Spring market in Haithabu, Friday, April 19 - Monday, April 22, www.haithabu.de

66 | Events This is how the photo sounds: Henning Angerer Norden An idyllic old town, seven unusual locations in the town hall and the Stade district court. This year and 22 great artists and bands: are among others the Cologne band »Erdmöbel«, Mon- These are the ingredients for the Hanse Song Festival in ritz Krämer, Deniz Jaspersen from »Herrenmagazin«, Stade, which has not been for a long time Insider tip is more. BeNisse from Hamburg, the Canadian Sam Vance-Law and, for the eighth time, conquer newcomers and established the British artist Gemma Ray. Music greats the city on the Lower Elbe to make unusual locations sound. Including Hanse Song Festival, Stade, Saturday, April 27th, various churches, the historic Königsmarcksaal www.hansesongfestival.de Good to know! In keeping with its 600th anniversary, the University of Photo: SphinxET Rostock invites you to the great knowledge night on April 25th. At six main locations, visitors can discover a hundred special things, people or activities. The Kunsthalle presents a special exhibition on science; on the ground and in Rostock's »knowledge port«, Warnemünde and the major university faculties also meet in science slams and hidden champions. Mitte, Südstadt or Gartenstadt offer a colorful The highlight is a big closing party in the program: debates on the subject of Facebook and the city data port. protection, exciting discussions by theologians and mathematicians as well as legendary show lectures by the Long Night of Science, Rostock, Thursday, 25th physicists. Shipbuilders go to the power of the cruise April, 4 to 10 p.m., www.lange-nacht-des-wissens.de

O UR AL F UN D ESL IG A N LLB I DBA F HAN REW E DKB ER ED NAL 019 burg LFI POKA i l 2T-D m AS. Aprna Ha E N T D ER WEL 7 V N D B A L L- E THE MOST KNOWN E HA n d 0 e on 06. uaycard Ar l in the Barc www.facebook.com/coopers.cider/

68 | Events Natural spectacle Every year in spring a polyphonic »Rott-rott-rott« resounds over the Halligen: the Brent geese are here! Thousands of them sit on the Hallig salt marshes, pluck the tasty herbs and build up reserves for the long flight to the Siberian breeding areas. This impressive spectacle is celebrated in the Wadden Sea National Park with the »Ringelganstagen«. Vacationers and day visitors can experience the impressive natural spectacle live and take part in a colorful program. In addition to the Halligen, Amrum, Pellworm and the neighboring mainland invite you to numerous events - from marigold safaris to mudflat hikes and picture presentations to poetry slams. Ringelganstage in the Halligen Biosphere, Sat., April 27th - Sun., May 12th, www.ringelganstage.de

Events | 69 Painting meets photography Photo: Ulrich Perrey Hope and misery, light and shadow - the 1920s were a time of extreme contrasts that fascinated millions of viewers in the successful series “Babylon Berlin”. The Bucerius Kunst Forum sheds light on this brief epoch between the world wars on the basis of numerous works of the styles New Objectivity (art) and New Seeing (photography). Forty paintings, 115 photographs and 20 drawings by artists such as Otto Dix, Hanna Höch and Lászlo Moholy-Nagy are placed in direct relation to one another for the first time. The exhibition traces the dialogue between painting and photography using the example of five topics: portrait, city life and architecture, still life, industry and technology, and political montage. Exhibition: World in Transition - Art of the Twenties, until Sun., May 19, Bucerius Kunst Forum, Hamburg, www.buceriuskunstforum.de International Sounds “Identity” is the exciting motto of the Hamburg International Music Festival in its fourth edition dedicates. The 52 concerts, which mainly take place in the Elbphilharmonie, in the Laeiszhalle and on Kampnagel, are as multifaceted as this term. As this year's composer, György Ligeti is the focus.He taught at the Hamburg University of Music and Theater for 16 years; The outstanding event is formed by the three performances of his opera “Le Grand Macabre” with well-known soloists and the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester. The illustrious guests of the festival also include the violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter, the pianist Hélène Grimaud, the Arditti Quartet, the Orchester de Paris and Photo: Daniel Dittus the dance ensemble Sasha Waltz & Guests. Internationales Musikfest Hamburg, Sat., 27. Photo: Silke Ahlborn April - Wed., 29 May, www.musikfest-hamburg.de

. The slim pasta alternative low calorie diet for weight loss. . * Konjac (glucomannan) is part of a pasta feast without regrets! Sounds unbelievable - kajnok® makes it possible. kajnok® is the carbohydrate-free noodle alternative, sugar and gluten-free, odorless, vegan, contains only 0.2% fat and 8 calories per 100 g. You can find more information about kanjok® and recipe suggestions www.facebook.com/kajnok here: www.instagram.com/kajnok

696 kcal SAVED * kajnok® Spaghetti Slim with fennel INGREDIENTS PREPARATION 200 g kajnok® Spaghetti Slim  approx. 25 min. | For 2 servings 150 g radicchio 1. Wash the radicchio and fennel thoroughly, cut 1 half each into 4 wedges, 30 g lamb's lettuce cut 1 half each into fine strips. Put the fennel greens aside. Wash 350 g of fennel lamb's lettuce. 6 tablespoons of olive oil 2. Sprinkle the 8 columns with powdered sugar and caramelize 4 tablespoons of oil in 1 teaspoon of powdered sugar in a saucepan with a lid (medium heat, 5 minutes). Season, turn, and cook ½ lemon for another 5 minutes. . 2 tbsp light vinegar 3. Arrange the fennel strips with the fennel greens, salt and lemon juice in a salad. 4. Mix the remaining oil, vinegar, a pinch of sugar, salt and pepper. Boil kajnok® Spaghetti Slim for 2-3 minutes in salted water and mix warm with radicchio strips, lamb's lettuce and vinaigrette. Let it steep for a moment, * details per prepared dish, arrange everything nicely and serve. www.konjak-shop.com

72 | Riddle Riddle: Stefan Heine Solution Children's riddle: Flower box 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Children's riddle Find the right word Win 20 x 1 REWE gift card! Info p. 74 Solution: Sudoku Find the right way: Solution on page 74


74 | Imprint Imprint Contest info PARTICIPATION Publisher: WINNING CONDITIONS ** maximum EUR 0.50 per SMS Supermarkets Nord Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG, E-Mail: [email protected] Anyone aged 18 and over can take part, except for Postcard Benzstrasse 10, 24148 Kiel : "Our North" magazine, www.sky-supermarkt.de/unser-norden-magazin, to the employees of the North Supermarkets, keyword, PO Box 6220, 24123 Kiel Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG, of the magazine and Head of Marketing: Thorben Nökel (V i. S. d. P.) Telephone *: 01379 88 + direct dialing of the partner companies involved and editor-in-chief: Sophie Blady SMS **: to 1111 with exactly these family members. Automated production management: Stephanie Voß Information: sky Keyword Name Address Participation by external companies will not be taken into account in the competition on page 9. The competitions in Art Direction: Arne Badent 2 x 2 tickets for the Unicon at the »Our North« magazine are carried out by the graphic: Svea Schwarten Supermarkets North (exceptions on May 4th and 5th, 2019 (Fantasy-Convention * legion; 0, 50 euros / call from German landlines, possibly different costs from mobile networks authors of this issue: the Fantasy working group of the University of Kiel); form competitions in the advertisements for which Jenny Gregersen (gre), Maximilian Hermsen (max), keyword: Fantasy . Attention: shorter the advertising customers themselves are responsible for Kay-Christian Heine (kch), Jule Leger (leg), Nadine, the deadline for submission is April 15, 2019). Schättler (nas) participation only by post! Proofreading: Nina Berke, Dennis Wolf, The winners of all correct entries will be determined by drawing lots. The cover photo: Kay-Christian Heine 3 x 1 book »Armstrong« - Jubiläumsaus- legal recourse is excluded. Giving non-cash prizes - by Torben Kuhlmann. Keyword: Printing: Frank Druck GmbH & Co. KG, cannot be paid out in cash. The Armstrong; Extension: 57-10 Industriestraße 20, 24211 Preetz Winners will be notified in writing. 3 x 1 book "Edison" by Torben Kuhlmann. 15th year, number 178 The information you provide becomes keyword: Edison; Extension: 57-11 processed exclusively for the competition. For unsolicited manuscripts and photos sent in competition page 50. There is no guarantee that the data will be passed on to third parties. Prices 3 x 1 book "Eggzellente Osterideen". Stitch excluded. and sources of supply without guarantee. All right word: Easter ideas; Extension: 57-12 The participants declare that they are reserved. Reprint - even in extracts - only with the express permission of the editorial team of the competition page 51 and publication of your name in »Our North« magazine. 3 x 1 book "Colorful paper ideas for the early" Our North "magazine and on the Internet ling". Keyword: paper ideas; Extension: at www.sky-supermarkt.de/unser-nor- All prices are subject to change and lose their validity at the end of the month of publication. 57-13 den-magazine agrees. Please understand that we only sell our goods in the raffle page 55 in normal household quantities. We 7 x 1 children's day pass for the wildlife park You can also want your solutions together for our private customers and Black Mountains alone. Keyword: wildlife park; be there with the solutions of other competitions in their families. Items offered are extension: 57-14 of this magazine, unless otherwise noted in sky supermarkets, sky-centers and sky-XXL in a sufficiently franked competition on page 55 plaza-Center. Non-food items are 3 x 1 radio play CD "Schlau wie 4" in the collective envelope. Please quote not available in all markets. Donation as long as Vikings. Keyword: Vikings; Extension: You then have your solutions per competition in stock. 57-15 separate cards each with your Absen So far in the »Our North« magazine in relation to the. Only letters with sufficient postage and people using the masculine form are used, so postcards on page 64 of the competition will be considered. this is done for reasons of readability. 20 REWE gift cards worth 50 euros each. The feminine form is also always meant. Keyword = solution of the crossword puzzle; Extension: 57-16 Errors, technical changes and typographical errors reserved. The deadline for submissions is April 30th, 2019. Please send your suggestions, praise, criticism and ideas to: Resolution of the egg hunt: Preview May [email protected] 15 Easter eggs are hidden in this issue. Time to enjoy the spring to the fullest! Our motto for the solutions of Mai: Movement. Professional handball pages 72/73 Hendrik Pekeler and other personalities from the north give us an insight into various types of sport. In addition, we serve healthy and protein-rich dishes with lots of fresh ingredients.

Hannes Jaenicke, our brand ambassador says: Good for me, “Everyone can do something to protect the environment!” Good for the environment! One SodaStream bottle replaces thousands of one-way bottles Exchange cylinder SodaStream GmbH SodaStream Crystal, titanium available from us very good ÖKO-TEST-Magazin 07/2018 www.sodastream.de Simply bubble instead of dragging around!

Our April. Our north. Photos: www.westermann-buroh.de, stock.adobe.com/nd3000/artepicturas