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Then boom! Yes and then it crashes. And everyone screams: "Kenny does it!"

AEW Revolution 2021. An event that divides minds. But this time not only in two camps, namely the AEW-Smarks and the WWE-Marks, but also in the camps “What kind of cheap stunt was that” and “Oh come on, that was ok and they explained it”.

First of all, there can be no discussion about whether this was a solid or a bad event. Revolution was pretty good at wrestling, including a heavily produced cinematic match. It should be noted that if RAW Underground had looked like this, it would have been a success for sure. But once again you only half-heartedly shit something here because Vince McMahon didn't understand what it was about and what was really entertaining.

I hate entertainment. And I hate food. And Wrasslin, of course!
What !? Pee cock? Harharhar… Yeah that's funny

The stories were also passed on well or brought to an end. Anyone who claims otherwise has absolutely no idea, a fat WWE horn-rimmed glasses and a Vince McMahon dildo in their pants or basically thinks everything that comes from wrestling from the USA sucks.
Of course there was one or the other uppuck and especially the end of the PPV will be more remembered than what happened before. However, the entire event was at a good level and for a length of four hours it was quite entertaining, because AEW's work is simply very varied, especially in the mid and upper card, apart from the "elite". For me personally, variety is one of AEW's strengths.
Unfortunately, WWE has stripped itself of almost all of its strengths. In terms of wrestling, hardly anyone is allowed to show what they can, because the motto is "the star is the company and anyone can beat anyone". Unfortunately, this is a dead end in the long run and WWE has historically only been really entertaining if it had a big star and a broad mid and upper card.
In addition, you have a pretty strong women's roster on paper, but because you mainly rely on the inexperienced and sometimes simply untalented fitness models, the WWE main roster cannot compete with any other company or even NXT. The WWE main roster offers the worst women's program there is anywhere in the world. Even IMPACT is better in this category. Basically, only the CSU outside the salami department is worse positioned than WWE.
But the main thing is that you get slammed with money and don't even get it to pack all the old classic TV shows completely on this network nailed together by amateurs.

But let's stay with the revolution and the worst end to a PPV since "WWE Hell in a Cell" 2019.
How you can fuck up such a spot so badly will remain a mystery to me forever. Yes, yes I know ECW Mark Khan is now trying to save it with a cheap storyline explanation, but I'm not going to let that get away with. You can also just say:
Yes, sorry, shit went and Kingston should have responded better to the situation spontaneously. Shit happens. Clean your mouth and keep blowing.“
The cheese would have been eaten.
Now he's babbling around "Yes, Kenny Omega can't make bombs and that's why it went so wrong. It's really good because he's a heel. Now he draws even more heat.“
No man! Stop turning your heels into fucking chicken shit! Make Kenny Omega look strong and smart just like in his face-time! THAT DOESN'T DAMAGE A HEEL and by the way, it is much more pleasant to watch on TV than these constant external interventions and the cheap finishes.

But that's not all, because there was even more gossip from the billionaire's mouth:
And anyway, what did you guys think? Do you think we just bomb our employees in the air !?

YES DAMN AGAIN !!! And do you know why you damn idiot !? Because you HAVE ACHIEVED EXACTLY THIS IMPRESSION in the weeks before with videos, interviews and explanations you produced!
If you advertise a PPV that there is a big boom boom and in the end the whole city is blown up, then you kindly deliver. Everything else is fraud and Stamford bullshit. "Card Subject To Change" or what !? Did the fireworks get sick and the sparkler had to step in? OK, oh well…
Next time, have the boys work near a crackling pea bush. That bangs more and louder.
But the best thing to do is leave it behind with those shitty hardcore matches anyway. I knew that Moxley wasn't the best wrestler in the world, but that he ONLY can hardcore matches and doesn't trust himself to do anything else is amazing. I think I never want to see this backyard bully again. They could actually have blown it up. If you keep doing everything to this insane man, he will soon have syringes in his forehead again. Hardcore matches and especially the use of blood. That always has to be carefully considered and unfortunately at AEW no PPV goes by without hardcore matches and blood.

Anyway, I can predict the layout of the Moxley, Omega and Bucks matches at every AEW-PPV. Basically, the same thing always happens, often in exactly the same order. I especially miss the variety in the actions here, although these workers could actually show everything.
This inflationary use of signature moves and the many kick-outs after excessively hard actions seems to be such a Japan thing. I've never liked it. But then I'm probably just hurting WWE and Eurosport, because for me in Japan it's always Taka Michinoku and Tajiri versus Kaientai and everyone comes out to the same music while the audience sits there without emotion.

No matter back to AEW and WWE.
When I keep hearing "WWE makes everything better! AEW is way too unprofessional and boring!“And in the next moment at RAW what feels like half an hour The Miz has to listen to moaning or at Smackdown Reigns tells the same thing week after week and the sound mix looks like it was done by a student intern, I puke right in the beam. Or also "AEW brings more and more old WWE stars!“While the average age of the WWE World Champions in 2020 was almost 40 (!) Years and the PPV cards could regularly come from 2009 as well.
Congratulations to all the irradiated blind people who do not manage to love all promotions for their strengths and still be able to critically assess the weaknesses without pointing the finger at the others.
But I can understand you too, because when I was a small WWE Mark, I didn't like WCW either. You too are growing up. "Adult wrestling".

I hate it, it's Wrasslin!

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