What does spooning mean in British slang

10 popular slang words in English

What is slang

Slang is no different from colloquial English, which is used especially by young people. Be careful when using informal words; You should never say slang words when talking to your boss or supervisor, the elderly, or teachers. Colloquial language should only be used among friends, colleagues or good acquaintances.

Slang words are often unofficial words that can be found in a dictionary; they are often derived from other words or slang expressions. For example: I have a friend named John. He's always super nice to me, but behind my back he talks badly about me. So he's my enemy to some extent, right? So John is mine frenemy (friend + enemy). This slang word comes from two well-known words.

Now let's talk about ten popular slang words in English.

This means leaving a place.

Example: It's time I blow out of here, the movie is really awful.

We all know that neck pain is uncomfortable. This slang word is used to express that something bothers us a lot. For example, if your little brother doesn't stop asking questions or just doesn't listen, you can say, “My little brother is a pain in the neck; he asks me so many stupid questions. "

You worked hard all day and never took a break; now you are completely exhausted. To express exactly that feeling, you can use this slang word. For example: I was really zapped out after a very long day at work.

You can even find an email and text message smiley that expresses tiredness and has the letter “z” on it. As you must have guessed by now, this slang word expresses that one is sleeping or taking a nap.

Example: Before I go to the airport, I might need to catch some Z’s.

This is an interesting expression, and many of us do it every day. Can you guess? Screwing around means doing things that are not productive; Time wasted on nonsensical things. In a work context, that means you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing, maybe playing games on your phone, texting friends, or being on Facebook.

Example: If you screw around too much, you will be fired.

This is often used to describe music or something that is very good. For example, if you go to a concert of your favorite group and you like the music, you can say: "The music at this concert is far out." This phrase was very popular in the 1960s and 1970s, but is rarely heard today.

We all make mistakes and that's what this slang word expresses. For example, you can say, "I goofed up by coloring my hair purple." Or "I goofed up by painting my room red."

Do you know this expression? Some teenagers use it. This term means that something is causing trouble or trouble.

Example: The politician’s controversial statement made waves around the town.

Do you think this word relates to a person's whim? If you believe that, you are right. If you feel disappointed or sad, you can use this phrase to describe your mood: I was really bummed because my car broke down and I couldn't go to the party.

Never tell another person that they are an airhead. That's not particularly nice and probably won't take this person well. The term “airhead” means having your head full of air (instead of a brain). So be careful, nobody wants to be called that.

Example: My sister is dating an airhead. That means my sister is going out with a boy who is not particularly intelligent.

And that was it. I hope these slang words help you out when talking to your friends and co-workers.

Have fun learning English!

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