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Headliner comes off: glue / repair headliner

The car headliner is usually not mentioned too often in the field of car care (especially car interior care). It is also not surprising, after all, the material does not come into contact with shoes, hands or the like. However, over time the Car sky solves. A Gluing instructions for headlining and what is needed for this can be found in the following article.


Glue the required accessories to the headliner


Remove car headliner

Before the headliner can be re-glued or repaired, the entire upper cladding must be removed from the vehicle.

To do this, remove all screws all around and keep them in a safe place. The headlining should now come off completely. Make sure that the sky does not bend.

For a better illustration, here is an example video:


Instructions: Gluing / repairing car headliners

Once the headliner has been successfully resolved, the actual repair or new relationship can begin. A protected and dry environment (e.g. workshop) is recommended for this work step.

Depending on where the sky comes loose, only the specific point can be re-glued separately. Perhaps this is already completely sufficient.

However, if the headliner comes off in many places or if you want a new cover, the following steps must be carried out.

Step 1:Remove the fabric from the formwork. Remove material residues as best as possible with a vacuum cleaner. Loosen the last residues with the petroleum ether or something similar.

2nd step: (Optional) In this step, the new fabric is either cut to size based on the old one and given an addition of 5cm. Optionally, the entire fabric can be used first and then cut to size after gluing.

3rd step: Apply glue to the cleaned surface and the fabric. Proceed in strips and do not apply glue to the entire surface right from the start. Many recommend spray glue at this point. However, this can dissolve after a short time, especially if the quality is poor. Wait a few minutes after application so that the adhesive does not run when it is then fixed and holds in place as best as possible.

4th step: Probably the trickiest part: attaching the new fabric. Apply carefully and in smaller lengths to the boarding. Smooth the cover with the painter's roller. Carefully work out corners and hollows and proceed slowly to be on the safe side.

5th step: (Optional) Depending on the procedure, there will be fabric residues that must now be removed. To do this, carefully work off the edges and cut the cover neatly.

Finally, the new headliner has to evaporate and dry for a few hours. Then it can be put back in the car interior.


Conclusion: simply and correctly renew the car roof

Renewing your own headliner is not a devil's work. All you need is the above-mentioned utensils and a little patience at the beginning. Removing the casing is quick and easy. A little sensitivity is only required when attaching the new fabric.

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