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Kathy Chow's husband Julien Lepeu caught with another woman

13 Mar - Rumor has it that model Kathy Chow's husband Julien Lepeu has been seeing another woman behind her back.

As reported on Mingpao, speculations about the French businessman 'affair sparked recently, when a tabloid published photos of Lepeu acting chummy with a foreign woman at a cafe in Deep Water Bay while his model wife was away.

The two reportedly sat back and seemed deep in their conversation, with their fingers intertwined, before they finally kissed.

However, Kathy, who had since return to Hong Kong and saw the photo, declined to be interviewed and did not answer any calls from the media.

Sister Niki Chow as well as friends like Qi Qi and Janet Ma are also keeping mum about the rumors, with Qi Qi saying, "This is Kathy's family affair. I have no response."

Janet stated, "The most important thing for a couple is to get along, to be honest, and to trust each other."

This is not the first time that Lepeu was accused of cheating on Kathy. Back when they were still dating, the Frenchman was photographed kissing singer Venus Cheung. However, the model decided to stay with him and subsequently married Lepeu. The pair have two children together, Jacques and Avner.

(Photo Source: Kathy Chow Instagram)