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The new vitamin bomb

It is very popular, especially in summer. The watermelon! The fruit, which is 95% water, has much more to offer than just pure refreshment. The fruit is full of vitamins and provides the body with all the essential nutrients. A watermelon juice can be restored in just a few minutes with a good juicer.

They are perfect as a healthy snack for a barbecue and are best eaten chilled. Even if the watermelon is still an underrated fruit, it can clean the vessels and prevent cardiovascular problems on a long-term basis so that the blood can circulate and flow better.

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Worth knowing about watermelon

What you should know about the watermelon!

The watermelon originally comes from Africa, but is now also planted in southern Europe, such as Spain. In September and August you can enjoy the watermelon fresh, as this is exactly the season for it. The season of this fruit should be very important when shopping if you want the best quality.

Only then can you be sure that the body is getting all the nutrients it needs. The complexion of the skin can also be improved quickly and easily with the regular consumption of this fruit. If you have a watermelon juice every morning, you automatically get your metabolism going. The result is that you no longer feel so tired and lose weight faster.

Even when exercising, regular consumption of fresh watermelons reduces fat stores more quickly and effectively. One should, however, not fall back on the variety that is grown in southern Spain. In most cases these are artificially grown watermelons that do not carry the same nutrients as the original. If quality is very important to you, you should definitely use varieties from Africa. The fruit is best enjoyed in late summer.

Importance to health

The watermelon was used in Africa centuries ago to prevent disease and improve physical fitness. Scientists have found that high blood pressure can be improved with regular consumption. In this way, many cardiovascular diseases can be prevented in the long term and not even allowed to arise.

Of course, just eating watermelon all day is not enough. You also have to ensure regular exercise and little psychological stress. When we are under stress, we also tend to eat unhealthily and thus to take it.

Poisons, Arteries & Heart

The watermelon is also perfect for this. The fruit has an anti-oxidative effect and can rid the body of all toxins that we ingest every day. Even if we shouldn't be aware of it most of the time, we ingest a lot more toxins than we could notice.

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It starts with breakfast in the morning and ends with make-up removal in the evening. Here we put our body and our skin under enormous pressure and ensure that it has to do a lot more work than it is used to. The plant water can be used to detoxify the body properly.

Studies have now been made that plant water is even healthier than conventional spring water. That's because the water in plastic bottles can still absorb toxins. However, if you use organic quality for watermelons, so that the fruit is still in an untreated state, you can expect the best water quality.

The arteries also benefit from the fruit from Africa. As we age, our arteries clog and narrow, which can lead to serious heart disease. If you get rid of toxins from your body on a regular basis, your arteries will gradually open too.

As a result, the blood can flow better and can then also reach the heart more easily. The amino acid "citrulline", which opens the blood vessels, is responsible for this healing effect. A few slices of watermelon can't do any harm for everyday fitness either.

Ingredients & nutritional values

100 grams of watermelon contain the following ingredients and nutritional values:

Nutritional informationAmount per 100 gram
Calories 30Fat content 0.2 g
cholesterol 0 mgsodium 1 mg
potassium 109 mgcarbohydrates 8 g
protein 0.6 gvitamin C 8.1 mg
Water content 90%Vitamin A 0.03mg
Vitamin B1 0.04mgVitamin B6 0.07mg
Vitamin B2 0.05mgVitamin E. 0.07mg
Calcium 11mgiron 0.4mg
magnesium 9mgzinc 0.1mg
A watermelon is full of vitamin A. In a country like Germany in particular, you should pay attention to your daily vitamin requirements. It can happen very quickly that you build up a deficiency. You can counteract this with regular fruit consumption. Of course, everything tastes much better with a watermelon.

When it comes to vitamin C, the fruit from arid regions does not do badly. For every 100 grams you get 8.1 mg of vitamin C. In addition, the watermelon also contains a lot of magnesium, which is very important for healthy bone maintenance.

Athletes should pay attention to a healthy and balanced magnesium requirement every day. You not only strengthen the bones, but also reduce the risk of injury. You don't necessarily have to use food supplements for this, but can also supply your body with nutrients quickly and easily in a natural way. One possibility would be a delicious and fruity watermelon.

By and large, watermelon is rich in amino acids that are essential for the human body. This includes the amino acid citrulline, which is absorbed by the body and converted into the amino acid arginine.

Intolerance & allergy

Are there any intolerances & allergies to watermelons?

In itself there is no intolerance to watermelons. However, an allergy and intolerance to fructose, which is also contained in watermelon, has long been known. If you repeatedly struggle with complaints when consuming it, you should definitely have an allergy test carried out by your doctor to find out whether you are intolerant to fructose or not. If that is the case, then one should also refrain from eating watermelons.

Shopping & kitchen tips

It is best to buy the watermelon fresh from the dealer. It is not advisable to go to the discounter for this. Even if you get the low price here, you have to expect that the quality is not the best. Very often these watermelons have been chemically treated to prevent them from being attacked by pests. The problem is that we humans ingest these toxins through our food. On a long-term basis, this can lead to severe liver as well as kidney damage.

When shopping in a supermarket you should make sure that you go to an organic market. Even if there is a transport here, you can at least be sure that no toxic chemicals have been handled.

In general, it is advisable to buy only regional and seasonal fruits anyway. If you still want to use tropical fruits, you should get them in the best quality. You have to be aware of how long this fruit has come to get to us in Germany. In the discounter you can't really expect the watermelon to provide you with the most important vitamins and minerals.

Preparation tips

How does the fruit from Africa taste best?

Even if you could theoretically just eat the watermelon in slices, it can get pretty boring on a longer term basis. Therefore you should try something else. How about a watermelon and cucumber smoothie? This smoothie is full of essential vitamins and is perfect for detoxifying and losing weight.

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Everything you need:

  • As many ice cubes as you want
  • 3/4 watermelon cut into pieces
  • 1 organic cucumber

It is only important that you buy all the ingredients in organic quality. This ensures that all vitamins and nutrients are really included. The great thing about this smoothie is that it is very low in calories.

If you are about to lose weight, it is great as a booster or as breakfast. Of course, to really feel full, you need to eat more than just a small glass. When you have all the ingredients together, put everything in a blender and add a little more mint if you like. Especially in summer, the mint provides additional refreshment and ensures that you can keep yourself cool even on very hot summer days.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Can you gain weight with the watermelon?

You'd have to eat masses to eat a fruit that is 95% water. The fruit has just 30 calories per 100 grams and is therefore one of the lowest calorie fruits. You can even lose weight with the watermelon. You just have to replace all of your candy with it. The antioxidant effect detoxifies the body again and again, so that the metabolism can work better. This means that we burn more calories during exercise, for example, and thus lose weight more quickly.

When is watermelon season?

The watermelon season is very short-term and only runs from August to September. Of course you can also grow watermelons. These are, for example, the watermelons that are grown in Spain and delivered to us in Germany. However, these fruits have little nutritional value and are therefore not really useful from a health point of view.

What is the best way to prepare watermelons?

The fruit from Africa is ideal for a barbecue. You can just serve it like that, or you can decide to make a delicious and fruity smoothie. A recipe for this can be found above the article.

Our conclusion on watermelons

Unfortunately, the watermelon is still a very underrated fruit. This fruit can do a lot more than most people imagine. It not only supplies the body properly with vitamin C, but also frees the liver and kidneys of all toxins that we ingest every day through our environment.

One more pane a day can't hurt. No matter whether for a barbecue or just as a snack in between. The watermelon not only tastes wonderful with its red aroma, but is also a real vitamin bomb!

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