How to build a rail weapon

How to get started making miniature weapons

My interest in firearms was aroused as a child by the direct vicinity to the Senne military training area. When I was 13/14 I got my first air rifle. Then membership in a shooting club, KK, GK and muzzle-loaders shoot. Training Military service, marriage and the world is beautiful ... 3 years later the kink - divorce.

To escape the stress that followed, I decided to build a simple Belgian percussion pistol on a 1: 2 scale instead of indulging in alcohol.

File, vice and drill were available - so go! The result of weeks of tinkering was a "something" that was reminiscent of a pistol ...

Next came a percussion rifle, flintlock rifle and pistol, which looked a lot better and which I gave away to club mates or friends on special birthdays.

Sometimes there were years between the individual pieces. This time was used for visiting museums, chatting with gunsmiths, locksmiths, carpenters and lathe operators.
Each piece presented me with new technical production problems that, as a trained butcher, were difficult to cope with. In my job as an industrial laborer, which has meanwhile started, I was also unable to learn much.

Small form turning tools had to be made for a table lathe that was purchased. Small chisels for woodworking were made from old motorcycle spokes and a large number of clamping aids.

The manufacture of the torsion springs required was also a major problem in the beginning.

A flintlock double rifle followed,

a needle gun

and in 2009 two wheel-lock pistols - a simple model from the 30 Years War and a slightly more noble one, which is made of ebony with small leg inserts.

The construction time of the last-mentioned pieces was between 100 and 350 hours.

It should also be noted that all models are on a scale of 1: 2 and not ready to fire but are functional. The ignition channel was not drilled in muzzle loaders. The barrel bore was not carried out on breech-loading machines, as a blind hole on the bearing and muzzle side. Bolt without firing pin hole. You don't want any trouble with the authorities ... All parts - except for the wood screws - are purely handcrafted.

It has been a long and instructive way from the first piece to today (15 years). A flintlock pistol with a spring bayonet, scale 1: 2.5, is currently under construction.

In addition to the effect that I can forget my daily worries while working on my pieces, I have to say that today I have great respect for the skills of the old gunsmiths who had no tools of our time. They created pieces of the highest perfection and beauty in contrast to today's "industrial pulp".

And if anyone should feel the urge to try their hand at miniature weapons, I wish them good luck and good work.

Note: The author is a friend of interesting weapons and can be contacted through us.