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In this article are all of them that appear in One Piece Familys listed.

Acchiino Family

The Acchiino Family

Amatsuki, Fugetsu, Kurozumi, Shimotsuki & Uzuki

The five great families of Wa no Kuni

In Wa no Kuni, the five daimyos who rule over the five regions of the country on behalf of the shogun of the Kouzuki family have always been provided by the five most powerful families. Until a few years ago these were the Amatsuki, Fugetsu, Kurozumi, Shimotsuki and Uzuki families. At the time of Kouzuki Odens and Kurozumi Orochi's grandfathers, however, the Kurozumi family committed high treason to their compatriots by killing the other four daimyos with poison in order to ascend the throne themselves. After this was revealed, Orochi's ancestor was sentenced to death by suicide and his family was stripped of all property. Although Kurozumi Orochi seized power years later through the support of the 100-beast pirate gang of KaiserKaido, some descendants of the former aristocratic families survived under cover to the present day.

So lost z. For example, Kanjuro one day his entire family through hatred of the name Kurozumi, which led him to secretly sneak into the Kinemons resistance movement, but instead to report to his distant relative Orochi.

The Shimotsuki family, on the other hand, is known even into the East Blue, whom Shimotsuki Kozaburo visited illegally 55 years ago, founded a village there and finally settled down with his family.

The following family members are known:

Chinjao family

The Chinjao family is a family from Ka No Kuni. The head is Sai, previously it was his grandfather Chinjao. The leader as well as his brother and grandfather took part in the tournament in the Corrida Coliseum on Dress Rosa to win the fire fruit. The head of the family is also in command of the Happou Marine.

Known Members:

Decalvan brothers

Main article: Decalvan brothers

The Decalvan brothers are two notorious pirate captains of the same gang from the New World, who are allied with the KaiserWhitebeard.

Ahho family

The Ahho family is from Goa and is a noble family.

The following family members are known:

Bascúd family

Not much is known about the Bascúd family apart from its members.

The following family members are known:


  • Adelle called Biera "Grandfather" when she suffered from amnesia.

Boa family

The three Gorgon sisters (from left: Boa Sandersonia, Boa Hancock, Boa Marigold)

The Boa family comes from Amazon Lily. It consists of the three so-called "Gorgon sisters". The oldest of the three is Boa Hancock, who, as one of the Seven Samurai, leads both the Kuja tribe and the Kuja pirate gang.

The following family members are known:

Status within the tribe

The eldest of the three Gorgon sisters is the "pirate empress" Boa Hancock. She is the empress of the Kuja and ruler of Amazon Lily. At the same time, she holds the rank of samurai of the seas. She is also considered the most beautiful woman in the world. The second oldest sister Boa Sandersonia and the youngest Boa Marigold are available as advisors.[1] The devil fruit of Hancock gives the sisters an exposed position within the community of the Amazons. Because Hancock is so pretty, she can use the entire island for her own purposes.

Animal companions

Each of these three sisters is accompanied by an animal.

  • Boa Hancock accompanies a giant snake named Salome.
  • Boa Marigold is accompanied by an eagle.
  • Boa Sandersonia's companion is Bacura, a black panther.


  • Their name is derived from the Gorgons, another name for the Medusa (English Gorgon).
  • Compared to the other sisters, Boa Hancock is very small, almost petite. In contrast to her sisters, she is slim and has a delicate, beautiful face.

Byrnndi family

Charlotte family

The family of Pirate Empress Charlotte Linlin, best known as "Big Mom". She and 43 husbands fathered 46 sons and 39 daughters. Thus the family consists of 129 members. The 35th daughter is named Charlotte Pudding and was to be forcibly married to Sanji. Lola, a friend of the Straw Hat gang, is also a daughter of Big Mom and Pudding's older sister. If a pirate marries one of Big Mom's children, he and his crew become part of their armed forces. Married family members keep their original family name.

The following family members are known:

  • Linlin's parents
    • Charlotte Linlin
    • Linlin's 1st husband and father of Perospero
    • Linlin's 2nd husband and father of Compote
    • Linlin's 3rd husband and father of Katakuri, Daifuku and Oven
    • Linlin's 4th husband and father of Mondée, Amande, Hachée and Effilée
    • Linlin's 5th husband and father of Opera, Counter, Cadenza, Cabaletta and Gala
    • Linlin's 6th husband and father of Cracker, Custard and Angel
    • Linlin's 7th husband and father of Zuccotto
    • Linlin's 8th husband and father of Brûlée and Broyé
    • Linlin's 9th husband and father of Nut Cake, Baskartte and Dosmarche
    • Linlin's 10th husband and father of Noisette
    • Linlin's 11th husband and father to Moscato, Mash and Cornstarch
    • Linlin's 12th husband and father of Compo and Laurin
    • Linlin's 13th husband and father from Mont d'Or
    • Linlin's 14th husband and father of Mozart and Marnier
    • Linlin's 15th husband and father of High Fat and Tablet
    • Linlin's 16th husband and father of Smoothie, Citron, and Cinnamon
    • Linlin's 17th husband and father of Saintmarc and Basans
    • Linlin's 18th husband and father of Melise
    • Linlin's 19th husband and father of Dacquoise
    • Linlin's 20th husband and father of Galette and Poire
    • Linlin's 21st husband and father of Snack and Bavarois
    • Linlin's 22nd husband and father of Prim and Praline
    • Linlin's 23rd husband and father of edges, Katou and Montb
    • Linlin's 24th husband and father of Chiboust
    • Pound (25th husband; father of Chiffon & Lola)
    • Linlin's 26th husband and father of Mobile, Marble, Myuukuru and Maple
    • Linlin's 27th husband and father of Brownie
    • Linlin's 28th husband and father of Joconde
    • Linlin's 29th husband and father of Raisin
    • Linlin's 30th husband and father of Panna
    • Linlin's 31st husband and father of Mascarpone and Joscarpone
    • Linlin's 32nd husband and father of Yuen
    • Linlin's 33rd husband and father of the Charlotte Tenlings
    • Linlin's 34th husband and father of Nougat
    • Linlin's 35th husband and father of pudding
    • Linlin's 36th husband and father of Flambe
    • Linlin's 37th husband and father of Anglaise
    • Linlin's 38th husband and father of Wafers
    • Linlin's 39th husband and father of Wiro
    • Linlin's 40th husband and father of De-Chat
    • Linlin's 41st husband and father of Normande
    • Linlin's 42nd husband and father of Dolce and Dragée
    • Linlin's 43rd husband and father of Anana
Charlotte decrees(65th to 74th child)

Charlotte Dolce & Charlotte Dragée