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Michael Scofield

Michael Scofield


  • Bank robbery (staged)
  • Prison breakout
  • Escape from the authorities


Series info

Michael Scofield is the main character of the series.


Biography Edit source]

Training [edit | Edit source]

Wentworth Miller was born on 6/2/72.

Season one Edit source]

Michael plans to break out of prison on his own. So he got a tattoo in which the blueprint of the Fox River State Prison is hidden. He got the plans because his company was involved in the renovation of the prison. His escape with his brother is carefully planned and Michael destroys all evidence. Finally he breaks into a bank. When the police arrive, he surrenders immediately. Even in court, he immediately admits his act. Ultimately, Michael is sentenced by the judge to 5 years in Fox River State Prison. He began his detention on April 11, exactly one month before Licoln's execution. With the prisoner number 94941 he comes to cell 40 where he meets Fernando Sucre. He is quickly looking for Lincoln Burrows, his brother, whom he wants to help escape. His time is running out as the execution of Burrows approaches. Since the ambulance is the weakest link in the security chain, he takes pills as a supposed diabetic and is injected with insulin by the prison doctor Sara Tancredi. With the help of two chemicals that react very strongly when mixed together, he makes a metal pipe in the ambulance brittle. In order to unscrew the toilet in his cell, he needs a certain screw, which is sanded a little to a kind of screwdriver. To do this, he goes to the benches from which he unscrews them. He has to cancel his plan, however, because he has a rather unfortunate encounter with Theodor Bagwell, who of course wants him by his side immediately, but Michael turns it down. Thereupon Theodor forbids him to go there again. When Michael gets involved with mafia boss John Abruzzi in order to get through him to an airplane that will bring them to Panama after their escape. As leverage he uses Fibanachi, a witness to the Abruzzi murder of a camp employee. When Fibanachi testifies, Abruzzi knows that he would be sentenced to death and he wants Fibanachi out of the way. Since Michael knows where Fibanachi is, Abruzzi desperately wants to know and cuts off Michael’s two toes to get him to talk. Since Michael needs to know if he can trust Sucre, he hides a cell phone in the presence of Sucre. When the guards find out that there is a cell phone in the prison, they go to Sucre, who gives up spending time with his girlfriend in the cuddle room so as not to betray Michael. When Michael finds out what Sucre did for him, he breaks the cell phone that was just a bar of soap. Sucre is angry and when Michael tells him that he is about to break out, Sucre is moved to another cell. Michael is given Charles Patoshik as a new cell partner. A mentally ill person who is eager to find out what Michael's tattoo is all about. After Michael finds out that his new cell mate never sleeps because of an illness, it is clear that he has to get rid of him. Michael hits his head on the bars, making it look like Patoshik attacked him. Then Patoshik comes back to the so-called Psychoknast. Finally, Sucre comes back to his cell. Now the work begins. Michael explores the prison's sewage system on several exploratory tours. In the meantime, he also sneaks in on the prison director Pope, who is in the process of building a replica of a building for his wife to give her on her wedding day. However, the building has a static problem and Michael, the structural engineer, helps him with it.

Michael needs time to cut a hole in a certain wall. He obtains this with the help of Sucres' idea to achieve a 24-hour lock-up because then no counts take place. Michael destroys the air conditioning and soon a riot breaks out in the prison. In the turmoil, the inmates storm outside and take away the guards. Michael is in the process of destroying the wall in the prison cellar. He does this with the help of holes arranged in an X, which weakens the load-bearing capacity of the wall. Above, Theodor finds the entrance to the sewer, together with one of the guards. Michael goes back upstairs and orders T-Bag to keep the guard alive. However, he has to watch as T-Bag kills the guard. The wall also breaks with the help of Abruzzi. The escape team then consists of 5 people.

Finally, only one entry is missing. However, this is exactly where the guards' break room is located. As members of the PI they want to start a fire there in order to do the clean-up work and dig the hole on the side. They turn to Westmoreland for advice, but Westmoreland does not want to help them, as he has a good chance of being released early after thirty years of good leadership. But when he does not comply with Bellick's request and his cat is found dead a little later, he lights the break room with one of Bellick's cigarettes. The troop, consisting of Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, Abruzzi and T-Bag begins to dig. When Westmoreland learns that his daughter is dying and he can only see her when she is dead, he wants out too. When one day Abruzzi loses his leadership position in the PI, the PI is handed over to another prisoner and they continue to repair the break room. The inmate Benjamin Franklin, who noticed the strange behavior of the troops, can be divided up and finds the hole. He blackmails you to reveal it if you don't let him participate. Abruzzi manages to get the PI back with the help of a trick from Michael and they continue to work.

Since they are now far more fugitives than planned, Michael's plan can no longer work as planned, which he also tells the others. However, T-Bag saves the plan by cutting Abruzzi's throat. As the day of Lincoln's execution approaches, Michael comes under more and more pressure. The time has come a few hours before the execution. With a rosary, Michael sends Lincoln a pill that causes him to have stomach cramps. This is then brought to the ambulance. The escape team sneaks to the ambulance. However, the tube through which they wanted to get to the ambulance has been replaced and they cannot go through. Michael and Lincoln and the others try to remove the pipe, but they fail. Eventually Michael admits that they failed.

On the day of the execution, Michael spends his time with his brother to say goodbye to him in detail. He also speaks to Sara and asks her to speak to her father. When the execution is temporarily postponed, Lincoln explains that he believes her father was present at the execution. But Michael doesn't believe him.

However, Michael has a second plan that takes her through the psychiatric ward to the outpatient department. One of Sucre's cousins ​​gets him a guard's uniform that Michael puts on when he goes to the psychiatric hospital. The guard is surprised, but does not ask any further questions. However, it happens that Michael has to hurry. When he is almost caught by one of the guards, he stands near a pipe. Since the guard doesn’t leave quickly, he has to stay there for a while, which is why the uniform is burned into his back. When he comes back upstairs, he asks Sucre in the cell to rip the uniform off his back. Sucre only reluctantly complies with his request. After the uniform was torn off, Michael passed out. He wakes up in the ambulance. Sara found a scrap of cloth on his shoulder during the operation and quickly realized that it was a guard's uniform. Since Pope also wants to know what happened, he threatens Michael with the fact that he has to go to the bunker. Michael is silent. Michael quickly notices that his tattoo has also disappeared at this point, which he needs for his escape plan. He tries to remember but doesn't get it. Finally he comes to the bunker. There he gets the crisis because he cannot pursue his plan there and pretends to have a mental attack. This has a use. The attack causes him to go to the psychiatric department in which Charles Patoshik is also. Michael tries to get Patoshik to remember him because the medication reduces his memory. With a lot of persuasion Michael manages to get Charles to paint his tattoo because he remembers it. However, Charles realizes that this is an outbreak plan and blackmails him by saying that he will not give Michael the card until he promises to take him with him to freedom. Michael then takes the card.

When the guard Geary is found guilty of burning Michael and is fired, Michael also comes back to the normal prison system. He tries to steal the key to the ambulance from Sara, but he doesn't succeed. His wife Nika then steals the key and Michael makes a duplicate. However, Sara notices that her keys are missing and, in Michael’s presence, orders the locks to be exchanged. After a while, Michael confides in her and tells her about his plan and asks her to make a small mistake and not lock the ambulance. She reacts very pissed off. He ties Pope in his closet. Michael also takes Tweener into the team for a short period of time, because he made a mistake with his cell neighbor and would probably not survive the next day.

Finally, all the preparations have been made. They set off the fire alarm in the psychiatric ward and mix with it in white-colored prisoner clothing. Michael disguises himself as a guard. He is wearing Bellick's jacket, which is trapped in the hole in the break room. In the psychiatric ward, the guard in charge there recognizes that the alleged prisoners in the psychiatric ward are Abruzzi and Michael asks whether he has tranquilizers. He then finally uses this on the guard. Since Sara actually left the door open, they arrive at the ambulance. With the help of Tweener, they travel off the bars and climb over the phone line. As the others scramble over it, Michael speaks to Westmoreland, who explains to him that he is D.B Cooper and that he hid the million on the Double K Range in Utah and that it was actually about five million dollars that he stole. Then Charles Westmoreland dies. Michael works his way over. When Sucre's cousin tries to cross over, the cable loosens and Michael almost falls, but is then saved by Linc. On the way to escape, T-Bag chains himself to Michael because Abruzzi would not kill him then. He then chops off T-Bag's hand. They escape, but the plane flies away before they arrive. Together with Michael and Lincoln, Abruzzi, T-Bag, Tweener, Sucre, C-Note and Charles Patoshik fled.

Season two Edit source]

Season Two is about the subsequent escape after the Fox River State Prison breakout.

Season three Edit source]

Michael is back in jail. But this time in Panama, the prison is called Sona. Brad Bellick, Alex Mahone and new acquaintance James Whistler are also held in the prison. Michael has to get Whistler out of jail, otherwise the abducted Sara Tencredi and LJ Burrows will die.

Season four: Deceased Edit source]

This season is about the destruction of the company. Michael and his friends got an assignment from Donald Self. If you master this task successfully you are exempt from all criminal offenses.

Season five Edit source]

Michael Scofield lived for seven years under the name 'Kaniel Outis'. Through his anonymous donations from the Oygia prison in Yemen, in which he succeeded in freeing the ISIS leader through his terrorist attacks in Yemen, to Theodore Bagwell, who in the meantime managed to get out of prison through good conduct. The donation turns him into a test person who is supposed to test the new prosthetic hands. Before that, he receives a letter containing a photo of Michael Scofield and hands it directly to Lincoln Burrows. He can decipher the name of the prison through a code at the bottom of the paper and travels to Yemen with some ex-inmates to free Michael Scofield alias Kaniel Outis. Sara Tencredi met and married another man over the years. They live in a house with Michael and Sara's son, Michael Scofield Jr .. He is already seven years old.

Michael is a person who lives from analyzing. Nothing happens without a plan and if it does, a second one is ready somewhere. He has a good heart, but is sometimes forced to do the wrong thing for the right reasons. He has a hard time building trust on his only trusted friends are Sara, his brother Lincoln and possibly Sucre. He is persistent and likes to cling to tasks, giving up is not so easy. As you can already see in season 1, he can hardly say no, which sometimes causes problems. His brilliant mind and his valid heart make him a very steady, attentive and cautious person who, however, would do anything for the people he cares about.

Relationships [edit | Edit source]

Lincoln Burrows

Lincoln is the brother of Michael. The two are really fond of each other and always try to help each other.

Fernando Sucre

Fernando Sucre and Michael met at Fox River, and they hit it off right away. Michael let Sucre know about his plan. After the outbreak, they split and reunited in Utah and became buddies.

Appearances [edit | Edit source]

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • It was stated that Michael was born on October 10, 1974. However, the outakes say it was October 9, 1978 and another says he was born in 1976. The video game stated that his birthday was on July 2, 1972.
  • In the following 5.1. If August 10, 1974 is the date of birth on the tombstone, he died on April 11, 2010.
  • Michael and Lincoln appear in every episode of the four seasons
  • His last two toes are missing.