Rentable space means something in math

Math part 1

What is an antiderivative Is represented by capital-F The output function of each derivative can be calculated by integrating F '(x) = f (x) S f (x) = F (x) + C What is meant by indefinite integration? Integrals that have no integral limits. To calculate it means to find an antiderivative of the function in the integral. An F (x) is the target result Designation of the individual things when integrating Integral sign Integrand f (x) Integration variable (x) Integration constant (C) Antiderivative F (x) Name the most important basic integrals Which integration rules apply to indefinite integration? Explain the definition of the definite integral with the help of the upper and lower limit! The upper and lower limits form an area / volume, so to speak a limit, so that this can be calculated. Which rules apply to the definite integral? Rule for matching or swapping integration limits Rule for interval additivity Factor rule Sum rule Which rules apply to the definite integral? (Figuratively) What happens if the integration limits are swapped? The sign of the integral changes with + = - with - = + Explain the main theorem of integral calculus! Fundamental theorem of analysis It says that deriving or integrating is the inverse of the other.