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Hip-hop offspring: 20 rappers under 21 who are changing the scene!

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The old hands have to be careful! We'll show you the talented, young artists who shape the modern hip-hop sound and who will determine it significantly.
The smooth mainstream rap always found its countermovement in the past in the raw underground. At a time when over-the-top melodrama (Drake) and conceptual narratives (Kendrick Lamar) dominate headphones and speakers, and even current pioneers like Young Thug are keen to smooth their edges It is perhaps not so surprising that the new avant-garde of rap art would like to go one better by trying to offer new sounds, new flows and new moods.
For many of the rappers listed here, energy comes before complexity, uncompromising comes before logic and flow comes before lyricism. They are the descendants of Chief Keef, Lil Wayne and Lil B, while they fail canonized albums like "The Blueprint" and rely on anomalies and outliers like "808s & Heartbreak". Even the authenticity that is repeatedly demanded in the rap scene finds its most varied forms and hybrid forms in the young talents.
Many of the artists presented below are unfortunately still known as "SoundCloud rappers". While there is certainly a bit of truth behind this description - many use the streaming platforms to generate attention - it is not to be despised that they still benefit from their location. Cities such as Chicago, Atlanta and Miami in particular play a decisive role in the development of young talent (this is why the following list includes those cities in which the respective artist experienced his first breakthrough and not those in which he was born, for example ).
But whatever label they are ascribed to - be it SoundCloud rap, emo trap or mumble rap - one thing is certain: These rappers are exploring new paths and asking themselves new questions about what and for whom the art of rap is and about which rules it is to be implemented. In an era where SoundCloud plays and social media communication determine the value of songs, these 21 rappers under 21 are redefining the genre and nothing can stop them!
His influence: Playboi Carti's debut of the same name made waves in the rap scene last year. The confused mood laid the foundation for the delirious, detached and hypnotic style that is already being imitated. Lil Uzi Vert even said that it was "the best fucking album" he has ever heard.
Exemplary track: “Magnolia”, a Pi'erre Bourne production in which Carti delivers an exemplary performance in front of a minimal backdrop.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again

His Influence: YoungBoy Never Broke Again (previously known as NBA YoungBoy) brings the simple hedonism, to which many of his contemporary colleagues subscribed, together with an honest realism. Just recently he released his mixtapes “AI YoungBoy”, “Ain't Too Long” and “Fed Baby's” and his album “Until Death Call My Name” is already in the starry holes.
Exemplary track: He delivered really big with “AI YoungBoy”, but “41” should be a better example of the path the young talent is taking. In addition, there are impressive guest appearances, among others by Young Thug, Boosie Badazz, Yo Gotti and 21 Savage.
Her influence: CupcakKe has some of the most lewd lyrics out there. These, together with their exuberant personality and highly stylized aesthetics, are causing a huge stir in the rap business. Your mixtape “Queen Elizabitch” is the best example of this.
Exemplary track: In “Lipgloss” by Charli XCX (produced by A. G. Cook, SOPHIE and Life Sim) CupcakKe shows her most vicious side, even if she is traveling in pop realms.
His influence: Lil Yachty has become a household name. It is a grandiose brand and is geared towards ensuring success with its radiant positivity. From Young Thug to Kanye West, he has worked with just about everyone in the business, and yet he remains primarily connected to the youngsters who, alongside him, are breaking new ground in the rap genre.
Exemplary track: Even if there is already a first studio album with “Teenage Emotions”, it is the debut mixtape “Lil Boat” that best depicts Lil Yachty's work. It introduced us to its weird mumbles and heavily auto-tuned melodies, while getting the rap community into a veritable frenzy of positivity.
City: Evanston, Illinois
Influence: Kweku Collins may be young, but his vision is reminiscent of a seasoned veteran. On his current release, the surprisingly expansive EP "Gray", his adult and reflexive nature is particularly evident. The EP was released on the internet for free, but it sounds like a major label production.
Exemplary track: "Gray" is an exquisite and more than thoroughly produced EP, which shows that Kweku Collins is way ahead of his age in his attitudes and reflections.
Influence: Lil Pump is only 16 years old, and yet he and Smokepurpp (together they make up the Gucci Gang) have not only garnered the attention of the New York Times, but also have millions of streams with their SoundCloud uploads - some are unbelievable 30 million plays.
Exemplary track: "D Rose" is a distorted lo-fi cut that embodies the rebellious spirit of the scene and the hardcore influences (To hear how "dirty" it can actually be, you can check out the original SoundCloud here Listen to the version).
Her influence: Ravyn Lenae has already worked with a number of big names from Mick Jenkins to Noname, has the most calm voice in the whole business and convinces with a seductive, engaging aesthetic that lies somewhere between Erykah Badu's minimalist soul and Kelela's experimentalism.
Exemplary track: “Genesis” is the intro track of their second EP “Midnight Moonlight” and is the best example of their unique melodic sensitivity and seductive style.
Influence: Since Tay-K released his viral hit "The Race", his status has gone through the roof. Pretty much everyone in the business has heard of him, from Lil Yachty to Travis Scott. His short but hot debut mixtape even got Kodak Black to toy with the idea of ​​taking the rapper, who is now in jail, under his wing.
Exemplary Track: Tay-K wrote "The Race" while on the run, while the video was released the day Tay-K was finally caught. There are two options for him in the future: Either he can take off like Kodak Black or he faces the same fate as Bobby Shmurda.
Her influence: Kodie Shane is next to Yachty the sailing team member that has made a name for himself the fastest. Their live shows together with Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, YoungBoy and many more have probably contributed significantly to this. Her latest release is "Back From The Future", an EP that is as uncompromising as you would expect from her.
Exemplary track: "Hold Up (Dough Up)", a banger produced by DJ Spinz, in which none other than Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty can be heard.
City: Pompano Beach, Florida
Influence: Even if his problems with the law keep overshadowing his music, Kodak Black is still one of the most promising rappers on this list. Fun fact: His hit "No Flockin" was released in 2014, but only made it into the Billboard Hot 100 in spring 2017 and was a major inspiration for Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow".
Exemplary track: "Tunnel Vision" can be found on Kodak Black's studio debut "Painting Pictures" and was produced by Metro Boomin, Southside and Cubeatz.
Her influence: Certainly one of the most technically gifted representatives of the rap genre on this list. Molly Brazy literally breathes fire and is in full control of both West Coast-inspired instrumentals and the prototypical trap sound from Atlanta.
Exemplary track: “Outro” is the best example of Brazy's complex rhyme structure and its ostentatious flow.tlanta trap with stunning confidence.
Influence: Novelist is a south London rapper who has played a key role in the ongoing rise of British grime MCs. He works with Skepta, Mumdance and Baauer, among others.
Exemplary track: In “Take Time” Novelist shows a blazing performance in front of the experimental background noise of the British producer Mumdance. The track was released back in 2014.
His influence: Everyone wants to work with SahBabii (including Fetty Wap, Wiz Khalifa and Metro Boomin) and that is mainly due to his hit track "Pull Up Wit Ah Stick" - Young Thug was recently heard on a remix of it.
Exemplary track: With “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick” SahBabii achieved the breakthrough. Interestingly, he almost discarded the track until a preview clip appeared on Instagram.
His Influence: Another artist with a totally insane SoundCloud presence. Trippie Redd has an incredibly dissolute voice that defies comparison. In fact, there is no one who sounds like him.
Exemplary track: "Love Scars" has over 20 million plays on SoundCloud and YouTube alone.
Influence: Smokepurpp dreams of becoming a superstar and like no other aspiring rapper from Miami he's also a solid producer. With his knowledge of the Internet and his strong marketing skills, we should have him very clearly on the slip.
Exemplary track: "Audi" is a real slap in the face and oozes with sheer "Miami nastiness".
City: Palm Beach, Florida
His influence: While Wifisfuneral is often forgotten next to his rapper colleagues from Florida, it is precisely the Bronx-born rapper who hits other sides. He celebrates his breathless rhythm with his penchant for complex reconstructions that are second to none.
Exemplary track: “Tic Tac” is an intro track that accelerates from 0 to 100 within a few seconds with roaring 808s, scurrying hi-hats and a Wifisfuneral “at his best”.
Her influence: Rico Nasty is probably the most varied representative of this list, as she really gets everything from the contagious positivity in yachty style to straightforward diss tracks. This approach is also reflected in her ambitions: The rapper was born in New York and raised in Maryland, while she wants to become a superstar in Asia.
Exemplary track: "Hey Arnold" is a carefree banger in Sailing Team style. So it is only logical that Yachty has his fingers in the game here (who, by the way, seems strangely flat on this track in addition to Rico's power performance).
His Influence: Adamn Killa is the most unique and idiosyncratically talented rapper on this list. He's worked with just about everyone, including Yung Lean, Brodinski, Shlohmo, and Ryan Hemsworth - with a cadence like he's about to either fall asleep or cry.
Exemplary track: "Ten" (feat. Yung Lean) - it may not necessarily reflect where he is as an artist at the moment, but it is the track with which he made his breakthrough.

Rich Chigga a.k.a. Rich Brian

City: Jakarta, Indonesia
Exemplary track: "Dat $ tick" is Chiggas a.k.a Brian's big hit that started it all.
His influence: Wintertimes style may seem absurdly reserved, but he more than makes up for it with his demeanor. Although he is only at the beginning of his career, he has already released an EP with Lil Yachty (who else?) And was remixed by Erykah Badu, who also sent Wintertime a very special message: “u bout to blow up boi ! "
Exemplary track: "Thru It All", a reserved and slightly disturbing banger with strange-bizarre melodies.