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What is a watercolor tattoo and how long does it last?


Are you looking for a new tattoo that is particularly modern and impressive? Then a watercolor tattoo is the right choice for you! In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about these types of tattoos, and find some notable design ideas to use for inspiration. Below we also give you an answer to the frequently asked question about the durability of watercolor tattoos compared to conventional tattoos and how they can be lengthened. Have fun reading! We hope you like our suggestions!

Watercolor tattoos are an absolute hit today!

Getting a watercolor tattoo has become extremely popular today. These types of tattoos, which originally come from Asia, look like real works of art and impress with their excellent color scheme! The special thing is that such a tattoo has no solid edges, as is the case with "normal" tattoos - the colors simply flow into each other, creating the characteristic look of the watercolor tattoos, which is reminiscent of a classic watercolor painting (for this reason they are also called aquarelle tattoos). Of course, there are also many questions associated with this type of tattoo which has become one of the most popular body art trends today. Two of the most important are, for example, how watercolor tattoos can be done and how long they can last on the skin. Read on to find out the answers!

Watercolor tattoos - modern design ideas

Although many people are convinced that a watercolor tattoo requires special means and technology, this is actually not the truth. Watercolor tattoos are done the same way as any other tattoo - with colored ink and a needle. The big difference lies in the color scheme, shading, and artistic skills of the tattoo artist. The motif is first painted with watercolors on a sheet of paper and transferred to the skin. The most important prerequisites for a beautiful result are the successful color combination and an experienced tattoo artist who can create the smooth transitions between the individual nuances. And when it comes to the motifs and color schemes, check out the photos in this post - they could give you some gorgeous design ideas!

How long do watercolor tattoos last?

Many critics argue that getting a watercolor tattoo is not worth it because it will fade quickly and lose its impressive look. Actually, it is true that every tattoo will fade over time. The cause is simple - the ink gradually spreads under the skin, thus blurring the outlines and colors of the tattoo. Since there are no fixed contours in watercolor tattoos and only gentle nuances are used, one fears that this process will be even faster. In doing so, the tattoo could lose its eye-catching appearance and look like a shapeless ink stain on the skin. But it is impossible to know whether these fears are justified. Because this tattoo style is actually relatively new, and it is not yet clear whether such a tattoo could last 5, 10, 15 years or even longer. The fade can also be slowed down, and below are some tips that can help you with that.

Get a watercolor tattoo - helpful tips

If you want to keep your watercolor tattoo intact as long as possible, you should choose a part of the body that is not constantly exposed to sunlight. A watercolor tattoo on the shoulder above the leg, for example, will fade significantly in summer because the harmful UV rays lighten the colors. The motif, which you choose, is also important. It is recommended that you only select designs with clearly defined contours and a stronger color scheme. Furthermore, there is also the option of having the tattoo re-stitched after a certain period of time.

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