What is feminist narrative theory techniques

Corona crisis: How narratives determine the stock market price

As soon as Narrativ 3 was established, the discussion also began about how long the blanket social distancing can be maintained. The shutdown of business causes costs to the economy, which are higher and more permanent the longer the condition lasts. In China, the “lockdown” in Wuhan was relaxed on March 23rd. In Europe and the USA, the search for an “exit strategy” began a few days later. Narrative 4 - Exit by strengthening the health sector and slowing down the infection rate through technical means and selective social distancing - is now struggling with narrative 3 of extensive shutdown. In the battle of narratives, the data on the spread of Covid-19 are now increasingly being questioned. What is the actual infection rate? What is the mortality of the virus? The only thing that seems certain is that the health systems in Italy, Spain and parts of France are barely able to withstand the pressure.