How to remove ikea sliding cabinet doors

Ikea Pax with 3 sliding doors?

I've never seen it before. Should also be difficult, since the frame construction is adapted to the Pax. And where do you want to slide the third door? Because the sliding doors interlock and since 2 doors are already "used up" for them, you have a third door that could basically only open to the outside. And that's exactly what doesn't work.

But you should ask the hardware store about a three-way solution. Then you only take the body from PAX, but an external rail system. If you have a continuous door (i.e. not the frame system) you could use the doors for this if necessary. Maybe something just needs to be sawed off ...

Or you build a sliding option for sliding doors in front of the Korpi, so to speak, on the ceiling and then use Formica panels as doors that you can buy and cut to size in the hardware store.

However, it will not work with the conventional rail system from PAX, as you cannot slide the third door over the door of the existing 75 element, as it is already a unit in combination with the other 75 element.